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Flyers down Rangers in OT after Blueshirts erase 3-0 deficit

For a preseason game, last night’s OT loss to the Flyers had a little bit of everything that encompasses Rangers/Flyers. It had physical play, it had dirty play, it had good defense, it had scoring bursts, and it left a seed for the regular season. The Rangers may have lost, but they erased a 3-0 lead in the third period to get “a point” in the preseason standings. It may not seem like much, but showing the guys to come back like that means a lot for the kids and playing the right way.

  • First things first, that hit by Radko Gudas on Jimmy Vesey was nasty. That’s the type of hit the league is trying to get rid of, and I guarantee that Gudas won’t be suspended because Vesey turned. But here’s the thing, the hockey play there is to stop, turn, and gain some space. The turn is the hockey play, getting creamed from behind is not. Here’s a link to multiple angles of the hit.
  • Credit to Dylan McIlrath for jumping in and literally dragging Gudas out to fight. He wound up taking on Jakub Voracek as well, who did not get penalized for third man in. I have never seen that penalty called in my life. Not once.
  • Don’t know why Vesey was back. It’s the preseason, feel like it makes sense to take caution with your offseason prize. But what do I know?

  • The Flyers were suffocating during this game, they didn’t give the Rangers much, closing gaps at the blue line quickly and forcing the Rangers into broken entries. The Flyers had a bunch of NHL guys, closer to 75%, while the Rangers had about 50%. Guess this is to be expected. It happened on the powerplay too.
  • These are the kinds of games where you want to see what Adam Clendening can do. He wasn’t flashy with the points this game, but he looked relatively comfortable next to Ryan McDonagh. He was with Ryan Graves for a while, and also looked comfortable there.
  • That Konecny goal was brutal for the Rangers. Chris Summer was watching the play, and Ryan Graves tried to block the point shot from two feet in front of Skapski. Summers isn’t that good, but Graves will learn that’s not the best approach.
  • J.T. Miller has had a bit of a rough preseason, but boy was he poised on that pass to Graves for the first goal. Also good job by Graves to get in as the fourth man on the rush. That’s where the good chances come from.
  • Brandon Pirri has to make this team, right? Even if he’s not the perfect hockey player, the kid just shoots and shoots and shoots some more. And you know what? They go in.
  • This is the second straight game where the Rangers have mounted some sort of comeback. That’s promising, especially since they still have 45+ players in camp and are doing this without their normal lineup.
  • Vesey has been a pleasant surprise in camp. I didn’t expect him to buzz around the net this much, or be this effective. It’s still early, but this team needed some youthful –note: rookie– injections. Vesey, Clendening, and Pavel Buchnevich have done just that.
  • There’s some poetic justice in Vesey scoring the tying goal, by the way. Even if it was a loss in OT, that was fun to watch.
  • That goal by Voracek was absurd. There is nothing you can do about it.

Now that the four games in six nights are almost over, expect the Rangers to do some major cutting from the roster. It started last night, and will continue after tonight’s game. Not much time left for bubble players who have survived this far.

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  • This league is a disgrace. Gudas should get a minimum of 20 games as a constant repeat offender. Doubt it. And then Vorachek who grabs McIlrath and tackles him during the scrum gets as many penalties as I did on that play.


    Such a great sport that continuously gets tarnished by the idiots that run the league, starting with that troll Bettman. They make money in spite of themselves.

    • I totally agree with you. Fines & Suspensions are left open for way too much human interpretation by the NHL DOPS. I feel like certain parts of the group of people making the decisions are unable to be impartial towards certain teams & players. Personally I think there should be a bunch of young hockey players with college degrees running that department.

      Last thing I want to say is Gorton had better pull off a trade for a top pairing righty shooting defender to pair with McDonagh. I did have a feeling that AV might pair Clendining with McDonagh. My hand stayed up. Klein is a good bottom 4 defenseman and Girardi would best serve the Rangers as a 3rd pair defenseman. Against lighter competition, he may have a good 3-4 months and become tradable by retaining a mil-$1.5 mil of his salary. After playing there, he may be willing to waive his NMC to go elsewhere.

      • In spite of what some snobby Ranger fans think, Clendening is impressing and could be on McD’s right side opening night.

        The real problem is that he will replace Skjei and not G in the line up, rendering the upgrade on the top pair basically useless. But hopefully it makes McD, McD again.

    • You are Soooooo right. The press doesn’t want to talk about what Bettman & the idiots have done to the game. Gudas will seriously injure someone, someday, but the officials continue to demonstrate their lack of competence.

