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Rangers get PDO’d in loss to Red Wings


By all accounts, the Rangers dominated the Red Wings last night. However they could not solve Jimmy Howard after the first period, falling 2-1 in a fast paced game. Howard was the story of this game, standing on his head and stopping many difficult shots as the Rangers peppered him with scoring chance after scoring chance. Alas, they could not solve him.

This is the second time in four games where the Rangers have played a strong game, but got PDO’d into a loss. Howard was magnificent, and it was one bad goal that led to the loss last night. Such is life sometimes. It’s game four of 82, so there’s not much cause for concern. The process is there, and it will even out as time goes on. That is, as long as they continue to play this way.

Rangers 1, Wings 0


The speed of the Rangers struck again. Chris Kreider gained the zone, took it around the net, and quickly got the puck to Ryan McDonagh at the point. McDonagh’s shot was tipped by Mika Zibanejad in front, who had position on Jonathan Ericsson.

Wings 1, Rangers 1



The Wings scored on the powerplay with some good puck movement. They got the puck across from point to point, where Frans Nielsen had all day because the Rangers had to shift coverage. Thomas Vanek was in front, but the key was Henrik Zetterberg cutting to the net. McDonagh saw this, thus couldn’t commit to Thomas Vanek in front to tie him up. Doing so would have left Zetterberg wide open. Nick Holden was also caught drifting to the puck, which left him in a bad spot to help out McDonagh on Vanek or cover the man down low.

Wings 2, Rangers 1


Henrik Lundqvist tried to handle the puck and get it behind him to Holden. It didn’t work, and Luke Glendening forced the turnover. Drew Miller read the play and beat McDonagh to the slot. Empty net.

Some other points:

  • McDonagh is on a mission this season. Chris Kreider is getting a lot of credit for his work, but McDonagh is in the same breath here. Wow.
  • Holden is going to be this year’s Tanner Glass. At least until he’s put in a situation where he can succeed. This is nuts.
  • Mats Zuccarello should have had 18 assists this game. Dude is a wizard with the puck. But, PDO strikes again.
  • They really need a 1RD. Dan Girardi isn’t a 1RD anymore. Adam Clendening is best as a 3RD/PP specialist. Kevin Klein as a 2RD, or Girardi there if Klein is the bait to upgrade the RD.
  • The execution by the Rangers is much better, even if they lost.

Hank handled the puck. Fail. Glendening poked it to Miller, who beat McDonagh to the slot after the turnover.

Scoring Chances


The Rangers dominated this game in all facets. This is scoring chances at even strength. What a showing. Howard really stole this.

Scoring Chance Locations


Following the theme above, I know that the result stinks but the process is what’s important. If they play like this, they will win a lot of games.

The Rangers are off until Saturday, by which point we should see Girardi and Pavel Buchnevich return to the lineup. This team sure is fun to watch, even if they are porous defensively. That offense though. Wow.

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  • Holden is just not up to playing his off wing. We all know a possible solution but it won’t happen.

    Howard was strong,but we need to shoot for corners instead of the crest on his Jersey. Has anyone seen Stepan on offense?

    • Not sure if he is playing on his regular side either: the mistakes aren’t because the puck is coming on his backhand.

    • Watched the highlights when I got home & was astounded at all the missed opportunities. Yes, Howard was great(particularly on one Vesey save), but the Rangers need to elevate the puck in this day of butterfliers, esp. on breakaways where the lower part of the net is usually covered. Special teams have been a bugaboo so far it seems.

    • I think you should have stopped at “Holden is just not up to playing.”

      I thought maybe this would be a bargain good get. He’s not, Clendening is.

  • Did Howard have to use his catching glove last night? A lot of stuff along the ice and a lot of shots to the midriff. Sometimes that happens. Hank has to be the worst puck handling goalie in the league. Too bad. Exciting game, but sometimes things happen. A goalie gets hit by every shot.

    • Milbury buries Henk for his play with puck, for once I agreed with he troll.
      Howard was good positionally. Maybe if Nash actually plays a 2 on 1 with Zucc…
      Team is 1-0 with Diesel; 1-2 without (I kid, I kid…)

    • Maybe so, but how is Clendenning there before Holden & has all day to pass out front, and sorry for the sacrilege but why is McDonagh out in no man’s land?

