Rangers recall Magnus Hellberg

Magnus Hellberg

The Rangers have recalled goalie Magnus Hellberg from the Hartford Wolf Pack. This is likely due to the injury that forced Antti Raanta from the game on Saturday night.

Hellberg has played to a .905 SV% and a 2.91 GAA this year with the Pack. Those numbers are way down from his prior years, likely due to a weaker Pack team.

No update on Raanta yet. But this recall doesn’t bode well.

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  1. Hank better get his act together or we’re in a lot of trouble. This call up makes me think Raanta could be out for a while. I hope I’m wrong but they wouldn’t be calling Helberg up just to have a cup of coffee. I’m not sure what to make out of Hank. He makes some great saves and then he’ll let in a few that he normally saves no problem. But with the D we have right now we can’t afford to have acreage goaltending. As a matter of fact we probably need outstanding goaltending and nothing less.

    1. Hank has the body language Tom Brady had a few years ago as his skills apparently eased with age. Hank does not have a confident look about him. I see his shoulders slumping and head down or shaking side to side.

      I will be the first to say he’s washed up when that is the case (a very few of us used to get dismissed here when suggesting he was only a top 5 goalie even then) but these issues seem like mental ones, not reflexive ones. He said he thought high and the guy went low; i.e. his reads are bad. But I think it is simply his concentration – that leads to his reads – which is way off. I don’t know if his stinker in the 1st round last year got deep into his head or what, but this guy is mediocre at best right now.

      Hopefully he can pull a Brady and figure it out. It’s pretty sad when you lose your backup goalie and the fan base gets a feeling of dread.

    2. Why doesn’t it bode well? The Rangers need a body if Raanta misses 1 or 10 games, right? To me, this is a necessary move and doesnt’ tell us much on Raanta. Are you saying they’d call someone else if it was just going to be for a game or two?

      1. Exactly, Swayze. All the call up told us initially was that Raanta wouldn’t be able to go tomorrow. There was no reason to assume the worst at that point.

        We’ve since learned that Raanta will be sidelined 7-10 days, so he’ll likely miss 4 games. Not a big deal at all.

        This could be good for Hank. He’ll have a few games to stabilize his play, find a rhythm, and know that’s he’s going to start.

        Put me in the camp of not being worried at all about this.

  2. And for crying out loud AV, we know that he’s a liability in the D zone but can you please keep Clendening in the lineup (even when Staal comes back) until a trade for a top 4 RD is consumated? I can’t even stand to watch Klein and Girardi anymore. I really liked both of them too, but at least Clendo can skate, outlet and create some offense, which is what the NHL is now.

    1. Clendening looks brutal out there to me. Is he a little more mobile than G and Klein? Yeah, I’d say so. But he’s not making good decisions.

      I don’t see him as an upgrade over G or Klein. Use him to rest those guys, nothing more.

      1. I’m going to just copy and paste part of this:

        Again, numbers do not support your theory. Since Jan 1:

        Clendening CF 52.43. When he’s off ice the CF for team 49.45. So team is spending more time with the puck in offensive zone when’s he on the ice at 5×5. We have a positive shot differential and a lower xGA marks as well. All of this while being coupled with Kevin Klein or Dan Girardi, he’s still a positive possession player.

        Girardi GA 5, xGA60 2.41, xGA 3.16
        Klein GA 5 xGA60 3.18, xGA 3.93
        Clendening GA 4 xGA60 2.11, xGA 1.9

        Now I know I’m not a genius, but someone looks to be an improvement.

        1. Your stats + the eye test = Clendening is better than those two dinosaurs out there, in both ends. I am not saying Clendo is more than a 6-7 D, but he’s physically capable of playing the system, which the other two are not.

          1. Clendening has a pretty small sample size, so I’m not yet willing to claim that he’s actually responsible for driving possession above 50.

            I’m not claiming he’s horrible or has no place, but I wouldn’t expect any noticable impact on game outcome by having Clendening in over G or Klein.

            The primary reason to play him is not performance based, but rather to give G and Klein more rest, in my opinion.

          2. All of those numbers for all 3, are just from Jan 1-now.

            So the sample size for all three is equal.

        2. Hate to disagree & burst your bubble, but Corsi is a virtually useless stat, that I just tune out when it is held up as “evidence.” Named after a goalie who had no clue about staistical analysis or theory. But people are going to use it, thinking it’s “objective” evidence.

          1. What?

            Coupled with the other evidence cited, as well as the fact that the teams expected goals go up when he’s on the ice indicates that he is driving possession into the offensive zone.

            Maybe you could fill in the gaps of what you consider a “useful” stat? And please don’t say +/-.

            No “one” stat is the end all be all. Which is why I used the same time span and listed 3 other factors that further support the counter argument that he hasn’t been an improvement.

