Rangers sign NCAA free agent John Gilmour

Gilmour (Photo: Fred Kfoury III/Icon Sportswire)
Gilmour (Photo: Fred Kfoury III/Icon Sportswire)

Per Mark Divver, the Rangers have agreed to terms with NCAA free agent defenseman John Gilmour. Josh wrote about Gilmour, who is a left-handed defenseman our of Providence College. The former 7th round pick for Calgary is a strong skater who makes good decisions with the puck. He’s the type of “new-age” defenseman teams want, in that he can quickly transition to offense with a strong first pass out of the zone.

Gilmour put up career highs in his senior season, with a line of 9-14-23. The 5’11, 185 lb defenseman signed a two-year ELC, and will likely spend the first year at Hartford, where he will complement Ryan Graves on the left side.

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    • John Gilmour, D (23) – The left handed Providence College defenseman and former 7th round pick by the Calgary Flames has slowly but surely improved his all around game to become a decent target out of the NCAA. Gilmour is a very poised defenseman who is also very strong on the puck. He uses his skating to help settle plays down and is a nice passer. He can help with the breakout from the defensive zone, something the Rangers sorely need. Another feature of Gilmour that may be of interest is his hard but very accurate shot from the point.

    • Coach Walt, not as though Donny Maloney’s offered me a post on his scouting staff, but I believe the young D-man Jeff Gorton and co. spirited away from CBJ, Michael Paliotta’s got real potential.

      Paliotta’s significantly bigger than Gilmour, and rang up impressive numbers at University of Vermont.

      I believe Chicago originally drafted Paliotta in the second round/2K14. Or ’15.

    • +Notes from my sit-down with The Original Rob

      +Met at the Bootlegger Tiki bar, shortly after 9:00 p.m., PST

      +The mission: to deconstruct Gilmour, delve deep, if not fully gonzo into this question

      I led off with a preference for Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd. Though I had also seen “The Wall”, albeit under heavy and manifold influences, at Royal Albert Hall/London, as a 22-year old. Believe it was 1982-83…

      Having devoured his firth or sixth “Bay of Pigs” (Old Bardstown bourbon, Appleton rum, cognac, All Spice Dram, Xocolatl Mole bitters, Cinnamon Smoke, Angostura) in very short order The Original leaned in.

      Visibly agitated. He seemed on the precipice of doing violent harm, a la Tie Domi, or Rudy Poeschek on a search ‘n destroy mission. The puck nowhere near him.

      “Fotiu,” he snorted, “Let me tell you something about Gilmour! The man was a guitar demigod. The stuff of Genius. Man, you just ‘gotta listen to Dark Side…” Then, boom! Original goes lights out. Face-plants.

      Immediately the Tiki bar went silent for the impromptu drama. The terrible, jarring audio of Original’s head smacking the bamboo table between us, with Don Ho’s smiling image at the center.

      Never did get the full brief.

    • Spot on, Dr. Paul.

      My counter narrative: this kid is to Calgary as Keegan Iverson, Ryan Mantha and Michael St. Croix were to our farm system: washouts.

      Good depth signing, as Webmaster Dave is wont to say.

      • That’s not fair. Is it not possible that Gilmour did the same thing Vesey did? He exercised his right to not sign an ELC with Calgary and become a FA. Do we know for a fact that Calgary refused to sign Gilmour?

        • Grazie mille, David.

          I appreciate you constantly circling back, like a Jan Erixon of Facts, weighing in with clarifications, additional insights.

          Stick-tap to you.

          That’s why I qualified a subsequent post with “maybe I misread.” As such, it was unclear to me that Gilmour had chose not to sign with Calgary.

      • Someone get my man Richter a Mountain Dew and a couple Ritalin.

        Perhaps my read on this post, the fact Calgary failed to pursue this young D-man/their draftee is way off.

        But c’mon, Richter: foisting a Henrik Lunqvist comparison on another organization’s 7th round washout?…

        And Sal’s in line to be drug czar in the Johnson/Weld Administration.

        • I was kidding bro. 🙂

          On Blueshirt Banter there is a sarcasm font that you can use. We need one here as well, lol.

          • A little sarcasm goes a looooooong way. We just keep grabbing kids and hoping they come through. I still feel that IF (big if) Vesey comes our way, Nash goes, Klein goes, and a better defenseman comes back and some openings for these kids crack open in the next year or so.

          • I agree 100% on Nash, but I think that Staal is the one being shopped because of his contract and the fact that KK is a better D and just as important, a righty.

            BTW, Nash was all but traded on draft day to the Ducks but the Ducks pulled the plug at the last minute.

      • So you ask yourself, how did a guy who scored 39 goals & 96 points last until the 7th round. This is very, very unusual and a stinging indictment of scouting expertise.

        • If I had to guess why Palat slipped the way he did there are two big asterisks attached to that 96 point season.

          One, Palat did all his scoring as a 19 year old. That’s usually not a strong indicator for professional success. Look at Palat’s center that year. Sean Couturier posted the same 96 points as Palat but was in his age 17 season. He was drafted #8 overall that year.

          Two, the Q has a reputation of a very offensive league so 96 points in 61 games isn’t nearly as impressive as it sounds.

          Palat was clearly a late bloomer and one that panned out despite the red flags. Maybe someone could have taken a flier on him with a fifth or sixth round pick, but that someone would really be sticking their neck out.

    • Not that I’ve seen (other than rumors and conjecture), but wish he would make up his damn mind already. One rumor out there is that his final meetings were today, so maybe we will find out tomorrow or even tonight. I think LeBron James made The Decision quicker than this kid can make up his mind about where he wants to spend his ELC.

    • Smart money’s on the California Golden Seals getting Vesey.

      Charlie O. Finley’s gonna break the bank, Bobby B.

      Plus there’s the caveat of wearing those fashion forward white skates, playing alongside The Other Walt, McKechnie, that is; Denis Maruk, Meloche.

  • Sometimes seventh round draft picks turn out okay. See: Lundqvist, Henrik.

    Jokes aside, Gilmore probably will not end up a generational defenseman, to be fair. Nothing to lose here except money, though, and I don’t get the impression that the Rangers organization is hurting on the balance sheet. Hartford needs bodies, and this kid has some upside to his game. Wish he was a righty, but other than that, I see no issues with this signing.

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