    • How is it possible that a hard-working pro with supposedly a great goalie coach can not improve a basic part of his game? Hank will never be an NHL championship goalie with such a major flaw in his game….12 years of ‘no clue’

  • Gotta love the amount of shots this team is taking, face-off % is hot too.

    Sal not sure I saw as many off the jersey as you did, I recall a couple if not three posts, a few just missed wide too…

    Hayes looks to be coming to form…

    Zucc was showing his timing and play making is starting to move too…

    I think Steph is getting used to his line, it changed once already this year hasn’t it?

    His pass to Vesey for his first was sweet…

    OH MAN, how about McD keeping that puck in the offensive zone in the second period during our PP, hand eye foot coordination … man!!!!


    I think a deal is going to be made within the next 3 days. you heard it here first…

  • they played well they could of won the game the second of hot goalies first Hutton and then Howard now they will face holtby

    • Agree!

      Yes in the end it’s a loss, but at the start of a season, when guys are getting back to their groove, finding their game, its a loss that doesn’t sting as much.

      Why doesn’t Hank work on handling the puck!

        • Totally agree Paulronty. Over the past few years, The NHL Network has done a great job with shows like “On The Fly”, providing in depth coverage and highlights of all the NHL games that are played each night. A couple of times a week, you would see a goaltender explore ice outside of his crease, attempting to make a play and get burned because of it. I was always happy the Rangers were a team that was rarely to never seen committing these types of turnovers because Hank was never that type of Goaltender……. until this year. I don’t know who made the decision to try and add this dimension to his repertoire but it should stop now IMO. It may be an attempt to get the puck to the Dman quicker so he has more time to make a better decision when moving the puck up ice or it may simply be something Hank wants to add. Again, not sure. As a Giants fan, I was always happy to see them draft QB’s who make their living in the pocket and not outside of it. QB’s who run are fun to watch but I would never want one under center for the team I root for. I feel the exact same way about my goaltenders. Stay in the crease, make your saves, direct your rebounds and if a no risk opportunity presents itself for you to move the puck, take it. Other than that, let the guys who handle the puck for a living do just that. Just My opinion

          • Hank’s been making these gaffes for many years now. It’s nothing new.

            It’s kind of a thing with goalies. And it makes sense. Have you ever tried shooting a puck with a goalie stick while wearing a catching glove and blocker? I’m shocked goalies don’t fall down half the time they attempt it.

  • Sometimes you have these games, you tip your hat to Howard and get on the train to Washington. It’s a long season, 78 more games to go; if they play like that for the next 78 I’ll be happy. That being said, I agree with Sal, it would be nice every once in a while to see a shot go toward a corner of the net instead of directly at the goalkeeper’s chest. Also- AV, please tell Hank to let other players handle the puck. Hank- we love you.

    On another note, that was about the highest high-stick goal I have ever seen. Even Fast was smirking a little bit.

    Regards- orange.

  • Howard was the difference without a doubt. Clendening, who otherwise had another pretty decent game, didn’t help matters taking a penalty, and Hank’s mishandling the puck for an easy goal did not either, but the rest of the effort was great. The boys looked good overall, so tip your hat to Howard and go play the Caps the same way.

    Yeah, Holden has not been a plus so far, that’s for sure.

  • Here we go again. Every loss is attributable to bad luck and the other team’s goalie. Missing a wide open net by a mile (Hayes) is not “PDO”. Failing to convert multiple PP opportunities including three in rapid sequence (one a 5 on 3), which should have worn out the Wings PK is not “PDO”. Failing to convert more breakaways (including a 2 on 0) than I can count is not “PDO”. Shooting the puck time after time at the same freaking spot the goalie showed he had covered instead of trying something different is not “PDO”. Failing to screen the goalie is not “PDO” . Missing the net by a wide margin on one-timers on the PP and effectively clearing the puck for the other team’s PK is not “PDO”.

