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“Everyone” asking for JT Miller, Rangers saying no

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Per Larry Brooks, the Rangers are getting a lot of calls as the trade deadline approaches, most of them asking for JT Miller. Luckily, the answer the Rangers have been giving to every team is “no.” When the season started, Miller appeared to be the odd man out in any deal to address the defense. However Miller has played himself into possibly untouchable territory.

Of course no one is truly untouchable, and Miller can likely still be had in the right deal for a stud defenseman. However as of now, those offers have not been made. So have no fear, Miller won’t be gone in the wrong deal. And yes, dealing Miller for Kevin Shattenkirk is the wrong deal.

Brooks noted that the Rangers have been heavily scouting the Kings, and while we concluded that it could have been for Alec Martinez, Brooks thinks it’s for 24-year-old defenseman Paul LaDue. But as Brooks states, do you really think Alain Vigneault will sit Kevin Klein for a kid with little NHL experience?

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      • Don’t seek a logical answer. The only answer is that AV did something wrong!

        Just another case of Blind AV hate!

      • That’s a new one. AV rode Klein into the ground. Boy it get so better every day. Man this cold weather came back. It was so nice last week until AV made it turn cold again.

    • Klein has missed the last 3 games with back spasms, will likely miss Tuesday as well. When Buchnevich had back issues they sat him for a month, Klein was rode hard and put away wet.

  • Maybe if Staal or someone is puking their guts up before a game, they might get in…oh, my bad, that wouldn’t happen either

  • If you like Swedish hockey players (which AV is fixated on), you really would like Adrian Kempe. The Kings with Quick back in the lineup are in win now mode and need a impact scoring forward which can play both ways to keep Sutter happy.

    The Rangers have been scouting LA for the past few weeks. I still see a deal with Rick Nash going to LA with Kempe and a defenceman coming back the other way.

  • Thank God the answer to Miller is NO! A rental isn’t going to bring home the Cup, even Shattenkirk, but I can’t envision the trade deadline passing & the Rangers standing pat. It’s not in the team’s DNA.

    • So, is the relentless pessimism around here just a coping mechanism to avoid a hard letdown?

      This team is f#$%ing good. Maybe the best we’ve seen in the last 20+ years. Despite an aging Hank and a subpar defensive group, this team has rallied around a philosophy that wins games and continues to push beyond expectations.

      I’ll continue to believe in this team, even if it leads to a painful season end. Adding in defensive help will only further entrench my optimism. Makes for a more fun season actually believing in the team I root for.

      • I agree Chris, this team is good. It isn’t actually the D that gets them in trouble when they allow point blank shots at their goaltender. Rather it is often the forwards missing their defensive assignments. When the forwards pay attention to defense and cover their man, they are capable of beating anybody because their D is not exposed.

        Are they as good as the Caps and the Penguins? Some nights they are and they are capable of beating them on any given night. Only question is whether they can sustain that through a playoff series. Whether or not they get an upgrade on defense they will be fun to watch in the playoffs.

        • Agree with your post, it’s got to be a team effort in order for us to advance. Can they sustain it for some 20-24 games, I suspect not, but I’ll pull just the same !!!!!!

        • You are right about the forwards, but when something is repeated ad infinitum, then it takes on the mantle of truth.

      • You sound just like Eddie of last year, telling us that the Rangers were going to be alright, then we watch them get blown out by Pitt. Yes, you are right, this team is very good, and what you call pessimism is closer to realism. This team seems to lack the will it takes to win the big prize. That is what is so GD frustrating, but I won’t take it further because I’d be repeating myself.

  • Everyone now is interested in Miller, except the coach until this season !!!!!

    As for trades, if any of the core is involved, don’t do it. Can Stepan get us a nice return, if so, then I’d move him…………

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