Our New Years Resolutions

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, folks! It’s finally 2017, which means that we will finally stop seeing an end to those ‘2016 is the worst ever’ memes, and if that’s not reason enough to smile, I don’t know what is.

Here at BSB, we believe in the power of the New Years resolution, a romantic concept that the best is yet to come. New Year, New Us. While many people look to find tennis lessons in nashville as part of their new year goals, we’ll optimistically go over some things that we hope members of the Rangers and staff have made as a resolution.

Alain Vigneault: of many, many resolutions I hope for our fearless coach, let’s begin with holding true to your word. Many of us are waiting for your friend Dan Girardi to actually sit the second of a back to back, or even to just rest his 32-year-old warrior legs. Let the man take a break.

Additionally, I would love to see you have some more faith in those players who may waiver occasionally, players like JT Miller, who’ll only be more rattled by a coach pushing him to the fourth line. Miller is a good player — repeat that any time you have a doubt. Positive thoughts breed positive actions.

Please stop thinking Jesper Fast is, at any time, a first liner. Neither is Matt Puempel — his hat trick was lovely, but is Arizona even really a NHL team? — and ease up on blaming Henrik Lundqvist for your terrible defensive woes.

Lastly, as a personal favor from your dentist, ease up on the Bazooka.

All of the New York Rangers: please do not take a cue from #5 and never leave your feet. And while we’re on the topic of skating, keep skating! Good things happen when you continually move your legs.

The Groin of Rick Nash, and the Back of Pavel Buchnevich: Relax, will you? Us fans need these guys.

The Garden Faithful: a fear I have has been confirmed in December, that the Garden is mysteriously quiet lately. We’re better than this. Ticket prices are high, so be loud, be proud, and cheer on your team. If ever you need motivation, listen to friend-of-MSG Bruce Boudreau and the fans’ response below.

Maybe cause we don’t filter in noise, Bruce

Dave Shapiro: Remove the words “Sami” and “Vatanen” from your vocabulary.

Podcast Listeners: Leave a review on iTunes, we will love you forever for it 🙂

It should also be noted that Jim Ramsay is the MVP of 2016.

What are your resolutions, friends?

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  • First of all, Happy New Year to all, and may it be healthy, and prosperous as well.

    To the BSB staff, keep up the great work, you all are a class act.

    I didn’t get to see the game last night, we were out, but looking at the box scores, Kreider got a hat trick, Miller scores 2 goals, and Vesey gets his 11th, the kids did their job last night. Good for them, and the team. It was against a poor team, but what the heck, we won, and we got four points on this road trip, what more can we ask for??????

    The one thing I’d like to see the team do is tighten up on defense, and see a bit more balanced scoring. Let’s all hope for a quick return of our injured players, and continued success the rest of the season. In closing, have a great day folks !!!!!!!

    • Happy New Year Walt.

      Yeah, 2 games against 2 awful teams (Avs may be worse than the Yutes) and 2 wins. Absolutely nothing to take from these games in a positive way because the opponents were so bad. It’s 4 points, yay, and some players got to pad their stats.

        • Walt,Richter, Jerry, three of my favorite posters!! Happy New Year to all of you, 2017 is going to be a great year for all of you. Happy New Year to you too Becky, as well as Dave & the gang, for putting up with us when we stray to the emotional brain a bit too much. And regards from Charlie(my almost human dog, he loves when I talk to him) & Oliver(my laid back ragdoll cat whose purring lowers my blood pressure every day).

          • Thanks, this from the Icon of the Rangers Fans, your just too cool Paul !!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Happy New Year bro. Hopefully we get that D man upgrade without having to sell the farm, then I would feel better about our team.

      • But at least we didn’t play down to them this time around. I’ll take the points, but your post is right on ………………

  • Vintage Tortorella………
    After Blue Jackets left wing Matt Calvert fought Wild Defenseman Dumba , Coach Tottorella said—
    “I thought our bench was 10 feet tall after that.’

    Wow, 15 straight for CBJ…….Looking at their roster I’m not sure how…….
    This is my definition of an overachieving team/coach………
    Tortorella seems to be playing 4 lines and 6 defensemen , which is what he should have been doing here rather than burn out his stars before the playoffs…..
    I love his aggressive approach to the game though …….