    Yeah, the Rangers created a lot of chances and did a lot of good things. All the statisticians can go home satisfied that their spreadsheets look good. But like it or not the game is still decided on goals, not possession, not scoring chances or anything else. When you score within the first two minutes of the game, especially at home and create excellent chance after chance after chance you either build on the lead or you hand the game over to the other team. That’s competing, that’s sports. The game is called ice hockey not “advanced metrics” or Corsi or whatever else you guys invent.

    Finally, the Rangers did not “outplay” the Wings. I hate to keep pointing this out but the goalie is a member of the opposition team. If you didn’t out compete him then you didn’t outplay his team no matter how many shots or Corsi points or whatever you generated. Its no different than if you put 8 pucks behind the goalie but some guy on the other team scored 9.

    • you make some excellent points that will lead to criticism but which we should all keep in perspective when evaluating the team performance. yet, when viewed within the context of an 82-game season, last night gives us all much to be pleased with; and I think this contrasts to this same point in time last season when we were winning and accumulating points but the underlying performance was mediocre. that was an early glimpse into a very rough season; last night may prove an early glimpse into a very successful season.

      we go again Saturday.

      • PDO, called SPSV% by the NHL, is the sum of a team’s shooting percentage and its save percentage. PDO is usually measured at even strength, and based on the theory that most teams will ultimately regress toward a sum of 100, is often viewed as a proxy for how lucky a team is.

        • I see your thumbs down and raise you…

          one thumbs up…

          get it… hahahaha!!!

          Dude, I was just letting R17 know what the acronym was…
          Chillax on the negativity …

          • no Dude – you were answering the question with a definition. I was wondering how someone could possibly give you the thumbs down for a definition.

            Then I got one – question answered…..

          • Actually, the original description was informative. However, it does leave one question answered. Why PDO and not XGL or EWK?

          • LOL

            Thumbs don’t kill people… Index finger do…

            and pencils make people mis-spell words.

            Forks make people fat…

    • “Finally, the Rangers did not “outplay” the Wings. I hate to keep pointing this out but the goalie is a member of the opposition team. If you didn’t out compete him then you didn’t outplay his team no matter how many shots or Corsi points or whatever you generated. Its no different than if you put 8 pucks behind the goalie but some guy on the other team scored 9.”

      So if you pepper the opposition’s tender with 60 shots, 59 are saved, and yet the opposition shoots on your tender with, say, 17 shots, and 15 are saved – you mean to tell me the other team who was peppered with 60 shots didn’t OUTPLAY their opposition? Please go back to bed.

    • It’s pretty intellectually dishonest to make a blanket statement that the winner of every game defines which team actually played better in that game.

      There’s a reason why in hockey, there’s the saying a goalie “stole one”. This saying doesn’t come from advanced statistics, but rather the recognition that a well played game by one player can make up for the fact that the rest of his team got outplayed.

      • Well put! A great example: Game 1 1994 Stanley Cup Finals. I think we all felt, there’s no way Kirk McLean can play at that level over the length of the series. The goaltender stole Game 1 with 52 saves for Vancouver and then…….. well, we all know what happened. It’s gonna happen, A goalie can play well above his head on any given night and the opposing team is gonna be a victim of an amazing single performance. I think as Rangers fans with Hank in the net over the past 10 seasons, we can understand that. He’s stolen more than his fair share of games for the Rangers.

    • I think you take for granted, or don’t realize how thin the margins for success are at the professional level. I’ll take last night’s results any day over them getting 2 points in a game they don’t have any business being in.

      If you were a Wings fan would you be confident going into next game? I sure as hell wouldn’t be.

    • Hey, this is a great post, well done, despite the thumbs down. I agree with a lot of what you said. Hockey is a game where luck is important(a study showed this that I read), but there is also the corollary that you make your own luck, depending on the decisions you make. It’s a read & react game, so decisions have to be made fast & on those breakaways the wrong decisions were made. I don’t understand why guys on breakaways don’t shoot the puck on the way in, instead of always trying the five hole or a deke.

    • I’m one of the “old-timers” when it comes to watching hockey so the advanced stats thing is a work in progress for me too.

      But let me point out to you 2 years that, to me, puts this all in perspective:

      2013-14: The Rangers were a puck possession team that “earned” their goals through constant pressure in the O zone. Result: SCF appearance.

