Irresponsible Rumormongering

Brooks: Rangers will not move Girardi, listening on Nash, Brassard, Stepan, McDonagh


Twitter broke last night when Larry Brooks published his article with his latest in Rangers rumors. Brooks is the only beat writer with real sources, even if he is about 50/50 on what he breaks. This time around, what he broke was a series of absolute doozies that rocked Rangers Twitter last last night.

Brooks’ first bomb was that the Rangers have no plans to buy out struggling defenseman Dan Girardi. They also have no plans to ask him to waive his no-move clause either. We’ve spoken at length on Girardi, and you know where we stand. But I do want to point out that you can want certain players traded for the benefit of the team and still be a fan of that team.

The second bomb was a little smaller, as Brooks pointed out something that we all fear. The Rangers likely will be forced to let Keith Yandle walk because they will not be able to afford him. This we knew was the route the Rangers would take, despite all the hopes that they would learn from the Anton Stralman debacle. Sigh.

The third bomb was of the nuclear variety. We knew the Rangers would be looking to deal Rick Nash. But Nash threw gas on the fire, throwing in names like Derek Stepan, Derick Brassard, Kevin Hayes, Chris Kreider, and Ryan McDonagh. Actually, Brooks said that anyone not named Henrik Lundqvist, Pavel Buchnevich, and Brady Skjei is open for discussion.

By not dealing Lundqvist, the Rangers can never truly tank. By not dealing Girardi –or Staal, or both– they can never be a true Cup contender. This is more of the same from the team, just with a different angle. They will try to retool, which is what was expected, but this method was not what folks had in mind.

There is likely more to the story than what Brooks reported. Perhaps Jeff Gorton truly does believe that Girardi’s fractured knee cap –which they allowed him to play through despite having Dylan McIlrath on the bench, which was incredibly irresponsible– impaired his play to this extreme level. Perhaps he does actually rebound.

Perhaps this is just smoke. But where there’s smoke, there’s fire. This is going to be an interesting and potentially insane offseason for the Rangers. But it may not be in a manner most were hoping.

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  • Just trade the King now to Dallas so he can win his Cup if this is true.

    G’s issues were related to his injuries. LOL.

  • What exactly is Brooks smoking????????

    Look, everyone should be made available, but your telling me that your best d-man Mac Truck is tradable, while the pile of shit that is Girardi isn’t, I really have to question the source???????????

    Now having said this, this doesn’t look to me like a re-tool, it’s more like a complete re-vamp, and if that is the case, well so be it, but why would anyone ever consider blowing up a team, and keeping their worst d-man for the rebuild??? I had to check the calendar to make certain that today wasn’t April 1st !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Not asking Girardi to waive his NMC likely means that he has 0 value in the league and Gorton just couldn’t find a team to get a deal done. Which means he can’t be traded, which makes asking him to waive pointless. No need to ask if you can’t find a deal in the first place.

    Not buying him out is also understandable. Maybe Rangers just don’t want to deal with the cap hit for 8 years. They likely have other plans, so it’s not exactly unrealistic. For example, if the Rangers have to have a certain % of their cap hit on display for the expansion draft, Girardi would help in that regard, even if he’s not taken. At that point, he could then be traded/bought out/etc when the expansion draft is over.

    The whole Girardi news is a non-issue and being blown up for no reason by people who seriously expected only the best/unrealistic to happen.

    Also, Gorton would be a fool to not listen to offers for anyone (except for Hank/Buch/Skjei) on the team. It’s just normal operating procedure to listen for offers.

    • this makes the most sense to me. until Girardi proves he is not shot, why wast time pursuing trades? And why aggravate the guy by publishing stories to that effect? He probably will not be No. 1 pair next season though. Mac deserves better.

      • Irish and jdon you just don’t get it. You haven’t been around this collection of hockey savants on this blog. The words “understandable”, “unrealistic”, or “makes the most sense” have no place here. You’ll find out.

        The coach is clearly a peckerhead and a fool; he doesn’t know anything about hockey and should have been fired after the team’s first loss in the fall of 2013, because everyone could see he didn’t know what he was doing. I remember that one time in October 2013 when Girardi was holding his stick in his left hand instead of his right hand and the coach didn’t do anything about it.

        Girardi should have been cut immediately, no matter the financial hit, and replaced with a 20-year old defender with no NHL experience. Anyone can see this franchise has had absolutely no success over the last four or five years; the leadership of the club is totally incompetent and a bunch of ________ (insert personal attack epithet here).

        No room for differences of opinion here. You’ll find out. Enjoy

        Regards- orange

        • Please add something constructive. The lengthy patronizing posts add no value and just make me scroll more.

          • Scroll all you like; everyone’s entitled to read whatever they want, and I’ll continue to post whatever I like. It’s my opinion. And, for now, at least until Bernie Sanders is in the White House, to the best of my knowledge, everyone in this country is entitled to their opinions. And my opinion is that the professionals who run sports franchises are, by and large, more knowledgeable about their players, salary caps, trade possibilities, and so on, than your basic blogger and fan. Which is, at the end of the day, what we all are.

            When I disagree with the moves that management makes, I’ll let you know. When I disagree with what you all write, I’ll also let you know. Feel free to read my opinions, or ignore them. Your choice. Just like I ignore most of yours, Hatrick. And just be secure in the understanding that I don’t lose any sleep over any of this, unlike some of the rest of you.

            Enjoy your day. Regards- orange

            Oh and BTW, I already have two “thumbs ups”. Which is two more than I usually get.

          • Lol @ the thumbs up comment.

            But to break down your thoughts…

            “And my opinion is that the professionals who run sports franchises are, by and large, more knowledgeable about their players, salary caps, trade possibilities, and so on, than your basic blogger and fan. ”

            So then….