      • Doc

        This is the very reason I refer to that team as Filthadelphia……..

        As for DMC going after Gudas, that spent condom, AV will bench Dylan for going after him, and getting into a fight !!!!!!!!!!!!!! That runs counter to his style????????????

    • With any other coach…100%.

      With AV at the helm and his two lap dogs (Max & Glass) sitting on either side of him….nothing is for certain.

      Buch signed his contract because he wants to play in NY. He signed his contract so he could not be sent to the AHL without the ability to say no and go back to russia, which would be a step down for him in terms of quality of play from the KHL. While it would probably be best or him and his development and confidence to play a dozen games or so in Hartford he has the right not to, and the last thing we want Is for him to go back to Russia and realize he would rather play back home.

      He is going to become a very very good player in this league. and he is I the perfect situation here (much like Vesey) where he is not going to be expected to be The Man and can develop while getting nights off throughout the season.

      • The AHL is the 2nd best league in the world. The pool they draw from has over a million hockey players plus what they poach from Europe while the KHL draws from a pool of 100k, plus the guys who couldn’t make the NHL. Not even close.

    • Something tells me that he would have resigned in the KHL rather than spend the year in Hartford. Although Kevin Hayes came here over many other teams and he began the year in Hartford. So we shall see.

  • Gudas = ?. And Voracek should’ve been instantly tossed as 3rd man in. In all my years of watching hockey I’ve never hated a franchise as much as the Flyers; they’re a criminal organization and have been for decades. I’ve also never seen a team so consistently provoke/start multiple player fights and get away with no 3rd man in game misconducts. These pieces of garbage do it all the time. This team employs the worst of the worst; even as the game moves away from fighting Gudas racks up suspendable offenses like nobody since Raffi Torres.

    May the fiery winds of hell burn Ed Snider’s corpse to ashes today. And then reassemble it to burn it again tomorrow.

    • Tanger, RIGHT ON assessment of the Flyers, as Walt calls them, the FILTHY FLYERS. The names and numbers have been taken, Gudas & Voracek will be revisited by the Undertaker, what pisses me off is that nobody came to Mcllraths aid when he was jumped by Voracek. This Ranger TEAM is a SOFT bunch. This was an exhibition game, Tanner Glass should have been delivering pay back. AV probably told the troops after the 1st period, please boys no more fighting, if you fight you get sent back to the AHL. ..

      • Bobby, once again spot on. Someone on the ice should have been the “4th” man in and neutralized Voracek. It was a dangerous nasty hit. McIlrath did the exact right thing. This is a shinning example of why this team needs him. Besides the fact, he’s a very serviceable defenceman. I wouldn’t be too hard on Glass. He’s trying to make the team. The Flyers basically behaved themselves after the Gudas BS hit. I do agree that the Ranger were a soft team, and I think that’s a reflection of the coach. I doubt we’ll see Gudas on the 6th at the Garden. The NHL has a way of making suspensions include follow-up games between the two teams wherever possible.

    • You had me agreeing 100% until you mentioned Snider. The man is dead, maybe the street thug mentality will die with him, but let him RIP !!!!!!!!!

      This coming from a person who over the years made his fair share of nasty remarks about old Eddie boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Darren Dreger ‏@DarrenDreger 8m8 minutes ago

    Darren Dreger Retweeted Kevin Allen I was told last night there would be no supplemental discipline.

    And another season begins! A third rate League!

    • NHL routinely states that if you show your numbers on that play, no supplemental discipline. Vesey had a step on him, Gudas would’ve had to hold or hook him if he kept going.

      Welcome to the show, Jimmy.

    • Joe, If that’s accurate then Gudas very well might be in the line-up on the 6th as he is one of the Flyers top 6 D-men. Should make for an interesting game, as I’m guessing McIlrath will be dressed as well.

  • The only way to stop guys like Radko Gudas is to make sure to give him a concussion next time you see him. Use your sticks, your elbows, your knees…make sure he will be concussed lying on the ice not moving…If not, head hunting hits will keep coming, nice guy “gentleman” AV will get your whole team killed.

  • The flyers have always been this DIRTY because the rangers have always played soft, except for the years we had Fotiu and when Tortorella coached.
    It was disgusting and disgraceful to watch your new young prize rookie get plastered and get no response except for McIlrath.
    This team needs another McIlrath or two and an infusion of guts/courage/outrage and passion or get some players who have that…
    Start by getting rid of gutless Stepan who never stands up for his teammates…

    • I have to disagree, you can’t have your scorers toss hands overtime theres a bad hit, not when they both (Nash & Steph) knew McIlrath was coming in behind them…

      do you see other teams scorers fight when there is action?