      2015-16: The Rangers were not a puck possession team, far from it. They scored off the transition which requires more “shooting luck” as the goals came off of “one and done” scoring opportunities. Result: Knocked out after 5 games.

      And IMO, The Rangers totally and completely outplayed the Wings. Their goalie played great but he had zero to do with Hayes missing a wide open net, on a play that Howard was out of position BTW, that would have made it 2-0 in the first period and would have made this a completely different game.

      Plus, 70+ shot attempts and less than half hit the net. Again, that has nothing to do with the goalie. The Rangers also did a terrible job of trying to score at the end when the King was pulled for an extra attacker. All of a sudden, they were back to “being cute” with the puck as opposed to firing at will to try and get rebounds.

      Nope, Rangers lost this game IMO.

  • 4 dominating games and they are 2-2.

    Hayes missing a wide open net.
    Grabner breakaway.
    5 on 3 for over a minute followed by another PP, no goals.
    Fast missed an open net in the 3rd.
    70 shot attempts and less than half on net.
    King terrible play.
    Howard was good.

    That sums it up.

    • Hayes is not a finisher. I have never seen Grabner score on one of those short handed breakaways, although I have seen him get a lot of them. He is not a finisher either, but a valuable player. These games happen. What can you do. I like the way they are playing. The D was pretty good last night. I know he has been here a very short time but Buch really facilitates the puck movement on the PP. It did not look the same without him the past two games. A gifted offensive player.

      • I know what you’re saying about Hayes. When he first came in there were no expectations and he “just let it go.” Now, it appears likehe ‘s thinking too much.

        BTW, nice to speak to you again, hope all is well.

    • You can trash AV all you want. But simply repeating the same complaint on every single thread is a bit tiresome, especially if the original post had nothing to do with AV or McIlrath.

      Saying Dan Girardi is no longer a top pair D isn’t ripping on him, it’s a simple statement of fact. The Rangers have only one D, McD, that should be considered a top pair guy.

      • The Girardi bashing is much more polite than the AV bashing (and that is important), but the parallels are much stronger than you realize.

        However, we should remember that BSB is like a really nice party at Dave’s house. We shouldn’t get to make the rules. We can leave whenever we want.

      • I might quibble with your use of the term objective, with a number of people opining what they perceive, which is inherently subjective, like we see when we try to “decide” whose “fault” a goal was, like on that Peitrangelo PP goal.

  • That was frustrating. It happens, but it’s frustrating. Any other night that’s an easy 5-1 Rangers win. Again, it happens.

    Hank needs a leash to keep him in the crease, but I think we all know this.

    Assuming Buch is ready next game, I’d sit Pirri. At the very least he needs a game away from the PP as he was woeful last night. Bad passes, couldn’t control the puck, blew the puck around the corner and out the zone on the 5v3 PP, it’s tough being a fringe player, but that’s the situation for Pirri. He was invisible against SJ and flat out poor last night.

    Outstanding process, abominable result. The good news, if the Rangers play like that the rest of the year, they should be one of the top teams in the NHL in spite of their lackluster D corps.

    • I agree that Pirri did not have his best game, his passes were off the mark.

      I would sit him for Buch, assuming Buch is healthy to return next game, and bump Fast back down to the 4th line.

      It will be interesting to see what the Rangers do when Lindberg gets back, which is going to be pretty soon.

      Grabner has made his case to stay on the 4th line, so he isn’t going anywhere. Fast is AV’s favorite player, so he isn’t going anywhere. That leaves our 4C spot open for Jooris/Pirri/Lindberg. Part of me gets excited about our forward depth, but part of me feels wasteful keeping two of those guys in the press box.

      Good news is the Rangers can be patient with bringing Oscar back and make sure that he is 100%, no need to rush him in.

      If I am making the decision, I keep Jooris in at 4C, Pirri as a healthy scratch and injury replacement, and try and make a deal with Lindberg + other parts. Keep in mind we also have Nieves in Hartford with a 2 way contract.

      What kind of return could we get for a Lindberg + Klein/McIlrath + prospect? Don’t think that gets us Trouba, but it could land us an upgrade at RD1, which this team sorely needs.

