Rangers and Chris Kreider agree on multi-year contract


Per Aaron Ward, the Rangers and Chris Kreider have agreed on a multi-year contract, avoiding today’s arbitration hearing. The deal is for four years at a $4.625 million cap hit. The deal keeps Kreider signed through his age-28 season, and buys two years of unrestricted free agency.

This is a solid deal for the Rangers, as Kreider could have received more money based on the Kyle Palmieri deal. The numbers are actually lower than initially reported, which is also great news. Kreider’s skill set is very difficult for opponents to match up against, as his size and speed are a rare combination in today’s NHL.

Kreider will be a lock for a top-six spot, and look to improve on his past two seasons, where he put up 21 goals and 20+ assists in each season.

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  • I’m glad it’s done. I always felt that if he left he would finally become the player we all thought he would be. So now let’s hope he does become that player. That seems like a good deal for both. I think Gorton did a good job of on this

  • This is a very unSather contract. Good work Gorton. Although unable to move Girardi and Staal (what GM could?), Gorton’s recent moves have been impressive.

    • Yup – as soon as I saw the money, I thought to myself “Okay, this is proof that Gorton really is in the driver’s seat now.”. Great deal.

    • How so? In that it isn’t a bridge deal aka more than 2 years?

      I very much disagree. This is Kreider’s 3rd contract, he already got his 2 yr bridge deal (like Miller just signed).

      Sather or no Sather, this doesn’t show a change in culture to me at all.

      Similiar to politics, change the regime don’t really change the machine….

      • In politics regime change often means preserving the status quo, changing the machine is what leads to progress & innovation.

        • 100% agree with your assessment Paul, which is why I agree with Hatrick.

          I’m sure that Sather recognizes the need to let Gorton have the freedom to make the moves he needs to make. But I also don’t believe for a second that Sather is somehow pushed to the side and is not involved. I’m sure he’s being consulted on every major move. He is the team President. Exactly the same as Linden in Vancouver and Shanahan in Toronto. They are ALL involved.

          This is simply the time in the cycle for the Rangers to take a different approach. And while the moves might not be exactly the same, I suspect Sather would have done what Gorton is doing now, just like there’s little doubt Gorton was involved in every move Sather made in recent years. And let’s not forget, it was Gorton who did the Staal trade, a “Sather-esque” move, correct?

        • Paul, you misunderstood.

          Gorton was part of the brass when Sather was GM. Sather is still part of the brass now that Gorton is still GM. The guy with the title is still only one part of the brain trust. Everyone lauding Gorton and cursing Sather at the same time is just misinformed of how things work in professional sports mgmt. Both parties are on the same page with all this summer’s trades and signings.

          Thank you Eddie for elaborating on what I’m trying to say. Why people choose to dislike that narrative, is beyond me…

  • Good deal … If he turns into the 50, possibly 60 point player we think he can be, we’re definitely getting a lot of bang for our buck. I like it – keep it up Gorton.

  • Love the contract…like the terms…not seeing anything about a no move clause which I love…fair deal for both sides…and leaves us a decent cap space cushion

  • Very good deal. Gorton is doing the job! If he did $5M, it would have been too much. He now gives us wiggle room to improve the team elsewhere.

    For having his hands tied, I applaud you Gorton!

    Now let’s see if this effects the Hayes contract.

  • I am happy. The Beast is in the fold and the Moon is in the 7th house. Good contract, good term, Kreids is going to have a big year, keep him with JT all year, Coach Leopold 🙂

      • Bugs Bunny had a conductor names Leopold. People would whisper Leopold indicating he was the greatest conductor alive.
        Yet an uneducated rabbit out preformed him and brought down the house.
        It was either Leopold or Fred Flintstone which I think AV looks just like.

        • We are watching a cartoon where the cat can never catch the mouse. And the coach can never win the cup because he keeps shooting himself in the foot. And get away with it with no repercussion.

