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Memorial Day Weekend open thread

The official start of summer is here, and it is historically a slow weekend for hockey teams not still playing. There is no hockey tonight, but there will be hockey on Monday.

However May 29 has some interesting history recently for the Rangers. In 2013, they fired John Tortorella. In 2014, they eliminated the Montreal Canadiens to advance to the Stanley Cup Final. In 2015, they were eliminated in the Eastern Conference Final by the Tampa Bay Lightning. Interesting how that works out.

Use this thread for your discussions this weekend. I’m thinking Pens in 6, but I’d love to see Joe Thornton and Patrick Marleau finally get Stanley Cups. If the Pens win, at least Carl Hagelin will get his hands on a Cup.

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  • Anyone else surprised at team USA? It seem like Tortorella is rebuilding the black and blueshirts by skipping skill for grit. I don’t have a good feeling about this team.

  • Since it is a new thread I thought I would re post the thought about the Russian/Europen Free Agent activity that is going on.

    The Blackhawks, as usual, have already signed at least one and even the Devils have signed a French D-man.

    I am not suggesting we chase Shipachoyov or Radulov but there does seem to be some decent Low Risk/High Reward opportunities.

    In the NYR situation we should be exploring all options. Perhaps they already are and it is happening kind of stealthy???

    • Everything the Rangers do is stealthy. They would be smart to find an undrafted free agent to plug into the lineup. The Rangers need a Hail Mary so a few risks won’t hurt. I would steer clear of Radulov after his history but the other Russian may be worth a contract. As noted it wouldn’t hurt having a veteran around to help ease the transition for Buchnevich. Shipachyov is 29 years old and played pro for a while.

  • I like what Sharks GM Doug Wilson did with his team the last year. He didn’t panic after missing the playoffs in 14/15. He had confidence in his core group. He signed a few under the radar free agents and got a little lucky with young goalie Martin Jones.
    I think this is a rout the Rangers could go. Don’t need any big (long term) contracts. Just some depth guys. Stay the course with your proven core guys. Tinker but don’t blow it up.

    • As a NYR fan i can only hope he is given more than enough rope to succeed. If he doesnt, he doesn’t. My fear is that with AV at the helm he will not get the opportunity and he becomes a 3/4 with another team. If this happens he will join the long list of ex-NYR playing in the Worlds.

  • Huzzahs to the idea of Marleau and Thornton clutching the Cup, but I’d also like to see an Eastern Conference team win it all, too. Decisions!

  • Happy & Safe Memorial Day to all. We all should take a moment to remember what this Day is all about and just who it celebrates.
    There’s two quality ex-Rangers on the Pens. Hags and Cullen. Both have contributed to their team in this years playoff run.
    However, my extreme dislike for that team dictates I’ll be all in for the Sharks.

  • Shipachev would be ideal, he’d be expensive but not in the 4m range. Maybe can sign him 2-3 years for 2.5-3m? 60 pts in KHL and he’s played with Buchnevic. We need someone to help him acclimate to the US, nobody better than someone who he’s played with.

  • A grateful Thanks to those who gave the biggest gift of all, those Warriors that I appreciate and honor on this day. Semper Fi

  • We are grateful for the sacrifices made and bravery shown by all of our vets like Leather and Walt. Because of brave warriors like you, we are able to enjoy the fruits of Liberty. Thank you!

    I noticed that Hockey’s Future put out its rankings of the top prospects in each organization. The Rangers top 20, in reverse order, is as follows–

    20. D Tyler Nanne
    19. C Steven Fogarty
    18. LW/RW Daniel Bernhardt
    17. D Calle Andersson
    16. G Brandon Halverson (huge decline from his #4 ranking from a year ago)
    15. G Mackenzie Skapski
    14. G Adam Huska
    13 C/LW Boo Nieves
    12 RW Nicklas Jensen (they believe he is too inconsistent to be an NHL player)
    11. D Sergei Zborovskiy
    10. D Dylan McIlrath (surprised he is so low…will come back to DMC in a moment)
    9. RW Malte Stromwall
    8. LW Robin Kovacs
    7. C/LW Adam Tambellini (moved up from 11)
    6. C Brad Morrison (nice upward move from 15)
    5. LW Ryan Gropp
    4. D Ryan Graves (they love his shot….not quite ready defensively. Could be a Jason Garrison type)
    3. D Brady Skjei (love his skating ability..think his technical skills need work. Slow to process things on the ice. Sometimes loses track of players and drifts into dead space. Needs more experience.)
    2. G Igor Shestyorkin (.954 Sv pct in the VHL. 1.19 GAA. Both league records. Played well as a backup in the KHL too. Very athletic, excellent movements. They rate him very highly.)
    1. LW Pavel Buchnevich (his star on HF is on the rise. They say he has lightning quick hands and subtle puck protection ability, remiscent of a young Malkin (the are not saying he will be that good, but there are similarities. Good skater, real good playmaker. Has to be paired with the right linemates who “get him”, otherwise will be prone to turnovers.”

    They see Igor and Pavel as players with pretty nice upside. They are somewhat more reserved with Skjei and Graves.

    As for DMC, I’m surprised they still consider him a prospect since he played 30+ NHL games. Their evaluation of him–

    “Never been much for puck skills….take away the draft pick position, the controversy surrounding the pick and the hoopla, McIlrath did just fine for a NHL rookie with limited time.”

    “McIlrath is like Satan on skates for opposing forwards going to the net (Bobby and others will like that!), his skating has improved, the stride still looks a bit goofy and loose, plus the lateral mobility is not as keen as coaches would like to see in the hyper-speed game we have today, but he can survive if he reads the play well enough. If he can get down the positioning, he could end up being a Hal Gill type. Like Gill, McIlrath never passes up an opportunity to spank the puck on net from a distance, as he is not a gifted passer or handler, but can crank it. He is still a work in progress, but if he can avoid chasing after hits on the rush, he has a future as a bottom pairing, physical defenseman.”

    Take it for what it’s worth.

    Elsewhere, Skjei will be working out all summer with Stepan and McDonagh. And Happy 76th Birthday to former Rangers goalie and harness racing driver Gilles Villemure!

  • I’d be surprised if Morrison is offered an ELC. Can’t put on weight, point production has plateaued and isn’t even at the rate the undersized St. Croix put up in the WHL.

    • I was hoping you would chime in Alex, since you and Josh seem to be the most informed on our prospects. Any other thoughts? Any thing else that surprises you? Is it a reasonably accurate assessment (to the extent anyone can truly assess young players)?

      • Surprised on how down they are on Fogarty. He’d likely top out at 4th line center, but the people he’s bunched with have zero shot at making the NHL.

        I think why Nieves was ranked as high as he was because of his short stint in Hartford(which couldv’e been just puck luck in a small sample) rather than his prior body of work.

        Halverson is interesting as the defense in front of him this year wasn’t nearly as talented as last year. The ability to take instruction and process it quickly is important, maybe his inability to fix bad habits is a symptom of this.

        Huska going to UConn is interesting as it will allow him to be seen more often by Benny Allaire. I wonder if that will feel that he could be stepping on toes in Storrs, but I doubt it.

        Analysis on Skjei & Graves is pretty much spot on.

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