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Preseason finale: Flyers at Rangers

Zack Stortini, Tanner Glass

The end of the preseason is upon us, and for the first time in a while, the Rangers still have significant questions regarding training camp battles. Every player fighting for a battle –that the coaches need to evaluate further. They know what Tanner Glass brings– is in the lineup tonight.

Boo Nieves is in the lineup tonight, which is a bit of a surprise. It’s been assumed that he was hurt in camp, which is why he has stuck around so long. Logic suggests AV wants a look at the kid in a game, which is why he’s out there tonight.

If you need a recap of what type of hockey Alain Vigneault has the Rangers playing, catch up here.

Flyers Lines

Nothing has been announced at the moment.

Rangers Lines

Chris KreiderMika ZibanejadPavel Buchnevich
Jimmy VeseyKevin HayesNathan Gerbe
J.T. MillerJosh JoorisBrandon Pirri
Michael Grabner-Boo Nieves-Jesper Fast

Marc StaalNick Holden
Brady SkjeiDan Girardi
Adam ClendeningKevin Klein

Henrik Lundqvist
Antti Raanta

Game time is 7pm. Be sure to follow us on Snapchat: blueseatblogs.

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  • No Mcllrath tonight??? when PAYBACK IS NEEDED!!! AV in all his infinite wisdom continues to AMAZE!!!!!!!, the guy needs to be coaching in the Swedish League.

  • We are sending a team of hopefuls out there to see who really deserves a spot. I really think only one is available. We may be showcasing some guys for trade purposes. JT might be one of them.

    Not liking the makeup of the roster so far. Not feeling like the bottom lines will generate much and the defense is worse than anticipated.

  • Lets see who Radko Gudas seriously injures after he pummels them from behind tonight, my bet is Pavel Buchnevich or maybe Vesey again……

    We are prepared ……Nathan Gerbe is dressing tonight especially since our other bruiser Derek Stepan isn’t playing.

    When we play the flyers I would make sure I dress McIlrath, Glass and have a couple of Stu Bickels in the AHL ready to dress for the game and NOT care about the score only about delivering severe punishment [elbows, fists, sticks] to Gudas every shift!!!!

    I hope we start our winless in our first 20 games so we can FIRE AV……

  • 2 righties on the bottom pairing? Speaking of righties, Tampa cut James Wisniewski from his PTO and he is just sitting there. He can play next to McDonagh and move the puck up ice like a pro. Unless Gorton has a handshake on a trade to be announced right before or after the season starts like the Brassard trade was orchestrated, then why not sign Wisniewski?

    I’m glad to see Jooris back out there. I think the 4C is his as long as he’s healthy. He’s responsible defensively and can skate well. That leads to good shifts and driving possession.

    Kind of odd lines set up. Looks like AV has pairs he wants to see play and a 3rd player fighting for a roster spot or a place in the lineup. I would rather have kept Lapierre over Tanner Glass. I think Glass would help the Rangers the most from Hartford.

  • Mcilrath was not only in the lineup but on the ice when Gudas ran Vesey so what deterrent does he act as? Why is AV a moron for not playing the kid for “payback”? I just don’t get this logic that may have been relevant in the 70’s.

    • It’s not about deterrence for the 100th time, it’s about response. If there is no deterrence(of course there wouldn’t be) we should just accept that Gudas wacks people & then the Rangers do nothing about it. Is that what you want?

    • Spozo, maybe after Gudas seriously injures Vesey or Buch , then maybe your eyes will be opened. The hit on Vesey could have resulted in a career ending injury. Thus snuffing out a career that could have been excellent. Gudas this year, Simmonds last year, this can not be tolerated. Mcllrath is needed to deliver the eye for an eye message.. He paid back Simmonds last year, now Gudas is in his cross hairs, if only AV would play him.

      • “He paid back simmonds last year?” How so? They got in to a fight. Both players landed some glancing blows and Simmonds ended up with a cut above his eye. That cut and a 5 minute fighting major really equaled the injury to Mcdonagh. Talk about payback!

