Wolf Pack sign forward Philip McRae

The Wolf Pack have added some depth to their lineup, signing forward Philip McRae to a contract. McRae’s name may sound familiar, as he’s the son of Minnesota North Stars and “The Mighty Ducks” star Basil McRae. Oh how Basil must have loved lining up next to Mike Modano for that movie.

McRae is on an AHL deal, so he won’t be at Rangers camp or be a Ranger at all, nor does he count against the 50 contract limit. He’s veteran depth for a very young Hartford team.

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  • Ahem, brother Dave: Basil never played for the Ducks.

    He was, however, a Quebec Nordique; a Minnesota North Star; a Blue; a Red Wing (short stint); a member of the Lightning (for an even shorter spell); and, if I recall, retired as a Blackhawk.

    His kid was a Number One draft choice, wasn’t he?… Help me out, Dr Paul: St. Louis?

      • Thank you, Dunc.

        Cool name: you’re probably too young to remember Dunc Wilson, the former ‘Nucks goalkeeper, and rather colorful persona. Who, ipso facto, became Drunk Wilson after joining our Swarty out on the road.

        Believe they wrecked a rental car somewhere on The Najavo Reservation. Or maybe that was Original Rob…

      • Copy that, Dave. My 54-year old, publishing weary eyes missed your quotation marks.

        Inasmuch, perhaps you should broken up that sentence.

        Those movies… please. I played on an adult hockey club at Paramount Studios in LA: The Mountaineers. (Yes Dave, I was the goon, a stay at home defenseman.)

        On that club, besides Keanu Reaves our goalkeeper, and Stan Jaffe’s son Bob, was actor/director Peter Berg. The latter’s best friend back then was Steven Brill: an upstate New York boy who washed out as a comedian only to try writing scripts.

        Ultimately, Brill got the screenwriting credits, if not many millions for the Mighty Ducks’ franchise. Nonetheless another one our teammates, a Minnesota boy named Joe Blake–Cheryl Crow’s ex BF–forever accused Brill of ripping him off. Brill was a hack.

        F**k The Ducks.

          • Honestly, Chris: there’s some bad juju around how that film came together. Steve Brill was a prodigious no-talent who’s made millions.

            In my heart I know he ripped off our teammate Joe Blake, a real solid Minnesota boy. Joe had that whiff of Adam Graves’ solidity-character about him. Good hockey player, too.

            One more anecdote, Chris: Keanu Reaves redefined spectral. Said nothing. Brought no energy to the rink. Barely interacted with us, his teammates in the locker room.

            At practice, I put a traffic cone in net just after Keanu went to the bench; then yelled, “Hey fellas, now we have a ‘real’ personality in goal.”

            Injury to insult now… We’re playing The LA County Sheriffs club, The Silver Bullets one night. A nastier, more vicious group of steroid banging law enforcement types I’ve never met… and I have five cops in my family.

            The Bullets eventually learn it’s Keanu in goal. So one of their forwards doesn’t just decide to run him, he completely freight trains him, a la Ronny Lott or George Atkinson.

            Me, being the stay-at-home Rich Pilon/Beuk type D-man, I gotta stick up for my ‘keeper, regardless of the fact he’s a detached Hollywood prima donna.

            So we square off. But before you could’ve yelled, “Rudy Poeschek” this Sheriff’s ripped my helmet off and lands three heavy shots to the top of my head.

            Bell rung for three days. Concussed for Keanu, who couldn’t even muster a ‘Hey man; thanks’.

          • OUTRAGE!!!!, if Nicky was in the stands, he would have come down and challenged the entire Silver Bullets bench ( which would have ran for the hills) he then would have bitched slapped Keanu for good measure.

    • Dave was talking about the actual movie and how Basil stole the scene in Mike Modano’s big film debut.

      Mike Modano, great hockey player, terrible actor.

  • Ohhh…I know Im just asking for the typical rejoinders from the peanut gallery (minus Bobby, Fotiu and Walt) but praying that the bloodline follows and we can gwt him up for the Show!

      • Tell you what, Coach Walt: Phillip’s pop was one bad hombre.

        I’ll bet you and Reverend Bobby B. remember some of those epic bouts between Basil and Dave Manson, Al Secord, Willy Plett.

        Man, I miss old time hockey. The game’s definitely poorer when we don’t have room for the Eddie Shack’s, The Fotiu’s, The Chris Nilan’s, “Spinner” Spencer, Probie and Kocur… hell, even Matthew Barnaby was entertaining.

        • As soon as they started wearing helmets that was the end of the real good hockey fights. What would Dave Schultz do with a guy wearing a helmet. No hair for him to pull anymore. The worst beating he gave was on Dale Rolph as Brad Park just stood there n did nothing. Then he had the balls to say that Dale gave him a signal saying “stay out of this or they’ll throw you out of the game”. I have no idea how Dale said all that while he was getting his head bounced around like a beach ball. That was disgusting. I still can’t stand the Flyers. Always have some dirty bastard on their team still.

          • “Disgusting” Eleven? How ’bout horrific? I’m forever emotionally scarred for that awful spectacle.

            The young dudes here on BSB don’t have clue one with regards to what Rangers-Flyers used to mean. Besides Dale Rolfe, you can’t erase the image of Dave Brown nearly beheading Tomas Sandstrom.

            In retrospect, there was a far different level of savagery, a deeper-darker psychosis to Flyers-Rangers than our rivalry with The Isles.

            I dislike the Isles. But I truly loathe Philly.

