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Zibanejad injured in Rangers OT Loss

“but why do they always boo?”

The Rangers game last night was chock full of choppy ice and sloppy play. The Florida Panthers came to New York after beating Ottawa Saturday night to a rested Rangers squad. There were messy goals, homecomings, and a brutal injury to Mika Zibanejad all in the first overtime game all year. Let’s dive in:

It’s important to talk about the physically painful game Zibanejad had, first being pile driven (I’m not big into wrestling but this sounds appropriate) into the ice by Jason Demers, then breaking his fibula on a wayward slide into the boards care of what otherwise was a great defensive play. Missing Zibanejad for 6-8 weeks will hurt, no question. Thankfully, he should be back this season and we hope for him that he is in less pain than he was immediately afterwards on the ice.

There’s no question that this season has been great for the Rangers. A great test will occur tonight in Pittsburgh, finally meeting the team that whooped them out of the playoffs last April.