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More NY Rangers rumors abound: Is Matt Martin a target?

From enemies to frenemies?
From enemies to frenemies?

The Rangers seem to be one of a few teams inquiring about free agent winger Matt Martin, per Arthur Staple. Martin is set to walk away from the Islanders, as they have given way too much money to Casey Cizikas to keep one of their other fourth liners in the fold.

As for Martin, the price tag is uncertain at the moment, but assuming it’s a decent price –under $1.2 million for the cap-strapped Rangers– then he’d be a viable replacement for Tanner Glass.


It isn’t even really close. Martin has surprisingly good shot suppression numbers and adds more offense.

But again, this is contract dependent. The Rangers can’t have themselves locked into Martin at $2 million for the next four years. He’s a fourth line player. As a replacement for Glass on the right deal, then by all means, he’s an upgrade.

That said, there are significantly better options available. Both internally (Marek Hrivik) and externally (Michael Latta, Brandon Pirri). This is a pretty hard pass for me. I’d actually rather have Glass and his one more year than Martin and a long term deal.

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    • But does AV like the muscle and grit stuff… I like Martin cuz he forechecks nice, takes the body with hits… and can.. if need be drop them!

      I would think he wants to play for his girlfriends fathers favorite team too..
      “Boomer” Esiason is his girls daddy…

      Maybe he’ll take a pay cut to do so!!!

      Does anyone remember when Gaborik took a beating right in front of Giradi…

      • Don’t bring up that Gaborik fight.

        That particular game the Rangers had already lost a D to injury (don’t ask me who, my memory isn’t THAT good). If Girardi jumped in to fight he would have been tossed for a 3rd man in and the Rangers would have been left playing with 4 D the rest of the game.

        • You can’t let your sniper get beat up right in front of your D. That message is not good to send.

          Didn’t Joe Thornton call the team PUNKS later that same year?

      • I remember that,Girardi,skated right by with his head down ,never respected or liked him after that,least he should of done was tie the guy up

  • I am all in on Matt Martin. Tanner was a warrior, but his best days are behind him. Martin is very big with Chairities and Humanity causes in the New York area. He wants to stay in the New York area. He deserves to get his $$, he is young, and can skate and grind. Huge body checker, and can fight toe to toe with anyone. He can also put the puck in the net occasionally. I can see it now, Mcllrath and Martin on the prowl, we certainly will never be pushed around. Gorton you need to sign Matt Martin.

    • Agreed, Martin is big and physical AND he can play hockey.

      The Rangers should be able to go close to $2M on Martin without hitting the cap. It would require not signing JT or Hayes long term and signing them to bridge deals.

      I’d be fine with Pirri too. A fourth line of Fogarty centering Martin and Pirri sounds nice to me!

      • Sweet music, Chris A. Pirri’s got some decent hands.

        But, dude, I’m calling you out on that above mentioned Girardi non-intervention.

        Your man’s getting annihilated, rag-the-f**k-dolled like Dale Rolfe, like Tomas Sandstrom… and, what: you freeze, fold, fade because it would leave us… a D-man down?! Io mio!

        Your rationalizing echoes that great scene in “Mean Streets” where the bar-owner pulls the bed sheet out from over the caged tiger he keeps in the basement.

        Upon sight of the huge cat, young DeNiro, Harvey Keitel and their circle of mooks flee like mice, for chairs, any near escape.

        “See, that’s why Italy lost the war…”

        That’s why we’ll never win another Cup. Culture. Bond. Buy-in. Character. Sticking up for teammates. It matters.

        • It would have left the team 2 D down. If it would have left the team with 5, then, yeah, Girardi step in and do your thing. But in that situation, you just have to tell Marian to put on his big boy pants and handle his business.

          Sometimes, you just have to wait until the next meeting to mete out revenge.

          • Respectfully, Chris, I can’t disagree more.

            That over-rationalizing/relativism is why the Blueshirts are, and will forever be tainted by the soft tag.

            Q. I Who went after Potvin after he ended either Anders Hedberg or Ulf Nilsson’s career?

            Q. II. Who went after Dion Phaneuf after he closed out Mike Sauer’s tragically too short stint as a Blueshirt? (Okay, Phanuef’s hit was a good one.)

            I don’t care if trainer Jim Ramsey, tequila-sunrise Swarty, or “Boxcar” Hospodar had to suit up, take Girardi’s shift.

            You’re one the smarter one’s here, Chris.

            Obviously you wield relatively deep flashback abilities.

            Ergo, besides Dubi going after Chris Neil–after the latter destroyed Brian Boyle–a number of years back in the playoffs, how many similar anecdotes can you cite?

          • If I remember correctly, didn’t Staal destroy Glencross with an open ice hit next time they played in Calgary?