      I don’t

      not saying keep Steph or Nash but I am not into having them throw hands either…

      As for when Torts coached, I recall Giradi watching Gaborik get creamed…

      Our D-Man are soft… I will give you that, obviously excluding McIlrath

    • Rich: you and I and Bobby B. are among the scant few here who continually emphasize not only McIlrath’s ascension, but his ever pivotal role.

      Three quarters or more of the posters who showed today have heretofore bemoaned the kid’s lack of foot speed. His inability to turn. His place as our 7th D-man. In other words, buried.

      Now, lo and behold, the whole BSB Nation rises in praise. Wringing their collective hands. To all you fickle Fancystat types: Please, go find another bandwagon to jump on.

      Beyond McIlrath, this team’s conspicuously soft. Vanilla.

      If it wasn’t you, Rich, someone else pointed out that not one teammate jumped into the fray to back McIlrath. All I can see is Dan Girardi floating through the frame as Marion Gaborik gets rag dolled: this gen’s Dale Rolfe.

      Sure, a few years back this whole bleeding BSB Nation also bemoaned Brandon Dubinsky’s heavy contract, given his output. But what price do you attach to character and passion? To leadership? To ownership of the room, holding teammates accountable? To the G+d-damned jersey?

      Forasmuch Dubi was the only Ranger with the guts to go after Chris Neil when the latter obliterated Brian Boyle during the Sens’ playoff series.

      Ask yourself, Rich: who went after Curtis Glencross when he concussed our then-Captain, Chris Drury? Yea. That’s right. No one.

      And yet, three quarters–or more–of these very same, clued-in BSB posters clamor for 12 all skill/all dangle forwards. Where’s the lunchpail types? Where’s the character types?…

      There’s a reason The Rangers have always been labeled soft. A team you can run, with no repercussion. No answer.

      There’s a reason why Anders Hedberg, Tomas Sandstrom, Chris Drury, Brian Boyle and now Jimmy Vesey are targeted. That reason starts with management, then rests upon you posters.

      • Ouch – Dude – You’ve forgotten my staunch defense of the Undertaker last year?? And now I have been relegated to just another vanilla BSB poster?

        Perhaps I should change my name again and get a fresh start in witness protection…

      • Mcilrath was on the ice at the time–obviously it didn’t deter anything in terms of Gudas taking a cheap shot. The last thing the Rangers need is more apes like Glass in the lineup. What should’ve happened is that the refs needed to have let McIlrath fight Gudas, and have ejected Voracek. If McIlrath is allowed to dispense ice justice immediately there, then no talk of suspension/retribution is necessary. Voracek’s actions were cowardly and all too typical of Philadelphia.

        It’s not the Rangers physicality that’s the issue–this team is as tough as they come in the NHL….the issue is that the refs allow the violent cheap shot to occur and then they block all attempts at justifiable retaliation from the players. Refs need to let players protect themselves more than they do.

      • Nicky boy, great post, and as for me, I’d get as many players with skill, and balls, to ply for us. One has to realize that sh*t flows down stream from the coach, on down. As long as this candy assed dude is running the show, guys like Mc Ilrath will get splinters in his rump, from riding the bench as long as he can get away with it !!!!!!!!!!! Bottom line, we need stand up guys, instead we have bystanders when it comes to playing with sandpaper…….

      • And yet, three quarters–or more–of these very same, clued-in BSB posters clamor for 12 all skill/all dangle forwards. Where’s the lunchpail types? Where’s the character types?… Amen brother, there is more to hockey than figure skating, that’s why Danny “The Rocket” Kristo is relegated to anonymity.

        • You said it, Doc.

          Nonetheless every kid who comes through our system and shows some spine, or leadership qualities from Ian Laperriere to Dale Wiese to Dubi is shown the door.

          McIlrath, in all likelihood, will follow.

          • Ian Laperriere was acquired by trade and played 28 games with NYR. He didn’t come thru the Rangers’ system. He was drafted by St Louis. Don’t let that pesky fact interrupt your narrative, though…..

          • The point he was making was simple, Ian was shown the door, like the rest of the players who demonstrate gonads. Oh well, the game has changed, and soon we will draft boys who’ll hit you with their purses !!!!!!!!!

          • 28 games played as a Ranger. Earthshaking tenure there. Had slightly more impact as a Ranger than Daniel Paille did.

          • Your original statement clearly included Ian Laperriere, and is indicative of how carelessly you toss your opinions around.

