Rangers to let Ryan Mantha, Keegan Iverson re-enter draft?


The deadline to sign draftees is June 1 two years following their draft year (for the most part, there are exceptions for NCAA/Euros). For the Rangers, this means that 2014 draftees must be signed by midnight tonight. Keegan Iverson (3rd) and Ryan Mantha (4th) remain unsigned, and appear to be on the verge of being let go by the Rangers.

Iverson, who was drafted with the pick acquired from Vancouver for Derek Dorsett, was a questionable pick when made. The 6’1, 218 lb forward scored 22 goals in his draft year, but has seen his goal and point totals slip in subsequent years. Junior hockey players are supposed to see improvements in scoring as they get older and more mature than their teenage counterparts. Iverson did not.

Mantha also regressed, just not as sharply as Iverson. He did not improve in a manner that warrants a three-year entry level deal. So he will re-enter the draft as well.

The hopes of the 2014 draft class lie with Brandon Halverson and Igor Shesterkin. If neither pans out, then the 2014 draft goes down as a total bust for the Rangers.

The last Ranger draft pick to re-enter the draft was Shane McColgan (2011-5th). He was not re-selected in the draft.

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  • This is a year we start fresh from top to bottom. If you are not showing promise, there is the door, don’t let it hit you in the arse. We treat you first class and if you don’t produce, syonara baby.

    No need to keep on making mistakes worse by keeping these mistakes around longer. Let’s restock and put some new life on the farm. We may have a crappy year, but we may build a club that is awesome in 2019, who knows.

  • Taking into consideration that the Rangers will have room to add about 10 -15 contracts this summer and are allowing these two to re-enter the draft, tells me they must have looked terrible in Juniors this year. Basically, the Rangers are saying these two would likely struggle in the ECHL next year.

    • Ugh. What a statement, Chris.

      Now did D-man Robbie Russo, Fogarty’s teammate at Notre Dame and Isles’ draftee walk away from Garth Snow?

      I seem to recall his doing a Jimmy Vesey last year.

  • Rangers are at 40 contracts.

    For neither guy to be offered with the resources the Rangers have is crazy, especially Mantha and the progression curves for Dmen.

    The biggest problem for Iverson is that Portland wasn’t a very good team this year and a lot of that was coaching.

    • Looking at guys like Samuel Noreau, Troy Donnay, Michael St. Croix, it seems clear that when it comes to whether or not to sign their draft choices, the Rangers choose to err on the side of inking them up. So when they pass, it means something.

      Yes, the Rangers have lots of contracts to offer. But a number are always wasted on regrettable choices. No sense giving out ones you expect to regret in advance.

      • I wonder if this is a contrast in style between Slats and Gorton. Slats was always willing to give anyone a chance, which usually meant a lot of guys just hanging around in the minors burning off their 3 year ELCs.

    • If the Rangers really do plan on doing a large overhaul and trading a bunch of guys for multiple pieces each then they wouldn’t want to waste some of those 10 contracts on guys they don’t think will succeed.

      Who knows what the plan is, but if they think these 2 guys top out at mid end ECHLers or low end AHLers might as well just find vets to play those spots. Especially if they have inklings of what teams may pay at the draft for certain players.

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