Ulf Samuelsson hired as Carolina Hurricanes’ AHL head coach

Ulf Samuelsson will not be back with the Rangers next season. The Charlotte Checkers of the AHL, the Carolina Hurricanes’ affiliate, hired him as the head coach of their team. Samuelsson concentrated on the defense and penalty killing for the Ranges.

There is no word on his replacement yet. It is assumed that Jeff Beukeboom has the inside track, but anything can happen with coaches.

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  • Not sure if I am concerned or not. I guess he was doing ok considering the defense he had to work with. Would be nice to see Beuk up with the big club. What confounds me is that Scott Arneil is still around after 3 years of horrible power plays!

  • what they need on this team is a stronger penaltykill that was missing when hags left and we need a coach to get this power play better maybe beuk have a great day

  • As much as I like Ulf Samualson, I sometimes wonder if it’s him that’s a big part of the problem with the way we look on defense. Does anyone out there know who puts in the defensive system/scheme? I remember when AV first got here and the announcers were talking about the system the Rangers play on defense now that AV is here. They were saying how nobody else really plays that way anymore and if someone makes a mistake it can look really bad and so on. It’s basically a man to man defense but what I’m wondering is now that Ulf is gone will they continue the style they play or go to what they used to do. I know one thing. They need to play better defense then what we’ve been seeing lately or it won’t matter if Hank is getting old or if we got Stamkos (which I highly doubt).

      • I think that doesn’t mean anything. The Pack simply conform to the Rangers to prepare the players who get called up. It doesn’t really tell you anything about Beuk’s preferences.

        • True that, Ray.

          But the subtext here is intriguing to mildly hopeful. Especially with regards to our next wave of rearguards, The Undertaker, Brady Skjei and, eventually The Ryans: Graves and Mantha.

          Given that Beuk was front and center to McIlrath’s development I, along with Bobby B., Canadian Pope Paul, GM-in-waiting Hatrick, el duce Swarty–basically anyone not named EddieX3–can only anticipate our best-biggest bad-a** will be given the shot the kid so deserves.

          • According to high level BSB source, Josh, who is the man to see about these things, the A-Team has one day to sign Mantha (and Iverson) or they lose them both tomorrow?

            Practice??? We talkin bout practice???

          • It’s ‘Take it back, Tuesday’, Swarty.

            Eddie’s rigged for silent running. So I, for one, can’t bag on The Unabomber.

            Sal’s down to nothing but swag.

            And one of our recent drafts has shown as much genius as Vanilla Ice’s new TV series.

    • A successful coach makes the players he has look good and an unsuccessful coach makes you think he would do much better if only the players were better. [I refrained from good and bad coaches since the same individual can succeed at one place and time and fail at another.]

      • There are really only two ways to defend. Pressure or sit back and block shots/clog lanes. It’s pretty clear AV believes in forcing the other team into turning the puck over. It seems, since it would suit the current D personnel, you want him to do the opposite and go back to Torts style D which means sitting back and just absorbing shot after shot after shot. I don’t see that happening. That’s a good scheme for a team that has unskilled plowhorses up front. The Rangers are trying to play a quick transition game and means forcing turnovers to start the odd man rush.

        Maybe the Rangers will tweak their pressure scheme, i.e. not using the crease D to pressure the puck down low and asking the C to pressure instead of covering the crease, but there isn’t much that can be changed schematically. Hockey is a pretty basic game, there really are only a handful of ways to do anything.

  • Could be that Ulfie was told he was not coming back. Could be that Scott might not be coming back either, but not making his firing public yet. To me, this is a step down for Ulfie. Good luck to him.

    Beuk behind the bench managing the D isn’t a bad thing. Let’s hire the somebody who has a clue on how to construct a PP now.

    • If they were not coming back no need to ask to speak with them. Do you really think that who the coach is will help the same defensemen we have.??? Skills are the only thing that we have to change, not coaches. I believe the Ranger coaches got the most out of what they had to work with. All 3 coaches are getting interviews, not one or two.

      • It may be a respect thing – respect in the public eye. The NYR are a first class org, and they do not make it look like they kick too many people to the curb.

    • Was thinking the exact same thing Bobby. Beuk would seem to have the inside track but who knows? Even if he gets the job, will AV trust his judgement.

      And as much as I hate to think it, there seems to be something about DMC that AV does not like and with a shakeup likely maybe DMC gets moved. Hope not but it would not surprise me.

      • Holy NSA data mining… how many of you in The Undertaker tent have hacked my 12-year old MacBook?

