Rangers recall Pavel Buchnevich

pavel buchnevich

As expected, the Rangers have recalled forward Pavel Buchnevich from the Hartford Wolf Pack. Buchenvich was sent down last week after missing most of the season with a back injury. It was not a conditioning assignment, and an outright move to Hartford. But as expected, this was just a short term move to get him back in game shape during the bye week.

Buchnevich played three games while with the Pack, notching a goal and an assist. With the recall, it’s assumed that the rookie will be ready to go for tomorrow night’s game against the Leafs.

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  • Oh yea.

    The savior of our immobile defense corps has returned!!!!!!

    If he hadn’t of gotten hurt the Chargers would still be in San Diego!!!

    Seriously though, welcome back to the big club. And from someone who’s had spinal fusion, I hope your back is better.

  • Great news! This figures to be one of the more interesting practices of the season today. Buch is back. Presumably Nash is good to go. There will obviously have to be other corresponding moves, which means both Pirri and/or Hrivik get put on waivers (speculated a short time ago by Brooks).

    It will also be interesting to see if Zib is practicing with a red jersey and how close he is.

    While I don’t want to draw any premature conclusions, the fact that they did not recall a defenseman yet MAY suggest that Staal’s injury is considered a short term issue, which of course would be great news. Will he be able to practice today at full contact?

    As I said, today will indeed be interesting!

  • I thought Staal was retiring after reading some earlier posts. Now he may actually play again? What is going on?

    Me thinks Zib is still about a week away from a real practice.

  • Here’s what we know thus far from the practice that apparently is still in progress–

    Holden (personal), Fast (flu….can these guys please get some flu shots for crying out loud?!!!!), and Staal (upper body) are not skating today.

    Buch is practicing.

    Zib is also practicing, and wearing a normal practice jersey. Great sign!

    No mention of Nash, but I’m assuming he’s having a normal practice or that would have been reported.

    We should know more soon.

  • AV speaking now….says….

    Staal undergoing concussion protocol. Is considered day to day. Said he’s “feeling a little better”. Probably a good sign but as we all know these things are tricky. We shall see. “Day to day” is more encouraging than saying “out indefinitely” IMO.

    Nash will play tomorrow for sure, and Buch is expected to play tomorrow.

    Zib hasn’t had enough practice time yet.

    All in all, encouraging news.

  • Zib won’t play this weekend. Will get full practice Monday and then see where he’s at after that.

  • According to AV, Fast “has really been under the weather the last 2-3 days, lost like 8 lbs.”. If he can’t play, then tomorrow might be a “last chance saloon” moment for Hrivik and Pirri.

  • i really can’t wait till we got everyone back and playing together for a little while where they get some chemistry back. I was watching a tape of Rangers in 60 from earlier this year and man we were beating guys to pucks left n right and looked real good. I’m looking forward to that Rangers hockey again.

  • Like Ranger11 above, I can’t wait to get these players back, and start playing like the team that started the season. I just hope the Buch kid gets in the gym, the kid needs some muscle mass on that twig of a body!!!!!!!!!

    • Walt, I read somewhere that over the summer, he added some weight (they even showed some “before” and “after” pictures!) and the writer speculated that that might have been the reason why his back became a problem. There may not be any truth to any of that, but thought it was interesting nonetheless.

      But agree, over time, he certainly does need to add some weight to withstand the rigors of NHL hockey.

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