Thanksgiving Day Open Thread

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Use this as your open thread for the day. There’s a lot of football on today, 3 good games. Also it looks like the Rangers need to protect Rick Nash in the expansion draft, per Sportsnet.

You all know the commenting guidelines. Enjoy the day!

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  • ill get the ball rolling here. a general theme so far is that when the offense doesn’t purr like a Lamborghini engine we struggle to win games. the way were designed is very temperamental. if the quick passing does’nt click things can go south quick. like last night a loose puck/sloppy pass out of d zone leads to a pens onslaught in second. This has me more worried about a potential playoffs when things tend to tighten up.

  • Happy Thanksgiving to all All. My take on last night’s embarrassing performance saw the tide of the game turned after Nash scored 1st, yes you read that correctly. Right after the goal he was smashed by Bonito, who then elbowed Keider for good measure. Absolutely no retaliation. Later in the period Crosby goes after McDonagh for his borderline high check on Sherry. Crosby pounds away , no retaliation. Now we are talking Bonino and Crosby, but the Rangers looked like they were facing Probert and Kocur. My God this team is SOFT. . Their Goalie played better than ours. Hank is allowed a stinker now and then, the team in general looked not interested. Big test in Philadelphia on Friday.

    • I agree the team looked disinterested. Of course no penalty for Crosby for dropping gloves,but the soft goal on Kessel’s shot was the straw that broke the camel’s back. The king has given one up almost every game, No pushback after that one. Hope for a better response in National TV game in Philly.

      • I agree with Bobby and Steve……Pens hate getting chipped but man they do get away with a lot. Could have used a little salt last night.

    • i dont think its why we lost because we finished the first strong. but its terrible optics especially in light of the second.

    • Bobby B,
      I posted this yesterday…..Top 5 Reasons rangers lost—
      1. Crosby sends clear message to his team when he rag dolls mcdonagh and sticks up for his teammates
      2. No rangers player responds when their captain is attacked
      3. Penguins have more fight and aggressiveness in them than the rangers do
      4. Penguins realize the rangers, when challenged with a nasty game will just roll over and die
      5. Rangers dont want it as bad
      This is why I say Fire AV , this team is SOFT . by his doing. and will lose in the playoffs if they face the penguins again!!!!!!!

      • And I must add………..for AV………
        years ago the rangers could not stop mario lemieux so we put Jan Erixon [ a winger ]on him every game and he did great against him, got under his skin because he covered him so tightly mario could hardly handle the puck…..

        MESSAGE to AV……COACH!!!!!
        Put JT MILLER on crosby ….hje is faster, quicker, stronger etcetc, Stepan CANNOT play crosby…….
        AV cant coach , he makes no in game adjustments except for benching everyone except his favorites……stepan should have been benched that game

        • It’s amazing how if we lose its always the coach but all the games we’ve been winning have nothing to do with the coach. I’m sure AV said “hey guys make sure you don’t retaliate and please don’t upset anyone on the pens. “And I’m sure he’s gonna play someone he thinks is a nice guy and his friend instead of the guy for the job. Please!!

          • Mr Duffis,
            We have been winning BECAUSE we have a boatload of talent…….NOT because our coach , who has had the 1 st or 2nd most talented teams with vancouver and rangers going into playoffs always manages to LOSE…..I have won as many cups as a coach as he has!!!!
            He makes no in game adjustments, never benches underperforming veteran favorites, never makes changes between periods, just stands there chewing his gum!!!!!!
            Tell me specifically, WHAT has he done that makse him a good coach??????????
            Stepan was getting destroyed by crosby, yet he does not put a different center on him, instead he will bench lindberg for the NEXT game as if it were his fault… stepan cant cover crosby!!!!!
            THAT ,m y friend is why AV stinks!!!!!

          • Do you actually believe that, or do you just post this stuff for laughs? 🙂

            The same thing could have been said about Keenan and Coach Q. Couldn’t get it done in post season despite coaching good to great teams. Until they did. Similarly, what did Keenan or Torts singular Cup win do to help them in the season’s that followed? Keenan had arguably the worst post-Cup record in NHL history. Torts has been little more than a mediocre coach record wise since his win. Joe Torre was a loser manager until he wasn’t, but then never won again despite having good teams. Bill Parcells won two with the Giants. Had good to great teams with the Pats, Jets and Cowboys but never won again. Means nothing.

