Our New Years Resolutions

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, folks! It’s finally 2017, which means that we will finally stop seeing an end to those ‘2016 is the worst ever’ memes, and if that’s not reason enough to smile, I don’t know what is.

Here at BSB, we believe in the power of the New Years resolution, a romantic concept that the best is yet to come. New Year, New Us. While many people look to find tennis lessons in nashville as part of their new year goals, we’ll optimistically go over some things that we hope members of the Rangers and staff have made as a resolution.

Alain Vigneault: of many, many resolutions I hope for our fearless coach, let’s begin with holding true to your word. Many of us are waiting for your friend Dan Girardi to actually sit the second of a back to back, or even to just rest his 32-year-old warrior legs. Let the man take a break.

Additionally, I would love to see you have some more faith in those players who may waiver occasionally, players like JT Miller, who’ll only be more rattled by a coach pushing him to the fourth line. Miller is a good player — repeat that any time you have a doubt. Positive thoughts breed positive actions.

Please stop thinking Jesper Fast is, at any time, a first liner. Neither is Matt Puempel — his hat trick was lovely, but is Arizona even really a NHL team? — and ease up on blaming Henrik Lundqvist for your terrible defensive woes.

Lastly, as a personal favor from your dentist, ease up on the Bazooka.

All of the New York Rangers: please do not take a cue from #5 and never leave your feet. And while we’re on the topic of skating, keep skating! Good things happen when you continually move your legs.

The Groin of Rick Nash, and the Back of Pavel Buchnevich: Relax, will you? Us fans need these guys.

The Garden Faithful: a fear I have has been confirmed in December, that the Garden is mysteriously quiet lately. We’re better than this. Ticket prices are high, so be loud, be proud, and cheer on your team. If ever you need motivation, listen to friend-of-MSG Bruce Boudreau and the fans’ response below.

Maybe cause we don’t filter in noise, Bruce

Dave Shapiro: Remove the words “Sami” and “Vatanen” from your vocabulary.

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It should also be noted that Jim Ramsay is the MVP of 2016.

What are your resolutions, friends?