          • I still get so pissed when I see the films on that cross check with the stick to Sandstroms neck not head. That dirty bastard. I think the play was over at the time he got hit too if I remember right. Yeah I know what you’re saying though. Most of these fans have no clue about the old days of Flyersn Rangers. I forgot who it was but it was a 1st round series we swept the flyers n there were several fights as usual n we were actually winning the fights that night. But the last fight that night of the final game when we beat them 9-3 I think n Dougay gave someone (forgot who) a boxing lesson right at center ice. I remember him rolling up his sleeves n throwing them punches. It was a great way to cap off a series sweep.

          • Fotiu/Ranger 11, my blood is boiling SHULTZ WAS NEVER DELIVER PAYBACK. That 1974 Ranger team was CUP worthy. Till this day, it KILLS ME, we lost that series because we got bullied!!!!

          • I hear ya Bobby. That’s 74 team was cup worthy. The Flyers were a bunch of goons on ice. One dirty bastard after another. Anyone that’s old enough to remember those days still hates them. I’ve seen Rod Gilbert talk about it a few times n you could see he’s still pissed off about it too.

          • You can also chalk that loss up to the woeful refereeing that persists to this day. The refs took a blind eye to everything. The Rangers could have been on a continuous power play. That was disgusting too!!!!

          • Ya, The Broad Street Bullies, they were an unclass act for sure. I remember that terrible fight, which the linesman did nothing to stop, but Vic Hadfield took a lot of grief for not coming to Rolfe’s rescue. I remember when Bobby Clarke broke Kharlamov’s ankle with a vicious two handed slash & the Russians left the ice. Freddie ” The Fog” Shero was a great coach though, he came to NY & took that 1979 band of misfits to the final, with John Davidson playing goal on one leg.

          • Do you remember when Chris Nylund was on Montreal and he tripped up Robby Fatorik (probably not spelled right) and after the whistle was blown Fotiu came gliding over nice n easy and in one motion flipped the glove off and blasted Nylund square in the mug. Oh man how I miss those days. Also remember Barry Beck in a fight with Nylund and at first he backed off and I was thinking what’s he afaid. He only backed up to roll up his sleeves n then gave Nylund some nice beaten. He actually picked him up from falling so he could give him some more shots in the face. Good ole days!

          • You mean the Filthadelphia Flyers ??????????

            What dirty, your vision is getting very poor !!!!!!!!!!

            I’ve read, on many occasions that Dale did indeed say to Park to stay out of the fight. That fight, or pounding if you will, turned the entire series around for those SOBs, and may have cost us the cup that year !!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • I don’t how he was able to say anything as he was taken such a beaten. I don’t doubt you read that he did say to stay out but I’m sure Brad Park is one of the guys saying it. But besides that, even if Dale did say stay out he still shoulda at least tried to break it up. Not just him either. Anyone on the ice shoulda stepped in. That was a total bully picking on a little guy. That wasn’t 2 tough guys going at it.

        • “Clear the track, here comes Shack, he knocks them down, then he gives them a whack, Eddie, Eddie Shack!” Oh what a character he was the first forward to act like he was a puck carrying defenceman. going end to end, circling the rink twice before losing the puck & never getting a shot!!! He was hilarious! Drove Ranger coach Phil Watson to apoplectic fits. I read recently where Bergevin said he traded P.K. because he was rushing the puck up the ice & they didn’t like it & told him to stop because the forwards had to stop skating & wait for him because he wasn’t passing it. Montreal loves to play the headmanning the puck game even to this day.

          • great showman was Eddie !!!!!!!! I believe he finished his career with Buffalo, when they first came into the NHL !!!!!!!

  • FOTIU, if this McRae kid has the bloodlines of his old man??, I am all in. Basil McRae was a fearless winger, gave the Minnesota North Stars the I got your back boys confidence. He teamed up with a young Shane Churla ( who I also was very fond of, when we got him, he was too beat up) to take on any tough team out there. Classic battles with Grimson & Peluso ( Blackhawks vs North Stars) GOGGLE IT, awesome stuff!!

    • Was there a better hockey name than Shane Churla, Bobby?

      Yea, I liked his game, too. But like Ryane Clowe we got him with near nothing left in the tank.


      • You are so spot on!!! Shane Churla ( great name) in his prime, was a beast. He could bang bodies, fight like a lion, he feared no one, and occasionally put the puck in the net. One of the few who went toe to toe with Tie Domi and won the fight. I think he was named captain of the North Stars one year??, no easy feat for an enforcer. Fotiu do you still reside in The T-NECK section of the Bronx??

        • No, Bobby. I work and dwell in the California desert.

          Here’s links to documentary feature films, shot here, I wrote/co-produced:

          Act 1-2:

          Act 3:

          password: tar248

          • Yikes, what some folks have to do just to survive in the jungle.Who knew people did these things. Compelling, well done!

        • Toughest Ranger ever was, believe it or not, Orland Kurtenbach. He was so tough no one dared to fight him. He could really beat your ass.

          • I always loved George Mc Phee. 5-9. 170lbs and would fight anyone anytime. He just knew had to fight. Good straight punches not just swinging wild.

  • During their playoff run, Vancouver Canuck Pavel Bure pulverized Churla into the boards and made him c r y. Any chance this McRae kid gets a shot with the Rangers?

    • ONE OF THE DIRTIEST ELBOWS ever thrown in the history of playoff hockey, ( Domi on Niedermyer was 1st) . Don Cherry called it the mother of all elbows. Churla was blindsided by the elbow, after the game he vowed revenge if it takes me the rest of my career, do not know if payback was ever delivered?

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