            And of course, to support your ridiculous argument, you put all the failure on the coach while ignoring the facts–in Vancouver, the goaltenders decided that series. In NY, his team was decimated two years ago. How is that solely on the coach?

            The Rangers have shocked everyone thus far delivering the second best record in hockey. If a coaching change had been made and this had happened, all you AV haters would be saying that the turnaround is totally because of the new coach. But instead, the narrative is the coach is 0-6-1 and the players are 14-0-0. Makes perfect sense.

            This has been arguably the best three plus year run in 20 years for this team…maybe longer. AV inherited a team that hardly were world beaters under Torts, and yet has already won as many playoff series as Emile Francis did in a decade behind the Rangers bench. Yet somehow, in your view, he’s underachieved?

            Do you honestly believe that any coach or GM, given the choice of rosters to lead to have the best chance at winning the Cup, would choose the Rangers roster over the other top contenders these past four seasons? Yes, I agree the talent has gotten better (yet somehow, AV gets NO credit for that at all…curious!). But if you could choose any team to coach and your career depended on making the right choice to win the Cup this year, do you think anyone would choose this Rangers team over TB, Pit, Was, Chi? No way.

            Keep posting rich….I always look forward to your fascinating perspectives! 🙂

          • Eddie,
            I to enjoy reading your responses, [however, they are a bit lengthy] and even though I may disagree……
            Keenan was helped greatly by having Messier as capt/ co-coach….
            Your response proved my point- coaches win because of having great players, would you call glen sather a great coach?? lets be honest, you or I could have coached that edmonton team with gretzky/ messier/fuhr/etc to a stanley cup!
            The rangers have as much overall talent in their top 12 than any other team, we are missing a crosby, kane, stamkos but NO team can match our depth of talent..we hit the lotto twice with hayes and vesey! If we werent soft and lead by a poor coach and had one or two better defensemen, I would make us a cup favorite…..

          • Actially, you’re proving my point. Talent is everything. We don’t have the elite HOF talent up front that every SC Champion over the last few years possess. This team has overachieved expectations under this coach, not underachieved. At least relative to the actual talent they’ve had.

      • rich s ,SPOT ON 2X. We are definitely on the same page, pay no attention to the thumbs downs, Crosby changed the WHOLE complexion of that game, it happened at the end of the 1st period, Penguins annihilated the Rangers in the second..We have a SOLID team, but unless you get a set of STEEL BA**S come playoff time, it will be one and done meaning s ( 1st round exit)

        • So Bobby, you’d rather then that we retaliate at that moment of the game, find ourselves even more shorthanded and hand that lethal team even more PP time?

          Meaningless side show stuff. The Pens, Bolts and Hawks win because their skill level is off the charts. Not because Crosby grabbed our captain. Optics aside, in the modern game, it means nothing.

          • Eddie,
            That retaliation argument is Bogus……look at how crosbys ‘retaliation’ inspired the penguins!!!!!!
            Had crosby not done that it would havebeen a whole different game……..

            I repeat….soft teams DO not win cups…….

        • Thanks again Bobby B,
          I sometimes wonder if some of these guys are watching whats going on in the games….so obvious the penguins have a killer instinct and will do anything [knock out stallbergs teeth, cross check nash after a goal, defend a player who gets boarded ] while the rangers turn the other cheek and roll over…..I see a load of talent at forward on this team BUT we had better GROW a pair before the playoffs..
          The next check Stepan throws will be his first in 7 years!!
          Is Nash 6 ft 4 or 4 ft 6????

  • As usual I am with you Bobby and Steve. I’ll disagree though on Mcd’s hit. That was boarding, period. Maybe not a 5 more like a minor because Sherry or however you spell his name turned at the last minute. Still a penalty though.
    Soft team. Reflection of their coach.

    • I thought it was a 5 and should always be a 5, which is really the issue here. Pens did that hit no less than 4 times on Monday night and the whistles were silent. You can’t extend your arms on a hit from behind like that, which means that there is too much distance between the player and the boards. For player safety purposes, that should be the consistent call IMO.