        • Wow, that’s actually a great reference!

          I don’t agree with it, but I love that you brought that memory back.

        • Bugs Bunny was a conductor Leopold who took a talented singer talent and brought down the house by mismanagement. I had to re-watch the cartoon because I haven’t seen it in 30 plus years.

          • Yes, leave it to you to reference a cartoon. 🙂

            The problem of course with your bogus analysis is that in this case, the conductor (AV) took essentially the same orchestra that had fallen far short of expectations under the prior conductor in virtually every season except one, and created sustained symphonic success the likes of which we haven’t seen on Broadway in 40 years….more points, more playoff success and doing it with very few A-list musicians compared to the other symphonies out there.

            So how has the “house been brought down”? Indeed, overall, taking the three seasons together, it’s the best it’s looked in years!

          • Lol. Few a-listers, except for the top goalie of the past decade. AV is a good coach, but his time in NYC is done if he doesn’t adapt this year. He was terrible last year by all accounts.

      • Haha, to tell you the truth I don’t know but I’m gonna take a wild guess that he’s talking about King Leopold of Belgium, better known as the Butcher of the Congo. It’s a reach to be sure, but hell this is a blog, so who knows. I still prefer coach Perry Como.

        • It’s all too ‘fricking obtuse, Doc Paul.

          Attach whatever absurd appellative or cartoon nickname you want on AV: George of The Jungle. Super-chicken. Dudley Doo-right. Mr Peabody-Sherman.

          But if he continues to marginalize and look beyond our young-guns I simply want to see this precede his name: ex coach.

  • What I like about this the most is the term – only four years makes sense as we don’t know if he will become that 25-30 goal guy we all hope he can be. Locking him up for longer at a higher cap hit (buying more FA years) would have been more risky.

  • Gotta like this one – Giving Kreids the term he has earned. He has a scary skillset that few can match. But yet we all still talk about his potential.

    I would be good with a one year deal but maybe in Kredier’s case the security of a long term deal gives him that confidence to break out.

    If Not – Well he does speak Russian….

    Gorts continues his methodical work. As my mate Fotiu would say – Stick Tap Jeff…

  • Great move Gorton, We lock up a potential all-star ( if he ever really puts it all together??) for 4 years at a very good price. Kreider can be a BEAST!.Their is still much work to be done, with the teams overall SOFTNESS, but Gorton is trying. UNLEASH THE BEST, UNLEASH THE UNDERTAKER, lets make the rest of the NHL know that it will be very uncomfortable to play against the NY Rangers!

      • Dave, I will bend and agree, SOFTNESS may not be the right word?, Yes, the team was terrible defensively, lets hope Beukaboom corrects that, but when describing the Defense of last year ( save for Mcllrath ) lets use the term they were far too POLITE. ( THAT MUST CHANGE!)

          • Do you really think the rules are enforced consistently? They vary from ref to ref. Bodychecking is never illegal, if done within the rules. DMAC flattened Kuhnhackl twice last year with unpenalized hits that really slowed K down. He’s talking about our team being beat like a rented mule, needing to get the opposition to keep their head up. By the way, interference is not new, it’s been around forever, there was a period where obstruction got out of hand. They cracked down on holding the stick one year for a couple of months. It was called multiple times for a season because it was going on all the time.

  • I love this deal, from the Rangers point. Gets a solid top-6 player in for 4 years, at a cost that is below what I would have expected. I was hoping they would agree for 4 years at about 4.75 or so, or 5 years at 5 per (similar to Brassard’s deal). This is better than either one of those.

    Just don’t give him a 6 year, $7 million per deal when this expires.

    Good job Mr. Gorton.

    • The deal expires when he’s 29, so he will probably get a long term deal from someone. I’m hoping that someone isn’t the Rangers though. The league is getting younger by the day. Very few 35+ players nowadays.

