2016 NHL Draft: Rangers select Ty Ronning in seventh round

Ty Ronning

With their final pick in the 2016 NHL Draft, the Rangers took Ty Ronning, son of Cliff Ronning. Ronning isn’t that big, but he’s tremendously skilled. His size was questioned, but 5’9″ isn’t that small, and kids can put on muscle weight. This late, you pick skill and hope for the best. The Rangers did just that.

Ronning has mid-round skill, but fell all the way to the seventh round due to size and the fact that this was the first year where he “turned it on” and put up big numbers.


I like this pick a lot. The Rangers did well this draft.

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  • 31 goals in the WHL ain’t a lot, especially at his size & getting a huge chunk of Beneon’s ice time.

    Askew’s goals project a whole lot better.

  • Is he supposed to score more because he’s only 5’9. Sometimes you get lucky with late round picks like this. It happens more than you think

    • For his skill level to translate to the next level, yes. He needs to score more. Look at Michael St. Croix; put up a ton more points than Ronning, was bigger in H/W,, yet never made it out of the ECHL.

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