      Another issue on that play is that if it were McIlrath instead of Crosby jumping on the player that made the hit, then the Pens would have gotten a PP out of it. 2 minutes for what Crosby did? Laughable.

  • After reading everyone’s comments and articles about last night’s game, I am still convinced that the team hit a temporary wall due to too many games in too few days, including the travel to the west coast. In other words, burn the tape and forget it, on to Philly.

    • Richter, I hope you’re right about the temporary wall. Personally I see something much more serious. I think they are a one dimensional team. And one dimension of ANY type can be dangerous. The coaches in this league are smart. They can employ a game plan to counter ANY one dimension including speed. So time will tell. Hank has a below stellar save percentage and an inflated goals against. Again, just my opinion, but I see him continually letting in goals he stopped in the past and should have stopped now. The D was alarming yesterday.
      McD and Girardi, were both decent to good
      Staal and Holden were a horror show
      Brady played like a rookie (understandable he is) and Klein looked slow
      So again my friend, I am praying you’re right about the wall, and I am wrong about last night being a symptom of a much more serious problem. Because as the season wears on the checking will get tighter.

      • I’m with you 100% Jerry as my mantra has been “don’t be fooled” by the dominance of goals because it won’t last.

        There’s 2 discussions here: Regular season and playoffs (the more important discussion).

        Yes, they will make the playoffs as they are too talented overall not to. And even forgetting the “struggles” of Henrik, we still have a top notch goalie, to at least make the playoffs.

        Now the playoffs. Even with the dominating games, I didn’t think we were “contenders.” Look at the Pens. Other than Letang their D is average at best. BUT, they have elite forwards that can possess the puck and make the back end irrelevant. As deep as our forwards are, they are not “Pens good.” Not at all. So it is imperative to upgrade the back end if they are going to truly contend. A top 4 righty is needed. I recommended Michael Stone from Arizona as “low trade cost” possibility. Righty, can skate somewhat, and has a rocket for a shot for the PP.

        And you’re correct, the “free wheeling” doesn’t play during the playoffs. It’s one goal, 5 goals total, types of games. You either need dominant forwards or a well balanced team, front and back.

        We are in agreement my friend.

      • And BTW Jerry, the comment about “hitting a temporary wall” pertains to regular season discussion, not end of year success discussion.

  • I know it’s not popular but I am tired of watching the pylons that are our D corps, especially with a much better skating and pucking moving D man in Clendening in street clothes. The D really gets exposed against fast teams like the Pens.

  • The Ranger were out skated by the Penguins in their last outing. They were beaten to the puck and when they had puck possession they didn’t support the puck carrier. New York is a young team, they will find their legs. As for their premier goalie, he needs to find his game. A .911 save percentage doesn’t cut it. I am not picking on Henk, we all know what he is capable of, he needs to bring it.

  • Some of the comments on the previous thread are way over the top (especially regarding Hank). How many bad games has this team played this year? These things happen now and again just look at Montreal getting humped 10-0 in Columbus, there’s no need to panic or overreact. Hope you’re all enjoying your celebrations.

  • Pens exploited our mid-ice miscues and showed that they can play a multi dimensional style of play. Skjei and Klein did not have good games.

    Hank looked lost. Let’s hope they find their way against the Flyers

  • The Pens are good enough to make anyone look bad on a given night. The Rangers did it to them the prior game. On to Philly and hopefully a much better showing against the Flyers.

  • I am on to Philly….but can’t help myself with one last comment. The more I think about it the more _ _ _ _ _ _ off I am about Crosby short shirting McD. He is our freaking captain; not a dirty player and actually an overall good guy. And NO ONE whacked Crosby in the face. It reminds me the way Marchand face scrubbed Sedin in the Stanley Cup and the Canucks stood around and watched. It is STILL North American Hockey and while I do not advocate the goon crap …..where I come from you don’t let the other guy bully you. EVER.

    • agree Joe,
      and the crosscheck on nash after his goal…….no retailiation on bonito!!!! and nash himself is what 6 ft 4 !!!!!!

      Soft passive teams DO NOT win stanley Cups…….and under AV we are soft as marsmellows

      • yeah good point rich, no one talked about the crosscheck Nash got after his goal because he scored, but it was absolutely a penalty. good observation.

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