      • I’ve said this before. The league does not allow the players to police themselves anymore. The stupid instigator rule and the laughable suspensions policy (can a spinning wheel you throw darts at be considered a policy) have allowed cheap shot artists like Gudas to make a career out of “questionable” hits. Mcilrath was on the ice and it did nothing to stop Gudas from hurting Vesey. The Rangers actually ended up short handed on the play. Mcilrath did not “pay back” Simmonds last year. They got in a fight and Simmonds ended up with a cut above his eye. So if you keeping score…. Simmonds got a few stitches and Mcdonagh was out a few games. That’s not pay back.

        How about the NHL takes a page out of baseballs book. If a pitcher is ejected for throwing at an opposing batter then the manager is also ejected. Adopt the same type of policy. If a boarding major or a hit to the head is called and a player is ejected. Then also eject the head coach. These types of play will quickly disappear. Trust me.

      • The funny thing is, if McIlrath hit Schenn from behind like that, the entire “undertaker” fan club would be writing how that’s exactly what the Rangers need…… a guy who “puts fear” into anyone who comes into the Rangers zone and is a force to be reckoned with. Dylan McIlrath is not a force to be reckoned with, he is a 10th overall draft pick who (after six years) is still trying to make the club. That’s the reality. They didn’t select him that high to send a message or act as a response, they believed they were drafting a sound, physical defenseman. In a “what have you done for me lately” world, Girardi is/was an undrafted free agent who is at the end of his very, very good Ranger career and who gets ripped to shreds on this site daily. That’s fine. McIlrath wishes his game was at the point Girardi’s was at the age of 24 but for some reason people think this guy is the answer to all the Rangers problems and the coach is a fool for not playing him regularly. It’s funny……… the players we bash and the players we hold in high regard.

        • Actually at age 23, McIlrath had a better first season with NYR than Dan Girardi did at age 22–but again why let facts spoil a good narrative?

          McIlrath–34 GP; 2 G, 2 A; 64 PiM. All while being one of the Rangers’ only 2 positive possession players on defense. Don’t like plus-minus but he was +6. His physicality was a night-in, night-out positive to his game and he had an impact on the games he played because of it.

          Girardi–34 GP; 0 G, 6 A; 8 PiM. +8 plus-minus. Can’t find Corsi numbers for that year for Danny but they were probably good–he didn’t become a terrible possession player until his 3rd year in the league. Girardi has had 2 1/2 seasons as a good player; I’d argue he’s been too high in the defensive rotation for NYR for years. As far as impact, Girardi defined “unspectacular” even in his good years.

          This comparison is totally stupid though ultimately–Girardi is no longer a better player than 98% of NHL defenders, and will likely prove this in the first quarter of the season. McIlrath was a better player than Girardi last year–defending a guy with sub-43% possession numbers is a bad joke, so don’t even try–and he’s a better player this year too. No reflection on the fine career that Girardi has had, it’s just stating the facts….he’s done and anyone else will be a better choice in the Rangers’ top 6.

          • To further simolify: you have to compare what Girardi is now as a player with what McIlrath is now. Reputation should have nothing to do with rational decision-making.

          • I had to give you a thumbs up for both posts…….

            Why do people take it personal when we talk about Dan as a player who’s best days are in his rear view mirror? The man was a warrior, the key word being “was” ! Today he can’t keep up with the tempo of the game, his skates are too slow, and is doing nothing but embarrassing himself.

            Dan, for your pride, and the teams best interest, please consider retiring, we want to remember you as you were. I grew up watching Willie Mays play center field, first in NY, then SF. The last image of Willie was the 73 worlds series, the shell of the player that I knew. Please Dan, walk away with your head held high, we want to remember you as you were, not what you are today.

            By the way Dan, I retired 8 years ago, and it’s great, you should try it !!!!!!!!!

          • Tanger, you sure know how to keep the anti Mcllrath, pro Girardi people at bay..I am with you that Girardi WAS a serviceable D-man, who you could not get out of the line up. But his skills were going on the on the down side a while ago. Look no further than the Cup run of 2014. The LA Kings had a great game plan , dump everything on Girardi’s side and go for it, he was totally abused in that series.