      • Agree with you on Jooris–he’s a good solid 4th line center. Still like Oscar a little bit more, especially if he cuts down on the minor penalties.

        Trading Klein doesn’t make sense right now, he’s arguably the best RD on the Rangers–I still think McIlrath deserves a shot to prove he’s a possible solution to the RD problem. Holden is a mediocre player, coming from a team (Colorado) that played poor defense. Can’t see much upside with him…..

        • I have a feeling Jooris isn’t long for this team. The fact he hasn’t played on the PK yet, when, that seemed to be one of the main reasons he was brought to NY, makes me think he is only on the team because other players, namely Lindberg and Boo, aren’t ready yet.

          • Fair and most likely accurate. For my money, he draws the short straw when Lindberg is ready to suit up.

        • I agree that I do not want to part ways with McIlrath (hasn’t had a good opportunity to succeed) and Klein (our best RD currently).

          However, if we want to make a trade for an upgrade at RD, I think one of these guys will need to be shipped out. No one wants the Pylon Twins, plus they have NTCs. McD is untouchable (I hope), and Clendening/Holden are not going to bring much back.

          If the return is good enough, I think McChunderson and Klein are our top trade assets on the back end, packaged with some of our depth at forward.

          Gorton has his hands tied, but let’s see if he can work some magic.

          • I agree, that won’t happen until a certain someone gets (lit caves long ago). I am thinking it is his system that has a major flaw. The Pens won with speed last year and it is blah blah blah….but if you look, really look almost every team since 2005 had a heavy game. Hockey is more and more becoming like soccer. VANILLA

          • I would like to give Gorton at least a little bit of credit for the smarts that he has shown over the summer. Thinking him to be a shrewd hockey guy, I can’t see him benching a player that he is anxious to unload for a return when it is early in the season and showcasing without much harm is possible. With McIlrath sitting and both Holden and Clendenning playing, I wonder if he is not showcasing one of them? The return might not be big, but he got them for next to nothing so any return would be “money in the bank” and movement relieves a logjam. Taking into account that he is AV’s boss, this could be happening. Of course it would not be a solution to the problem on defense but that is not going to be solved over night and may have to wait until the grind of the season generates a fertile opportunity.

            I will not pretend that I know more about hockey than the NYR people but I still think McIlrath is a better piece in the overall puzzle than either Holden or Clendenning. I guess we will soon see.

          • Clendening has been a pleasant surprise, would rather see him take a game or two at 1st pair

          • Why would Rangers be showcasing Holden and/or Clendening–no one wants those two guys?

      • Trading for a D will be tricky. The situation is complicated by the looming expansion draft. As of now, the Rangers are forced to protect Staal and Girardi and will protect their Captain.

        I guess the smart move is to try and target a D that is on the last year of his contract. The problem is, most of those guys aren’t players you would consider for 1st D pair duty. Also, to bring in a new D, one of the 8 D that are in currently in NY has to leave the organization. So either you include one in that trade, demote the waiver exempt Skjei, or put McIlrath, Holden, or Clendening on waivers with the intention of demoting them to Hartford.

        • If the Rangers land a guy who they ‘need’ to protect, like a Trouba they’ll go one of two routes.

          (1) Move Staal at the trade deadline for anything they can get to anywhere he is willing to go. Draft pick, excess(expensive) forward from another team who we can expose. Will be unlikely. More likely, and the only option if (1) doesn’t happen,

          (2) Girardi gets bought out and protected players become McDonagh, new guy, Staal

          Obviously no one likes a buy out option (pricey, dead cap space, etc), but if you can get your hands on a Trouba, Barrie, etc, then you do what you have to do. That’s what happens when you paint yourself into a corner…

          • You’re probably right, but that buyout route scares me. Seeing how teams that win the Cup have to cheat the salary cap, starting each year with a lower cap limit than the rest of the league sounds like a recipe for disaster. I keep hoping for a miracle, that one morning I’ll wake up and read that Ol’ Danny G has hung em up for good and taken a high paying job in the Rangers front office as Rod Gilbert’s drinking buddy.

            The good news is, Staal looks decent. He definitely has some trade value, if he keeps playing like this he shouldn’t be a tough player to move. The bad news is the Rangers still don’t have the pieces to acquire Trouba.