            Need more? Ok
            Shots against- clendening 28, Girardi and Klein 40
            SA60- 28.91/30.57/32.35
            Scoring chances against- 5/13/14
            SCA60- 5.56/9.94/11.32

            See a trend here?
            The numbers are in 180 degree opposition to the preface “he hasn’t been any better”.

          2. Actually read an article on adjusted plus/minus, which made a good case for this stat. Admittedly, I’m not a stats expert anymore, although I used stats in my PhD research, enough to know how misinterpreted they can be. Were the numbers above evaluated by a significance test? Meaning is 28.91 statistically significant at the .05 or even better .01 level, from 30.57 or 32.35, as compared to chance? You never get those comparisons in sport stats & without them one has no idea if the differences are meaningful. Personally I can’t wrap my head around the concept that one guy “drives” possession, since there are 11 other people on the ice whose effect on possession is not controlled in the analysis. I won’t argue that Clendo is worse than the other two, because aqt this point it seems like all the D are playing poorly, even McDonagh.

          3. Virtually useless?

            Do you prefer shots which typically come with pressure and offensive zone time over more time in your defensive and neutral zones?

            If the answer is yes, then corsi is your friend- and that doesn’t have to mean best friend.

  3. I’m not sure this means anything more than Raanta won’t be able to suit up tomorrow.

    If he tweaked something and can’t play tomorrow, they have to call up someone to fill in as backup. This doesn’t mean it’s a long term thing.

      1. I don’t follow…

        No matter what (whether Raanta was going to miss one game or the remainder of the season), they had to call up a goaltender for tomorrow.

        The call-up alone didn’t signify anything other than Raanta won’t play tomorrow. That was my point.

        It’s now confirmed Raanta will miss 7-10 days. So not too bad.

  4. Let’s hope they are getting Raanta rested, well and ready for what may be a much needed break from Henrik, I can’t believe I am typing this…

    We play home tomorrow, then 2 road games, back to the Garden a week from tomorrow. Maybe Raanta will stay home and get better while the youngster makes the road trips…

    what a cluster, defense & goalie problems… yikes

  5. It is unfortunate because Antti has been playing quite well this season. Hopefully he gets healthy quickly and returns to the form he’s shown thus far. I have a feeling that the Rangers are going to lean on him a bit for the remainder of the regular season.

  6. I’m not sure if you’re asking me this question but of course they need a body up here if Raanta is hurt and I’m not saying it shouldn’t be Helberg. All I’m saying is if they called anyone up it means Raanta must be hurt period. I don’t know how long they expect him out but I’m worried it could be a while. I hope I’m wrong. But no matter who comes up or even if Raanta wasn’t hurt I still think Hank has to be better. He hasn’t been the guy we’ve seen. I know he can be better thought and like Gary mentioned, he’s reads aren’t always too good..

  7. I just seen Raanta gonna be out for 7 to 10 days. Zibanejad is back in next game. Finally. Well let’s hope we get back to more time int he offensive zone again. With Zibanejad in on faceoffs it will help in a few ways. BUt just by winning a faceoff in the offensive zone we have a chance to spend some time there and not have to turn around and defend right away.

  8. There is no other goalie to call up besides Hellberg, and therein lies the problem, because he’s not much of a goalie. Halvorson is a rookie & Skapski is trying to come back from injury & it’s very slow progress there.

  9. “Hellberg has played to a .905 SV% and a 2.91 GAA this year with the Pack. Those numbers are way down from his prior years, likely due to a weaker Pack team.”

    You mean Hartford stinks, even with Tanner Glass on the team? Gasp!!

        1. Graves has potential, and will probably find his way up to the big club sometime within the next year. Hrivik plays a sound game, and can fill in 4th line duties. Boo Nieves? Maybe one day. That’s about it. Yeah, pretty rough.

          1. Kovacs is a mystery and potential talented player but he’s not doing so well so far. But he’s young.

            I like Graves and I think he should get a shot here.

            I am one that has not drank the Boo koolaid. Maybe 4th line (we seem to have a lot of those type prospects, huh?).

            The college FA signings like Hayes and Vesey are plugging the holes for a lack of depth in prospects.

          2. Boo has no hands. If you can’t score 10 goals in the A, you’re an depth emergency callup or be willing to fight your way to the show in a league that doesn’t value fighting much anymore.

          3. I saw him when Michigan played Penn St in Jan, 2016 at the Garden. Boo scored a goal but honestly I was not impressed at all.

            Better players should be dominating at that stage of their careers. He did not that game. Was hardly noticeable.

  10. The injury to Raanta is a good test to see if Henk can get his mojo back. He has played his best in the past when he get lots of work.

    1. If there was one thing he had to do better, handling the pick would not be the top bullet on my list. Now stopping the puck……

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