          • The anti-McIlrath stuff is hysterical. But still not as funny as the warped assessment of the “Undergiver”. I can’t recall the last time Ranger fans wanted a player to work out so desperately that they blatantly chose to create aspects of his game that aren’t there. The only thing I can say……. Why did Gorton feel the need to acquire Holden and Clendening if McIlrath is this difference maker? It’s crazy because I actually think McIlrath has improved and his game may be starting to come around but It’s the inflated sense that he is the answer to our D woes that ruins him. I’ll ask you the same question I asked Paulronty.

          • Hey Pootie, I’m actually agreeing with you! Chris72 has been anti-McIlrath from day one for reasons unknown, but logic certainly isn’t a factor in the discourse.

          • Paulronty, I have never been anti McIlrath, I simply find it funny how people seem to think he is this supernatural force on the blueline who completely changes the game when he is in the lineup. It’s amazing how any negative comment on McIlrath is received. Do you truly feel McIlrath has performed like a first rounder to this point? What’s the problem with admitting he has been a disappointment? It’s guys like this Pootie Fool who know nothing about hockey, bury their heads in stats and have never watched a game in their lives who throw out ridiculous comments like “his physicality has been a night in, night out positive to his game and he had an impact on the games he played because of it”. Seriously??? You agree with this? Players who positively impact games on a night in, night out basis aren’t 7/8 Defenseman. Can we at least agree on that?

          • Keep defending Girardi then, who’s at best a #8 defenseman on this squad. Way to offer nothing in terms of stats to back up what you’re attempting to say.

  • McIlrath -6 (double the minus because he is named McIlrath) just awful player….Fire McIlrath….errrr…I meant AV that’s right

  • Was there a retaliation tonight? Maybe I’ve missed, but I didn’t see one. I guess this is the “right way” AV was talking all the time, and the team is going through “the process”… a process of not going very far in the season.

  • Very disappointed at AV’s soft style, I don’t know if the Rangers will make the playoff this year.

  • Funny, as soon as Sam, and Joe said the coach’s wanted the team to play tight defense in the third, the shit hit the fan……….I believe this is going to be a very long season, with poor results !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Did anyone think Staal looked bad yesterday?????????

    I realize that this pre-season, but wow, Jeff really has a major task on his hands to improve the defense !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I was very impressed with Kreider , he gave Gudas a huge shove and then invited him to dance, Gudas wanted to oblige, but Refs would not allow it. I would love to see Kreider get more of a mean streak. He is one of the best physical specimens in the NHL. He also took some boxing lessons. He has a great skill set, potential to be a Gary Roberts, Rick Tocchet, Jerome Inginla type protocol power forwards, who could beat you so many ways, putting the puck in the net, or by blasting you with a body check or by intimidation ( fighting) . Kudos to him for standing up to Gudas, I feel Kreider would have destroyed him. Gudas is a mean hard hitting , dirty player, but he does not like to drop the gloves, he day of reckoning in coming!!

    • I could only watch the first period last night. From what I saw, all the Rangers chippier players, were trying to get at Gudas all period. Lots of stick taps, body checks, borderline charges.

      For me, that is a really good sign. It’s not just about fighting, it’s about sending a message that the team noticed what you did, and you better keep your head up. For what it’s worth, I didn’t notice Gudas try anything last night.

    • Right On Bobby!! So far Kreider has been nothing short of awesome & he will stick up for team mates too.

      • Pauly, keep your fingers crossed, this might be the year Kreider puts it ALL together, His potential is off the charts. Love him playing with Z & Bush.

  • Sorry Sopozo, this league has not changed that much where you dont need a couple of physical players……because the NHL does nothing to protect its players unless its a Crosby type star…..
    Did you forget the LeTang crosscheck to Viktor stallbergs face????????
    How many games suspension did he get???
    How about Simmonds hit on McDonagh????

    The BEST and only way to keep your best players safe is to have a McIlrath and a couple of other type fighters [Bickel, Rupp, Colton Orr] and hard Hitters [Stallberg, Kreider, etc} guys willing to SEND messages to the Gudas’s of the league……
    Fighting could be a deterrent if when vesey was hit EVERY ranger on the ice went after Gudas , not to wrestle him but to BLOODY him!!!!!
    Repeat for three consecutive games and HE will never hit vesey again like that!!!!!!

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