    If he were able to win a cup with this team, thats 2 for him with wayyyyyyy less than top 5 talent……makes him best american coach ever?

    • Did you see that presser someone posted? Most mellow Torts I have ever seen, even smiling. He’s doing a Tom Coughlin turnabout. Good for him because he is a great coach.

      • Great points guys. We often had our disagreements about relative merits of various coaches. But as we approach the halfway point D the season, there’s no question, this is one of the most impressive performances I can ever remember in ANY sport.

        And I agree Paul. It may well be that what John Shannon reports is true–Torts needed some time off to take stock. He has a “father confessor” so to speak now in JD, who gets him and regularly talks to him to help him let things roll off his back a bit more. As I’m sure you can attest to in your own career in helping people grow, sometimes you have to fail and be humbled a bit in order to take stock, adjust, and become better. (I know you are a big fan of Keenan, but Torts is doing what Keenan never seemed to have an interest in doing–correct the flaws that were holding him back from being truly a consistently great HOF-worthy coach. He never adjusted and just kept flaming out. That was always my issue with him). Anyway, if Torts has truly done that, then that’s impressive. Major props!

        Now, a few things here to consider. It’s easy to stay calm when your team is on a roll like this. What will happen when injuries occur or when teams start adjusting and the inevitable losing streak happens. Will he be able to maintain that calmness? I do think being out of the media cauldrons of NY and Vancouver helps here.

        Also, while Torts obviously deserves major props, let’s not forget that in the prior two seasons, the Jackets were many people’s chic pick to seriously contend and come out of the East. But instead they wound up being among the biggest disappointments in the league. This year, yes, Torts is pressing all the right buttons. But it does help that the Bob is back in Vezina form after a few mediocre campaigns. It also helps that Cam Atkinson is making a case for Hart Trophy consideration, and that they are getting significant top of the league contributions from Saad, Wennberg, Foligno and Gagner. Not to mention the great job Seth Jones is doing. I mean, match up the talent on the Jackets and compare it to the Rangers. I think most GMs would place a higher value on the Jackets talent than NYs, especially right now with so many key players injured.

        JD and his GM (who I won’t attempt to even try and spell, let alone pronounce) have done an incredible job adding to an already good core. They are healthy. They have players having huge years. So while what Torts has done is indeed impressive, he’s also, much as Sully was last year, in the right place at the right time with the right personnel and the right upper management making the right moves.

        Last point. Today, the Jack Adams would go to Torts hands down. The other two nominees would be Boudreau and yes, our underappreciated Coach AV, who’s done a masterful job of significantly improving the PP and PK, dealt with injuries and so far sub par play from his elite HOF goalie and yet has his team right in the mix in a year when most experts thought the Rangers would be lucky to make the playoffs.

        Come on, let’s give our guy his props too. Everyone one of us would have taken this record at the start of the season even if healthy I suspect.

      • CBJ has 14 games in January, including a tough 5 in 8 days beginning on Wednesday. NYR only have 11 in same time frame. We should know a lot more about CBJ at the end of this month.

        Happy New Year to all, and especially to JT Miller who could be a secret key to NYR success. I have this vision of he and Hayes going 2 on 1 on a PK against the Pens in a cruscial game 5. JT buries it. And Crosby snaps his stick on the crossbar!

        What’d ya think?

        • PERFECT!!! I see myself jumping up & down like a twenty year old, hooting & hollering, while the phone is ringing off the hook.

    • Chris

      Happy New Year to you as well, and I want to start the year with a clean slate if I can. Please point out the knock on Dan today, I couldn’t read any????

    • Happy New Year Chris. Trust me, no one is happy criticizing G, because it means he’s playing badly, something no Ranger fan wants.

  • Ranger fans love to scrapegoat their dmen chris..if not girardi then it be some other blueliner. No worries about Jesper being a first liner but Pumpel does have top size hockey skills.

    • Pumpernickel might become an interesting player. He is a “show me more” type of guy right now, meaning the jury is out to come to a conclusion.

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