      • Brother NICKY, you have always had a way with words, your post always command attention, the current post I am replying to, may be your ALL TIME BEST!!. Ranger Brethren , say no more, All we need to do is read Fotiu’s post!! A Grand Slam of a Post, it should be hanging in the Ranger Dressing room tonight, and for the rest of the season. It should be on AV’S desk, and in front of Gorton!!!!

    • Stick-tap to that, RichSomma.

      Much as I respect Stepan, the six-million dollar man’s skills and knowledge of the game, we already have more than enough highly paid cute in our lineup.

      Inasmuch, had I daughter in need of a prom date, or a 4H Club to run, Derek Stepan’s my guy.

      What we need is some nasty. Some snarl. A two-way forward who jams the net. Finishes his checks. Calls out teammates.

      For comparison’s sake, Derek Stepan is simply not capable of what Troy Brouwer did with St. Louis last year: put that club on his shoulders and will them as far as The Conference Finals.

      • Troy Brouwer’s career playoff stats:
        98 games played
        15 goals, 17 assists–32 points

        8 of these goals and 13 of his points were tallied in last year’s playoffs, in a total of 20 GP. Prior to last season Brouwer had 7 goals and 12 assists, for a measly 19 total points in 78 playoff games played.

        Derek Stepan’s career playoff stats:
        85 games played
        17 goals, 26 assists–43 points

        Does anything further really need to be said? Brouwer needed a scorching-hot playoff last year to even remotely APPROACH Stepan’s playoff productivity. Additionally Brouwer is a wing, not a center, has less defensive responsibility, and isn’t a first-option penalty killer like Step. And yeah, Brouwer was good for Chicago a long time ago when they won their first Cup, but his playoff production fell off a cliff after that.

        Brouwer was despised in Washington by the end of his tenure there precisely due to his consistent lack of playoff production. But please, tell us again why an overpaid 31-year old career playoff underachiever is better than a 26-year old pivot in his prime….

        • Your oversold stats simply reinforce my point.

          Which was a character player’s ability to carry a club: re Brouwer’s playoff last year with St. Louis. Clearly the salience is lost on you. “Underachiever”? “Shrinking violet”?

          I couldn’t have framed it any more clearly: our need for less cute, more jam. Less peripheral, more dirty.

          • Your statement is clear: you prefer a guy who’s lost to Stepan’s team 3 times in the playoffs, while Stepan outplayed him each time. You prefer a guy who was a repeated playoff failure in Washington over a guy who scores playoff OT gamewinners. You prefer a guy who’d be laughed off any national team instead of Stepan, who continually makes his country’s squad.

            Lastly, you prefer a guy who DOESN’T produce in the clutch over one who does. Kinda makes you a clown in my book.

      • Your comment is really unfair to Stepan. The guy plays in the playoffs with a broken jaw, and you praise a shrinking violet like Troy Brouwer, who lost 3 playoff series to Stepan’s Rangers. The same Brouwer whose playoff stat line for the Capitals was this:

        42 games played
        3 goals, 6 assists for a total of 9 points. Let that sink in–9 total points in six different 7-game series.

        I’d say Brouwer is half the player Stepan is. And that’s on a good day.

  • It’s hard to understand why, unless the NHL is Bias against the Rangers, a repeat offender, in a preseason game, hits a new rising star like that and the league decides not to discipline.

    it is obvious.

    And The organization needs to make a case now, before we lose a player.

    Simmonds hot on McD last season was unreal and now this.

    Same teams… its not like anyone would question the discipline, its the flyers…
    Its Gudas.. Come on NHL!

    Give me a break!

    • There’s no bias against the NYR, stop those self-pity comments. The NFL now is a “gun free zone”, if you don’t have a few “big guns” to protect yourself, some other teams with “big guns” will blow you away, and you can forget about the Cup.

  • i hope i’m wrong but i get the feeling after the roster is settled we’re ALL going to want av fired as soon as possible. no emotion and no common sense. i think history has proven that. not that i want to keep av but please make the right moves !!!!!

      • Your lips/fingertips to Jeff Gorton’s ears, Larry.

        Let’s hope by February AV’s gone.

        Then we hire from within: perhaps Beukeboom becomes bench boss, Adam Graves, his assistant coach.

        No more Bryan Trottier’s behind our bench fiascos.

        • There is only one man who needs to be the bench boss & his name is Messier & I guarantee that we will have the hardest working, most intense team in the league,

        • If its members of the 94 team as potential coaches,give me any of these 3, ( Graves, Messier, Jay Wells) talk about take no prisoners attitude, man do I miss those guys!!!

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