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On the podcast last night, Becky and Pat brought up an interesting discussion about who their dream Ranger would be. It’s an interesting topic, as there are many different opinions of what player will solve all the problems that ail the Rangers. It’s also a fun discussion too, as it’s a battle to try to get your favorite player on the Rangers.

For Pat, his dream Ranger is one of Erik Karlsson, PK Subban, or Steven Stamkos. At the deadline though, he’s significantly more realistic, preferring Cody Franson or Kevin Shattenkirk in the summer. Ryan Graves actually made his list too. Talking about a reboot of the defense.

For Becky, she went off the board for her dream deadline Ranger, which is no one. She wants to stand pat, which I find to be odd. Not in the viewpoint, just in that I’ve known Becky for 15 years and this is very unlike her. For the offseason, she’s with Pat and wants Shatty. Her dream Ranger is Erik Karlsson.

As for me, I think you all know where I’m going with this. I’d give my left baby toe to get Sami Vatanen or Dougie Hamilton here this deadline or over the summer. Shatty is nice in the offseason, but I”m wary of a long-term deal without dumping a big contract. My dream Ranger would be Vlad Tarasenko. Come on – you all knew that was coming, I called it in his draft year.

So what is your dream Ranger this trade deadline? Offseason? Ever?


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