        Nope, Swarty; don’t even think of lifting that Christy Canyon photo edit.

      • Can’t wait for Mac to get traded for a 3rd or 4th round pick or another Diaz type dman and watch him terrorize the league for the next ten years while AV the douche is coaching the Coyotes with an all finesse no grit team that he yearns for. Hate to see Ulfie go but if Beuke gets the call then it is much easier to swallow.

        • JACK, your post echos my prior post, AV for some insane reason is not on board with Mcllrath. I bet if Diaz does not get injured at the start of the year, he Mcllrath does not even make the team. He LOVES finesse, turn the other cheek guys on the Defense core, the majority of them ( to steal a Larry Brooks line, ARE FAR TOO POLITE!) . I have worst nightmares, he gets cast aside, gets picked up by the Flyers , Caps or Islanders and really haunts us for the next decade, while AV takes his team to watch the ICE CAPADES show.

  • YAHOO!!!! My prayers have been answered so goodbye Ulfie because I wanted you gone all year. Beuke should be the man but since I have so little faith in AV it will probably Mike Milbury who replaces Ulf. Too bad AV didn’t go with him, that would have made me even happier.

      • No, it was Donnie The Draft Maven who was cut loose, enabling him to be a loose cannon in someone else’s back yard. He’s going to miss Don Juans little smoke down there in Phoenix.

        • Ouch. Donny did some keen drafting, though Paul: Max Domi for one.

          He ‘fricking rolled us, too. With all the acuity, daresay élan of one of those glue-huffing, 11-year old street hoods in Quito, Ecuador.

          Snatching The Duke from us as though we were the gringo Griswalds on holiday. With a fat billfold blithely-mindlessly tucked halfway in our back pocket.

      • Fotiu , one of the worst trades in Ranger history, Mark Tinordi to North Stars for Brian Lawton. I see history repeating itself if Mcllrath is cast aside.. Lord help us..

        • I’m going over to Satan’s Side, Bobby.

          With respect, Father Bobby–and I know Sister Mary Editha’s gonna wallop me for saying so–but Our Lord’s done scant little for us Ranger flagellates.

          I mean, where was he when Dale Rolfe got obliterated by Schultz?

          Where was he when Richter got beat by Ronnie Francis from center ice in ’96? (Daresay a better club than our Cup winner.)

          Where was he when wife-beating Denis Potvin destroyed Ulf Nilsson?

          “Who’s on the phone, Swarty?.. Anton LeVay? Okay, I’ll take the call.”

  • Slow news day, huh? In the big scheme of things, this news is irrelevant. AV is the coach; until he is told he isn’t. Assistants are just that —assistants. Now, all the minions on this site can start praising Beuk—-just because he tutored their boy Dylan. A shame there’s no Brian Leetch for him to partner up with on this squad.

    • Ya, assistants are irrelevant so why even have them. AV should be the only coach in a new system that concentrates all the power in one guy’s mitt—call it a new sports totalitarianism. No Fotiu, I am not on cannabinoid cookies!

      • … But, il Duce-Ronty, will you make the trains run on time?

        Speaking of stony edibles, did Eddie take a vow of silence? Maybe he can’t poach a WiFi signal in that hilltop Buddhist monastery outside Lhasa…

      • They’re only relative if they tutor your latest “saviour,” right? If Beuke gets the job, and McIrath fails to develop into nothing more than a 7th defenseman who can fight, lets see if you’ll be singing the praises of the asst. coach who tutored him It’ll probably be bad coaching that held him back, right? I’ll give you this much, you stick by your boy!

        • joe719, not a savior, just an old school, hard hitting defenseman with BAL** of steel. They rest of the D-Corp ( save for Klein) strive to win the lady bing trophy. AV must have been totally abused by a hard hitting defenseman in his playing days, so any sand paper type player like Dylan is not his type. Give him the Raphie Diaz’s of the world.

  • Its funny that Ulf would take a demotion to get away from Leopold! The ship is sinking. Time to jump overboard.

      • Do you think a minor league coach is a step up? Do you think Beukaboom wants to be a minor league coach? He (Ulf) is now with an other team. He could have been a street sweeper and have more responsibilities. Sometimes more responsibilities is not a step up.

        • Yes, being the head coach of a team that plays in the level directly below the NHL is a step up from assistant coach in the NHL.

          But hey! At least you got to make a not very clever joke about AV.

  • What about Segei Zubov?

    He was Buchnevich’s coach in the KHL, and he just got fired. Would help with Buchnevich’s transition, and theoritically with the PP. May also be insentive for Shipachyov to sign here

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