      • Dave;

        I agree. If he gets an offer for a 6 year deal, I hope that offer is not from the NY Rangers. Let someone else pay for his decline years. A shorter term (3-4 years) would be OK, if Chris is still a “force” at that time.

  • As I have been saying, let’s not get too impulsive and give Gorton a fair chance. The team last year tanked and Bettman’s cap world places to much emphasis on accounting, less on talent judgment. This makes for a tough course.

  • Good deal for the team and for the kid. I hope it unleashes him and he gets his mojo working. He has a lot of talent to work with.

  • I don’t like this long term deal with KREIDER, he took games off routinely during regular season and playoffs,same with his checking game. “Disappearing” too many nights. But maybe he is a good trade chip with this not so expensive contract in a year or two? maybe.

  • With the talent KREIDER has, he should be a 60 points not a 40 points guy if he does not take games off routinely. He would play hard and score a couple of goals if his top 6 spot was threatened, do why didn’t he play hard all the times? ……and he doesn’t have a good shot.

    • My thoughts are this is a fair deal for a guy with high potential. If he has another so-so year, we can still move him, he is still young and he is cost-controlled at a fair price, making him a good commodity.

      If he shines and decides to play hard and puts up 60 points, we look (and Gorton especially) looks smart.

      • I agree with you…sometimes it’s frustrating to see a talented guy like him wondering on the ice doing nothing shift after shift…and now I seriously doubt his desire to win, especially the last 2 years.

          • there’s no “right” or “wrong” here, we are fans here to express our own opinion. So why don’t you tell me why I am “wrong”? I am listening.

          • May I suggest an eye exam because your eye test with Kreider doesn’t do well.

            He had 15 goals in the 2nd half of the season last year. So, he must not have taken as many games off as you suggest.

        • Larry, I’ve been tough on Kreider and agree he’s been a disappointment relative to his high ceiling. But I don’t at all believe work ethic is in question at all. Sometimes guys develop slowly. Some scouts who saw him prior to the 2009 draft questioned whether his game would translate well in the NHL. That’s why many teams passed on him and he went late in the first round.

          So I don’t at all believe his issue is wok ethic related. The question is…is this all he is? And is that enough to justify keeping him? To be determined, but overall I like this deal.

    • Kreider has more value than just his points. I think he is routinely playing hard, just doesn’t always register on the score sheet with the counting stats. His advanced metrics are great. If you compare his HERO chart CorsiFor% to his linemates without him, with him is 52% to 48% without him. If you compare his ExpGoalsFor% to his linemates without him, with him is 51% to 48% without him. To frame that a bit, Crosby – like him or not, he’s elite at improving his line’s play via his own performance – has +5% variances in both categories. Ovechkin, for another big name example, is +3% in both categories. +4% or +3% isn’t too shabby. Obviously those guys score a ton more, but as far as driving positive possession, Kreider is quite good at it and that doesn’t get you points unfortunately. I’m not saying he has reached his full potential yet; I agree that he should have 60 point potential as well – but to say he is taking whole games off probably isn’t quite fair either.

      • Well stated, the idea he takes games off is yet another myth that always gets traction. A Myth was once defined as something that never was true, but always will be.

    • CK needs to finish better. His shot is fine, I believe that he “thinks too much” as opposed to just letting it go. On breakaways he fumbles with the puck too much as opposed to just trying to pick a spot.

      Should be as 25-30 goal scorer annually, based on his scoring opportunities. Miller was in a similar situation but seems to have figured it out. CK needs to do the same.

  • I believe that this contract is fair, and four years is plenty long enough. If Chris doesn’t produce, well we trade him for some decent assets. If he produces, well the price paid will be very good, to great.

    Now, AV, please let this kid play his physical game, with the frame he has, who would want to get hit by him?????? A man of his size, speed, should be handing out depends with every shift, scaring the carp out of the opposing defense !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Yeah, the declining salary structure is a great move. Huge trade flexibility at the end if needed, and it could be needed for various reasons.

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