          • Why would you want a guy who is pulling this kind of powerplay on his organization? Is he the second coming? Sounds like Jorge Mateo telling the Yanks he should be promoted to Double A ball because he’s better than the guys up there.

          • My sentiments exactly Paul. I have no desire or patience for entitled players and malcontents. The idea of being anything other than grateful for the opportunity to be able to play the sport you love for a living while earning a small fortune in the process, is a character flaw that can only harm the idea of “team”.

      • I would not sit Grabner–he is very disruptive and good on PK. That speed on the forecheck is great. PIrri could not hit the net last night.If he cannot do that, why is he out there. I expect Lindberg to replace Jooris. You probably have a point about trades. Sounds like something is heating up

        • If I was the coach, I’d tell Grabner(missed a lot of those same breakaways with Leafs last year) to stop getting so close to the net & shoot before he gets there & aim for top shelf.

          • he definitely could use some breakaway advice. Missed a lot of those as a Fish Stick too

    • There is no comparing Pirri & Buch. It won’t be long before Pirri is in AVs doghouse, until he scores his next goal & fandom will proclaim his greatness.

  • “oh my” how did dylan mcllrath lose ‘THIS’ game for the rangers. skjei and mcd, i thought played well but not overly impressed w/ other ‘d’. i’m just soooo confused !!! by the way, what does PDO stand for ? do agree with the fact that they were flying for most of the night.

  • Repeat after me Henrik:

    I will not play the puck
    I will not play the puck
    I will not play the puck
    I will not play the puck

    Thank You

    • In a small sample set this season, Henk seems more inclined to play the puck (directive from coaches?) with the usual disastrous results. He just moves so slowly and makes poor decisions when he finally arrives.
      For $8.5M per year, he should work more on this. Inexcusable.

  • Howard was awesome. Sometimes you just are not going to beat a goalie who is in a zone like that. We have seen Hank do the same to others.

    So Clendening took a really bad penalty and it led to a goal – Is he gonna sit as punishment?

    I know we are only 4 games into but I personally do not see Holden as anything special. Certainly no better than DMAC. Good to see Klein back though.

    • Yes Clendening did take a bad penalty that led to a goal. But, the rest of the game he was pretty solid and had about three take aways. That is why he probably won’t be sat down. Holden, on the other hand, was pretty awful and should sit.

    • Howard was good, no question, but the Rangers shot themselves in the foot. They have a 2-0 or even 3-0 lead in the first and this is a different game.

      At 1-1, this had loss written all over it because they couldn’t get that 2nd goal.

  • 3 games 3 bad goals by Lundqvist….but this is the key is that this is not a new trend. His age, does he need to pop out to cover angles? has he lost some of his speed and agility to be beat 4 out of 8 goals cleanly stick side? This playing deep might be a thing of the past for him. For 8.change a year….yeah go work on your stickhandling
    Here is another issue….Conner McDavid and the Oilers practice on a mandated day off and people are all up in Arms. Give me a coach who will get them to practice at midnight after a bad game. The players make more and do less these days for the money….Man we need to go back to the days of character and not this new age man BS

    • The issue with the Oilers practicing on an off-day is because it is a violation of the CBA. I don’t think anyone cares that they practiced, it’s that the CBA mandates off-days, as negotiated by the players and the teams, collectively.

  • It is early in the seaon, so it’s not a big deal right now. I don’t care if Lundqvist lost a few games earliy in the season, as long as the king doesn’t play too many games during the regular season. less than 50 would be nice for the king.

    The speed game is great right now, but can NYR play the same effective and overwhelming speed game against teams like LA, Boston, and Washington, those team with hard hitting and hard checking game?

  • Only four games in, but seeing possession charts that reinforce the obvious: well above average offense coupled with a below average defense.

  • Message to AV;
    1. When you play against a very good goalie you need to PLANT a forward in front of him to screen him from seeing the puck , if he has a clear view he will stop everything! See wayne simmonds , milan lucic etc
    2. Time to scratch the holden experiment….he cannnot play right Def…time to use McIlrath !
    3. Stepan is too slow for his line…….use JT Miller at center between Vesey and Zucc…Stepan is no better than 3 rd line center…
    How bad was Sather? Nash, girardi, stall , hank, stepan are 5 of our highest paid players!!!

