2016 NHL Draft Open Thread – Day Two


Day One of the 2016 NHL Draft has come and gone. The Rangers were silent amid rumors that they were trying to get back into the first round. Those rumored included some big names like Dan Girardi, Marc Staal, Rick Nash, and Derek Stepan. Nothing came to fruition yesterday, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be some action today on the Rangers front.

Around the league, Lars Eller went from Montreal to Washington to make room for Andrew Shaw from Chicago. The price for both players was a pair of second round picks. Brian Elliott went from St. Louis to Calgary for a second round pick as well. But the biggest trade of the night was when Arizona acquired Pavel Datsyuk’s contract to move up in the draft. Arizona now has Datsyuk –whom they will suspend when he does not show up for camp, thus not having to pay his salary– and Chris Pronger on the payroll. That’s a cap hit of over $12 million for just $575,000 in real money.

There’s a lot of movement in Day Two, and NHLN usually does a terrible job of covering who actually gets pick. I will be live blogging again, with Rangers moves in bold. Prediction: Rick Nash and Marc Staal get moved today. As the Rangers pick, I’ll be putting in draft rankings from Platinum Seat Ghosts. He basically consolidated all the rankings provided and came up with one general ranking based on that. Nice way of consolidating all the opinions.

  • Dmitriy Kulikov and the #33 pick heads to Buffalo for Mark Pysyk and picks #38 and #89. Good deal for Florida. They are doing a lot of right things.
  • Arizona acquires Anthony DeAngelo from Tampa Bay for pick #37. DeAngelo was their first rounder in 2014. A bit of a shocker.
  • Question for you all: Do you think the Rangers get into the second round? What about getting more draft picks in the draft?
  • Pittsburgh trades Beau Bennett to New Jersey for pick #77.
  • NHLN is reporting that the Rangers are going to make a big offer to Steven Stamkos. This from Elliotte Friedman and John Shannon.
  • Rangers select defenseman Sean Day with their third round pick (#81). Average ranking og 68, seen as high as 47 and as low as 103. Day is a very high ceiling player, a good risk for the Rangers, who desperately need skilled defensemen.
  • In case you were wondering, NHL Network isn’t really broadcasting who gets picked. Par for the course.
  • The Stars send goalie Jack Campbell to LA for D Nick Ebert. Minor trade.
  • Rangers select Tarmo Reunanen with their fourth rounder (#98). Another skilled defenseman that is a great skater, like Day. Seems like the Rangers are going after great skaters, a good sign. He was a bit off the board though, average ranking of 146.
  • Rangers select Tim Gettinger with their 5th rounder (#141), a big winger from the OHL. His average rank was 62, so he fell. Needs to figure out how to use his size better, but is a great skater. There’s a recurring theme here.
  • Rangers take forward Gabriel Fontaine (#171) and Tyler Wall (#174) with their sixth round picks. The second 6th rounder was acquired in the Keith Yandle trade.
  • With their seventh rounder the Rangers take Ty Ronning.

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  • I hope your right, but I have a nasty feeling that we are going to be disappointed at the end of the day!!!!!!!

    I am about to make a remark that will get me 1000 thumbs down, but here it goes, don’t be too surprised if we are a lottery team at next year’s draft……..Sorry, but I can see that happening folks………We won’t be able to rid ourselves of the two pylons, AV won’t change his approach to the game, and the defense will decline faster than we all anticipated. I sure as heck hope I’m dead wrong, that would make me happy !!!!!!!!!!!

    • We can’t get rid of our pylons, so how do you minimize the damage?

      With Girardi, he’s the 7th D, only playing the 2nd night of a B2B or 3in4 stretch. McD, Skjei and Graves can all play the right side, so you’re rotating them on an ad hoc basis. Even then, you have to shelter G’s minutes and define his role. At the same time, McD and his partner are gonna have to start playing a lot more minutes early in the season.

      Staal will be 3rd pair, popping up to 2nd depending on the opponent.

