Rangers announce Traverse City Tournament roster

The Rangers have officially announced the roster for the Traverse City Tournament:

The list includes seven non-roster invitees. I’ll let Josh weigh in on the list in the comments.

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    • Interesting is’nt it???????

      He is such a good set up guy, maybe they are trying to see how he handles the position !!!!!!!!!!!

      • Definitely stands out.

        Wouldn’t transitioning to the North American style of hockey become much more difficult if you through learning face-offs against the world’s best into that mix.

        Maybe they just want him to be around more to get his goal scoring going. Although he seems to be a playmaker, I feel like part of bringing him here was to score goals.

    • No, but there’s no real need for him to sign at the moment. He’s Rangers property for at least another 9 months.

        • No, it is standard operating procedure for the unsigned draft choices to play in Traverse City. The college players don’t play, nor do many of the Europeans, but otherwise someone’s absence may be a bad sign.

          I wonder why Gabriel Fontaine isn’t here.

          Note: believe Rangers have Day for two years, not one.

          • Rangers have rights on junior players for 2 years if they make a qualifying offer in year 1, otherwise player is returned to draft pool.

  • With that lineup I get why Fontaine didn’t make the cut. Buchnevich going out for a test drive @C says a lot about the confidence the team has about Hayes at the pivot.

    I’m assuming Askew is going to another prospect tourney team. Good to see Ottenbreit back, he was really solid last year; probably the 2nd best D on that lineup. An interesting development is the D who graduated in Seattle both went Canadian college route instead of doing a minor league deal.

  • Not to get off topic but………. The announcement of the Traverse Roster reminded me of this time last year when we were trying to guess what the bottom six was gonna look like at the beginning of the season. A lot of good discussions about how and where Lindberg, Hayes, Stalberg and Stoll were gonna be used. Last season ain’t got nothing on this season in terms of questions, possibilities and available players who will eventually fill those 6 spots. Gonna be a crazy 2-3 weeks leading up to opening night.

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