David Pastrnak hits Dan Girardi high


David Pastrnak hits Dan Girardi high. He got a two minor check to the head penalty. Girardi left the ice. No word on his return.

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  • This abuse will continue ALL YEAR, and most of it will be delivered on Mcdonagh, Vessey, Bush & Z. No worry of retribution or payback. Lets give the entire team concussions. AV will continue his turn the other cheek philosophy, Heaven forbid he dresses McLLRATH at least to have some one on the bench who can retaliate with an eye for an eye. Boston has the type of team that will drill you with nasty cheap shots, They did it last year to Stephan. The same back stabbing player involved again ( Beleskey). AV will never learn. Some one needs to deliver pay back , I know I have been hard on Girardi, but the guy has been a war horse for us, a veteran older player, to see him get blasted ( this has concussion written all over it) by some young punk ( Pastrnak) looking to make a name for himself, is UNACCEPTABLE!!, Gorton has Boston Bruin roots, How can he ignore this?? This makes me SICK!!!

    • It really seem like the deterrent factor went out the window now that retribution is not delivered with an elbow to the forehead or a stick to the back of the ankle. The staged fight, nobody is afraid of that kindicates of retribution, least of all the kind of guys who still make their living as cheap shot artists. They don’t have to fight you. I don’t see McIlrath as that kind of guy either. He’s not going to go headshot-for-headshot, nor would I ever advocate that. If he has a value to this team, it should be as a guy who uses his body size to play defense, i.e., knock guys off the puck, win battles down low, patrol the crease. Sure he can fight when necessary, but that shouldn’t be his #1 mission in life. You don’t get drafted 10th overall if that is what you bring to the table.

      Imo these days you need full team toughness, not just a couple of guys who take care of that kind of business. Everyone should be playing hard and stand up for the team. Guys who play with toughness and skill like kreider and Miller for example. And yes McIlrath too, if he can become a steady D for this team, and add more guys in that variety and become a team that’s tough to play against in all areas of the ice.

      PS Pastrnak made a very stupid play there, irresponsible and dangerous. But I don’t believe for a second he doesn’t make that hit if Dylan or Tanner Glass or any other fighter had dressed. Again, that’s just my opinion.

    • If McIlrath is such a deterrent to players taking cheap shots at our players, how is it that Belesky’s breaking Stepan’s ribs last year occurred in a game in which McIlrath played?

      • That comment makes no sense & it’s not about deterence, A 10-20 game suspension would be about deterence.

  • Relax. Chill. This was not a goon targeting a star player on the other team. This is a skill player making a dumb play. Pastrnak had exactly 0 penalty minutes coming into the game.

    • Not only that but we had Mcilrath on the ice when Gudas drilled Vesey in the back. It didn’t stop him from hitting him. This play was a stupid move but that kid. That’s all.Now I wouldn’t mind him catching a beaten for it but that’s another story.

  • That reminded me of good ole Scott Stevens when used to to hit guys in the head when they weren’t looking and come all the way across ice to do it too.

  • If the league gave out proper 5 minute majors for penalties like this, teams might shy away from stupid penalties

  • Relax, Bobby. As several have said this is not a goon player targeting a star; it was a kid making a dumb play. This type of thing should be a game misconduct, a fine and a suspension. But since it’s the Rangers, nothing will probably happen.

    Now then. Having McIlrath on the ice would have made no difference, again as has been said above by guys much smarter than me. The “Minor League Undertaker” isn’t a goon; he’s a decent player who is probably the 6th or 7th D-man on a good team. If he was in Buffalo, he would probably be playing every night. But he’s not. Why not? Because 1) the coach isn’t convinced he is a better option than the D-men he has. And 2) the team is 5-2 and in first place, and McIlrath simply isn’t the type of player who fits in with a speed team that’s playing well. He. Just. Isn’t.

    You and Walt can scream and yell all you want. If McIlrath was a combination of Scott Stevens and Larry Robinson, he would be playing. Or….maybe other teams would be banging down the Rangers’ door trying to trade for him. In one of your quiet moments, if you have them, ask yourselves this. If Gorton and AV are such idiots, why wouldn’t they have traded a player they have no use for,over the summer, for a high draft pick? I know McIlrath was drafted very high himself, but maybe he hasn’t developed. There must be some reason he was in the minor leagues for 3 or 4 years, or whatever it is.

    Then again, what do I know? I’m just a fan, enjoying the team’s success and some of the new players who are contributing.

    Enjoy your day, everyone. Winter in western New York overnight. Regards- orange

  • There is a major difference between being nothing more than a goon and being a physical presence who can play. I agree, Pasternack makes that hit no matter who’s playing. (But maybe he doesn’t crosscheck Vesey after Vesey scores) The difference is the team’s response. Had that hit been made on a member of say, the Caps or the Pens, there would have been an instant response by teammates on the ice. Neither of those two teams can be considered goon teams. Instead AV has been clear, he rather let Ranger players receive all sorts of abuse and do nothing about it. An example was the Arizona game where Doan gave a vicious cross check to our BEST D-man and our CAPTAIN yet nothing. Hockey is a TEAM sport and team mates appreciate when someone comes to their defence. To emphasize that please do some research on who players respect in the locker room. I believe you’ll see more liberties taken with Vesey, Buch, McD etc by opposing teams as the season wears on. Hypothetically, when someone, goon or not, starts being over physical with Buch, who would you rather see in the box for 5, Krieder or McIlrath? I agree there is no place on a team for a pure goon, except the Pens have Sisito, who is filling his role nicely, but there is a place on the team for a McIlrath type player. He is a serviceable 6th D-man and brings an element that the Rangers lack. Holden was less than stellar last night, I’d rather see McIlrath dressed as a 6th D-man.

  • So let me get this straight this kid comes into our building and creams one of our vets with no retaliation.This coach is no good Mr Pastrnak needs a good beatin but whos gonna do it now.The Rangers continue to send out a message that other players can pound them without any price to pay this will hurt in the long run,Thanx coach

  • this is where Dylan should of been playing when somebody hits one of our assets like this you need protection but the coach refuses to see that

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