    • Spot on comments Rich, Especially the last line after # 3, regarding how bad was Sather?? YIKES, everyone needs to read that!!!!!!

      • Thanks
        I miss old time hockey, it was just flat out more exciting, more intense, more physical……way more fun to watch……Rangers-flyers, islanders – bruins, canadians- bruins, Derek sanderson, nick fotiu, dave schultz, nystrom and howatt,, tie domi, hospodar, gilles, behn wilson, a hundred other physical players..bench clearing brawls…..
        passion and intensity…….now all we see are the gudas and letangs cheap-shoting and injuring players…..

    • Rich, who did you think deserved longterm deals at the time? Plus, all the guys you just mentioned played major roles on teams that made it to the Cup Finals and Game 7 of the Eastern Conf. Finals in successive seasons. The back ends of deals never look as good as the initial ones

      • The Kings exposed Girardi in the finals, why sign him to that contract knowing he was beginning the downward spiral ????????

      • You must use the Bill Belichek rule … long term contracts for players over or near 30….sorry , but you cant pay them for what they did, unless they are 25 years old,,,…esp girardi who stunk in the finals…..Strallman should have got that contract, and I said it at the time….I love hank , but there are a dozen goalies just about as good as hank at this point, too much for too long….cant be sentimental in a cap league…..just my opinion

  • I’m not sure I totally understood the second goal. It seems like Hank was caught behind the net and Clendening flipped it to an opposing player who could knock it into the goal. Obviously, Clendening didn’t intentionally pass it to Miller, but did he really intentionally play it to a high danger area with Hank out of the picture. Clendening needs to keep the puck behind the net until Hank gets back into position.

    Do I have this wrong?

    • Yeah you do. Luke Glendening of the Wings flipped it to his teammate Drew Miller. His name does sound like Clendening though ?

      • Thanks.

        Beside the name similarity, if one doesn’t look carefully enough, one can’t tell whether Glendening makes the pass or the Ranger nearby is trying to clear. Of course, that Ranger is also not Clendening, but Kreider.

  • The coaches have to give Lundqvist direct orders to not leave the crease when the puck is behind the net. Under no circumstances should he leave the crease. He gives up 6 – 10 goals a year with his horrible puck handling.

    • something tells me he knows this… but something tells me he may need to try given the falling off of his d men…

      if he doesn’t go out, how many goals does he give up

    • this has been a rumor since draft day and considering the rangers had top management people at the Ducks’ games against the Isles and Devs it would not be surprising.

    • Fowler is the guy Rangers fans wanted at the draft in 2010 instead of McIlrath. Boy have the tables turned on that one. Also, not a trade I would be thrilled about, unless the Rangers are also getting a pick for helping get Anaheim out of their cap mess

      • Slam Sports is the sports reportage for, which is the internet site for the Sun newspaper chain up here in Canada.

        • Wait, so the Rangers perennially get raked over the coals for selecting McIlrath over Fowler, and then ANA deals Fowler for McIlrath? Me thinks not.

    • It won’t surprise me, but I have to say anything involving the Ducks has reached the “I’ll believe it when I see it” stage. It’s been going on a year of non-stop insiders claiming something is imminent between the Ducks and Rangers.

      Also, Fowler is not a defender we should be looking to trade for. Is he an upgrade over some of our guys? I guess. But not enough to actually help the defensive situation, especially since he’s been rather crap at actually defending in ANA.

      • With Drury and Clarke both attending the Ducks’ two most recent games, it certainly suggests more than the usual quotidian scouting. They’re looking for something from Anaheim.

        We don’t need any more forward depth, so it’s likely a defenseman. However, I hope they’re eying Vatanen, rather than Fowler.

  • I like Hank. A lot. Big fan. I do not think he does many things wrong. With that said, I want to slap him through my TV set every time he goes to play a puck like that with the opposition flying towards the net. At least twice a season, it seems. I just don’t know what he is thinking when he does it.

    • One of the worst stick handling goalies I have ever seen. just stop it and give it to a teammate. done.

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