      You could also change how the D operates, but apparently that’s a bridge too far for AV.

    • Of the last 10 Stanley Cup champions,only Detroit did not have at least one of the top 5 picks in the draft since 2004.
      Penguins: Malkin 2,Crosby 1 and J. Staal 2, and Fleury 1 in 03
      Blackhawks: Toews 3 and Kane 1
      Kings: B. Schenn 5,Doughty 2,and Hickey 4
      Bruins: Kessell 5(add to Pittsburgh if you like) and Seguin 2
      Ducks: Ryan 2
      Knocking at the door is TB with Hedman 2 and Drouin 3
      The closest Rangers got was Al Montoya at 6 so maybe we should be a lottery team. We had a good run since the lockout season but those days are going, going, gone.

  • Second round picks are hard to come by, which is why you dont throw them away on washed up rental players.

    Stamkos great hockey player and he will fetch a kings ransom. Forget about him. The Rangers need a defenceman that can run their PP,that should be their priority.

    • Can we please stop with the “def who can run the PP”… One DEF doesn’t “run” a PP despite the lazy narrative. There’s a reason it’s called a PP UNIT… Every year with this team it’s “find someone to run our PP”… whether it’s Wade Redden (just threw up typing that), putting Brad Richards at the point (which he did pretty damn good everywhere else he played), Dan Boyle, or Yandle… All of these guys had no issues “running” their prior team’s respective PP units. You need to move the puck fast (tape to tape) and keep the whole unit moving to create shooting and passing lanes… simple as that… they don’t do it. Why I don’t know but I can promise you if you go back and watch every PP this team had over the last 3-5 years… when they have movement they score when they are stagnant they don’t… And it has nothing to do with the ONE DEF “running” it.

      • What you didn’t think Brian Leetch ran the PP? How about Zubov or Ron Greschner? These guys made things happen on the power play, not like the current plumbers on the Rangers roster.

        Nothing kills a powerplay more then a dman who can’t handle a pass to the point or turns the puck over in the neutral zone on the rush. A team needs a player to take charge from the back end, they need a quarterback- it’s that simple.

        • You missed the whole point of my comment… I’m not in the mood to argue so if you don’t get my point w/e. But I never said you don’t need someone to QB the PP… I just said over the years we’ve had players… who’ve proven they can run a PP on other teams… and shockingly when there’s no movement on the ice nothing happens.

          So am I to assume you’re under the assumption that RIchards, Boyle, Yandle ect can’t QB the PP?… and you want to try yet another player back there? okay fine… but I believe these players can… and have… QB’d a PP… so if they can do it elsewhere… and we keep having this conversation every year…. then it seems to me that the stopping of the puck movement isn’t necessarily b/c of the person at the point. That was all I was saying in my post. So agree disagree w/e I don’t really care… but I am tired of everyone picking a new scapegoat every year.

  • My boy Gignac goes 80th, Lol!!!!! Sean Day—high risk,high reward guy, needs a psychologist too. I’ll do it for expenses.

  • As a goal scorer, when you look at historical curves isn’t Stamkos already past his sell by date?

    Hopefully Gorton does a Barry Ackerley in his pitch meeting that Slats is oblivious to.

  • With Gettinger, it’s rare that a guy who doesn’t take the body becomes a guy who likes taking the body.

  • Pretty good value now to go for Jesper Bratt. Can skate, takes the body, top level tester at the combine, quick wrists & eyes.

  • And for those who pooh-poohed late round picks, look at the number of players mentioned on this site who can play, yet are still available half way through the 7th.

    Does anybody think that Cam Askew can’t be a bottom 6 forward? That Turner Ottenbreit can’t play in the show? These picks are found money in a world where the depth of the talent pool is better than ever.

  • Dave

    Who did the Rangers get for Staal, and Nash today, did I miss something ????????

    You struck out there, but we’ll give you another at bat !!!!!!!!!!!

    Just had to bust on you there, just for fun mind you ………….

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