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Twitter recap: Rangers regain steam, down Calgary 4-1

These western trips are killer. I didn’t watch the game at all last night. So here’s a Twitter breakdown of the game. I’ll get to some of tonight’s game, and maybe some of Tuesday’s. No promises though.

No. No I’m not. Fine. I’ll go shave.


Chris Kreider can be pretty good. But did he lose 20 pounds?

If you don’t follow Jack on Twitter, you should. He does great systems breakdowns, and this tweet is about the Rangers and how they play in the defensive zone. Alain Vigneault adjusted to put the onus on the forwards in the defensive zone, allowing the defense to focus more on the slot. It’s a subtle adjustment that has paid serious dividends.


Robot Miller. Robot Girardi. All built by Lundqvist.

A wise man once said that a win is a win is a win.

This is what you want to see from an elite team. Domination against bad teams.

Not I.

Stop going to sleep, Beth.

I mean, it’s not 3am for me, but yes I’m ok with this. Just give the Rangers three wins and call it a day.