Rangers send Pavel Buchnevich to AHL, recall Steven Kampfer

pavel buchnevich
Bruce Bennet/Getty Images

The Rangers have send forward Pavel Buchnevich to the Hartford Wolf Pack of the AHL. Buchnevich has been a healthy scratch for a good chunk of the recent games, and has been struggling since returning from injury in January. After his hot start to the season, Buch has significantly cooled off. But he does have a line of 6-9-15 in 26 games.

The move was likely because the Rangers needed to recall defenseman Steven Kampfer today. Brendan Smith will not make it in time for tonight’s game, and Dan Girardi is confirmed out. Kampfer has a line of 4-12-16 with Hartford this year.

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  • I mentioned before how vulnerable Rangers will be to injuries on the D. This could have been McIlrath instead, but the Rangers gave him away for this hack.

      • Kampher? Why is he buried in the minors?
        At least McIlrath showed well in very limited time…havent seen anything from kampher…..

        • I like Mcllrath but we have to get off the point that he’s a savior for our defense. He showed so well in Florida that he’s playing in Springfield

          • A waste of a 1st round in my opinion. I believe Tarashenko and Fowler were still available then. I liked him but as i said above – years too late.

      • Ya, they went head to head the other night & McIlrath was 3rd star & Kampher a nothing. You’re blowing smoke out your @$$.

        • Your still crying about Mcllrath. He can’t play period. He’s in Springfield and your still talking about how good he is. And you got the balls th tell someone they’re blowing smoke out their ass. WOW!

    • Great point, myself and several others have been saying this all year!!!!!
      He played well in his limited role last year, staistically better that all except mcdonagh….but
      Imagine how good he would be by now if given a regular shift the past 2 years…..
      Another example of rangers -AV specifically—short sightedness

      • Imagine how good he would be now if he could actually skate, or make a good outlet pass, or if his best attribute was actually playing defense as opposed to being a tough guy..

        Imagine if……

        • Imagine if you watched the game in person and saw that McIlrath ticked all those boxes better than Girardi.

        • I’m not here to defend DMac, but really, can either of the Pylon twins skate. Really, please don’t tell me that Dan skates better than him, I’d have to laugh at you if you do !!!!!!

          • I love how this turned in to a Dmac vs Girardi argument. I said nothing of the sorts! I said he was not a good hockey player! I didn’t say anything about Girardi! Mcilrath is currently not an NHL defenseman, 30 NHL GMs and 3 head coaches tend to feel the same way. Reenavipol brought up Girardi. But hey, please put words in my mouth and pile on more!

    • You can’t shellshock the kid by having his first game be against a stud Caps line-up. He might never recover.

      • Interesting point, but that didn’t stop the Rangers with some of their other highly touted prospects. Skjei and Kreider both got their introduction to the NHL agains the Pens and the Caps, AND in the playoffs.

        If the kid can’t handle a regular season game against the caps, then he will never make it. Gotta toss him in the deep end at some point IMO.

        • Playoffs is a different narrative. Even though we are still (technically) fighting for a playoff spot, there isn’t the exacerbated, live or die desperation in the 63rd game of the regular season, so the need for Graves to be in the lineup isn’t that paramount.

          And too, Greider and Skjei are both significantly better players.

      • You may be right, and perhaps that is the thinking of the coaches and Gorton. Graves does seem to have all the tools though.

  • Buch needs to play, whether in The Show or in the minors. I know he’s pretty adverse to playing there, but it’s better for him to be dressed and on the ice in Hartford than wearing a suit in the press box at MSG. Just hope he’s mature enough and doesn’t get soured by these few stints in Hartford.

  • Blueshirts94 & mike a – thanks for answering my questions on the earlier thread. Things change pretty quick. I’m happy none of the forward core have been sacrificed beause if we have a shot this year it will be down to their scoring.

    I still don’t understand this expansion draft. In my ideal world Girardi (I do love him) and Nash are the best contracts to lose.

  • If the Rangers extend Kampfer one season and he plays 23 games, he’s eligible for the expansion draft.

    Starting to thinking Girardi might miss than two weeks.

    • That’s a long answer.

      What I can tell you is that Rangers will protect 7 Fwds, 3 D, 1 G

      They likely have to protect any players that have trade and movement protection in their contracts, so, Staal, Girardi, Nash, and Hank will all be protected. Of course there are rumors that teams can ask their players to waive the various clauses in their contract so the team can choose to expose the player.

      Buchneivich, Vesey, and Skjei are exempt from the draft due to the fact they signed their first pro contracts with the Rangers within the past 2 years.

      There are also rumors of teams being allowed to make side deals with Vegas if they don’t want Vegas to select a certain player, i.e. Grabner. Also, Vegas must select one player from all 30 NHL teams.

      I think that’s everything. If I left anything out, please add it.

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