            Fotiu, I understand where you are coming from. All I am saying is than in that specific instant, Girardi can’t go looking for revenge and throw the game away. And playing the Kings, or any NHL team, with only 4 D for over half a game = a loss.

            For me, it’s about winning games not settling scores.

          • Fotiu – Que Pasta? Good to see you back

            Just thought I’d throw in the Undertaker’s dance with Simmons for the hit on McD this Spring. It wasn’t spur of the moment like the others but it was well planned. Simmons knew it was coming and knew he had to go. The buildup alone definitely had entertainment value.

            Remarkable how few true paybacks are etched in the NYR lore

          • Pisan, my blood is boiling, the abuse stopped when Nicky arrived, Along the way we had Box Cars Hospadar, George McPhee ( Lord, pound for pound may have been our best fighter ever, he was a 170lb Tie Domi ) Nilan, Domi, Kocur, Langdon always kept the opposition honest. But this current crop under AV save for Glass & Mcllrath, would rather play soft and nice, this has to change, Lets sign Martin..

  • I’m sorry Dave but I thought I read that you would take one more year of Tanner Glass over a long-term deal with Martin.

    Does that year come bash-free?

  • While I would like him over Glass I’m not sure I want him for 4 years. The game is changing more each year n the fighting days are nothing like they once were. I would still rather see us get a faster 4th line with guys that can still check. You don’t have to be a fighter to take the body n grind. I won’t be crying if they sign him either. I thought Hrivik looked pretty good in the 2 minutes we seen him play n was hoping he was gonna get his chance. However I guess if it’s a price tag in the area of what were giving Glass now it’s not a bad move. I don’t think he’s gonna hurt us n will only help but with every penny having to be saved these days I just don’t know if it’s not better to let Hrivik have a shot.Boy every time I see another guy were talking about getting I keep finding myself saying “if we weren’t stuck paying Girardi n Staal so much”. Then on top of that I’m still wondering what were gonna do about the D. I will say Martin will help out with his shot blocking unless AV doesn’t let him block so many shots. He’s not like Torts was with blocking shots. But that’s another story for another day.

    • The Rangers have needs on the blue line, but they don’t have the roster spots for more Ds until they remove Girardi and/or Staal from the roster. They are currently carrying 7 Ds.

      They actually need a 4th line, as of now the Rangers 4th line is Glass and Oscar Lindberg’s two bad hips. So signing Martin isn’t a luxury it’s actually addressing a very real need.

  • I can’t remember where I read it but I thought he was looking for more like 3m+ a year… way more than the Rangers can afford… I’m sure some team will overpay for him though remember Brandon Prust…

    • Martin’s not going to get Clarkson $$$, he’s going to get something north of $2mm.

      With Cziakis(sp?) part of that deal involves him moving up to 2C.

      • Really? That’s great news. If Cizikas is slotted for the second line then the Isles are headed back to the lottery.

  • I personally do like to have a bruiser around even though it is debatable that’s necessary anymore in today’s NHL (14-15 Hawks, 15-16 Pens; lacking that guy didn’t seem to hurt their chances), but Glass is no longer even that good at it. He misses his hits too often, and his fighting is okay, but McIlrath throws bombs and I definitely like McIlrath’s chances in any given fight better. If McIlrath ends up third pair next season, Glass doesn’t need to be on the NHL roster for any purpose, really. End of story.

    Now, as to Martin specifically, I like his game a bit. But again, if McIlrath is here anyways next season and in a regular starting role, we don’t need Martin for his enforcement aspects specifically. So, I say if we want him here (to replace Glass especially) for his non-fighting 4th line merits first and foremost, and the price/term is right (definitely wouldn’t want to go higher than 2 years at $2MM each personally, probably not enough), great. If not, we have a cheap physical guy in Undertaker who is also somewhat decent at other hockey things, and there will be other options cheaper than Martin who may be just as effective on the 4th line outside of fighting. I’m not all out against Martin – I just do not want to see any manner of overpay for his services. And if McIlrath is going to be here anyways, that lowers Martin’s value to us if being a bruiser is part of that valuation.

    • If he signs for 2 years at 2 mil, I take him right away and send Glass to a low cap team for a 7th rounder. More than 2 mil, see ya!

  • I hope we can find an agreement reasonably with Martin he brings toughness and size to the lineup and I’m one of the guys who also wants mcilrath to stay because of toughness and size and because he has a good hard shot. Rangers need an entirely new 4th line this season one that will give them scoring here and there and not dumb offensive zone penalties like stalberg and Moore did all year. And we need to keep fast great defensively minded forward and Hayes can go we need to keep Jt and kreider over him

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