            “When I disagree with the moves that management makes, I’ll let you know.”

            But if you’re just another basic fan, then how could you take issue with anything done by almighty management? You see the illogical path we’re on here, correct?

          • Why respond to such idiocy, this guy never has anything good to say, and does so in an obnoxious way. Please don’t get into a pissing contest with Clarabelle !!!

          • I guess every coach in sports is always right, they should never be criticized. There has never been a time when new ideas come and some coaches/managers are slow to take it up.

            You’re certainly entitled to disagree with the arguments here and explain why, but because AV is a coach is not a valid reason as to why he can’t be wrong.

          • orange,

            I agree and disagree. Yes, there are a few places here where the mass of bloggers here are unreasonable (incidentally unreasonable does not necessarily mean wrong) and it was sacrilegious of you to not run down Girardi. However, there aren’t many such items (and AV isn’t one of them btw).

            Also, most people here are eminently reasonable and you will find that reading people like Hatrick is often insightful. In my generally iconoclastic vision, I find these people intelligent and interesting when they are not going off the deep end (as sadly you and I do as well).

          • Wait! that is constructive. an opinion but how how feels. clearly a valid response to the Torts group, who never wanted AV

          • Conjecture… that same group allegedly stopped playing for Torts. So which one is it?

        • Agree with Hatrick, your posts add nothing because all you do is crticize all other posters who don’t have your point of view. If you hate all our posts so much, that they render you functionless, maybe you should take a break before your ticker is overtaxed.

          • And we are laughed at for asking why DMC wasn’t playing, while this guy was on a hobbled leg, and Boyle in his wheelchair were !!!!! One question, why didn’t Gorton, or Sather for that matter inquire as to AV’s rational????

  • Was Giradi’s knee cap busted all season?

    Well, I hope these potential trades can bring in a better team.

    Oh Boy….

    I think next year this team will have a harder time making the playoffs… Montreal is gonna rebound, the Flyers picked it up, the Devils will be better.. Toronto, the Sabres… all seem to be getting better… picking up pieces, growing…

    Oh Boy…

  • To the degree this article offers accurate insight into management’s strategy, it gives me great hope that maybe Gorton will undertake a significant restructuring of the roster, rather than opt for a comfortable “re-tooling” that only assures a 10th-14th league ranking each year.

    However, again, if accurate, the one aspect of this article I would then disagree with is Hank being untouchable. If Gorton is going for a major overhaul, then Hank is the centerpiece of that overhaul due to the high return of assets that would come our way (maybe McDonagh is only other player that brings back more due to combination of age, skill and below-market contract). No GM would advertise Hank being available; in fact you go out of your way to imply otherwise and do it very quietly. So I will keep this possibility open.

    • It is next to impossible to trade the face of the franchise. That is Hank. The names of the untouchables is correct – youth and the face of the franchise!
      Should not be a shock. He needs to move the under-achievers and recoup some Cap space. As I mentioned yesterday, forget the names on the back of the sweaters and look for the numbers guys put up and the salaries they make. We can easily put together a playoff team that is under $70M. We just need to put together guys who play together in a system that works and have a few guys who play up to and over their heads – every good team has this. Can Oskar score 20+ next year? Can Buch have 45 points? Can JT have 50 points? Can Kreider be the beast we all think he can be? I don’t think Zucc played to his full potential, neither did Brass, Hayes or Fast or Moore from the offensive side. Add some guys who can reach their potential (dare I say surpass) and you have a playoff team). Play some much improved defense (how, I am not sure) and you have a playoff team.

      Give me a top 5 PP and a top 5 PK and we are a team to be feared.

      • That all makes sense and the decision may very well be that Gorton can implement his plan while still making the playoffs IF Hank stays in net.

        I guess I am indifferent to a couple of seasons in the playoffs if that is the cost of restructuring an organization that can win the Cup. No doubt Hank brings back some big assets from a team close to the Cup but in need of a goalie upgrade.

        We have great depth in goal for the future.

    • Two things. One is that a NTC contract is supposed to mean something. You try to keep those people off the table.

      Second, there is a huge difference between Mac and Hank. Suppose the Rangers offered one of those two players for a second round draft pick with the proviso that you had to keep the player for at least two years. How many teams would want Mac? Easy question, the answer is all 29. OTOH, the Penguins wouldn’t even take Hank if they got the 2nd rounder. I suspect the number of teams that would take Hank would actually be less than ten.

      Bottom line: defensemen are always valuable. Give me Orr, Bourque, Leetch, Lidstrom in their primes and I can still play McDonagh third pair.
      give me Dryden and Hank is just a back-up.

      The market for an old highly paid goaltender is actually quite small. So the return will be as well.

  • after this season the team showed it’s age look at teams that are still there like the bolts pens sharks they are young and fast and strong we didn’t show it but keep brass, zucc, Stephan and McDonough and Miller, Kreids and the rest and get quicker

    • The Sharks young? Joel Ward is 65 at least while Thorton and Marleau are both 70! Last chance for them.

      Anyway, how come none of the basement bloggers can develop a source or two like Mr. Brooks? Yet, Brooks is a hack.

      Does anyone think there is some disinformation in this report with all these RFA’s being threatened with a trade?

      And what idiot would come right out and say, “Yeah, we are going to pay whatever it takes to Keep Yandle.”

      • Roger,

        If Dave and co here are ‘basement bloggers’ considering they don’t have the inside information which ‘Mr. Brooks’ is privy to, then what does that make you- a mere commenter on this ‘basement blogger’ site you frequent?

        Answer me that, then help me understand…. how do you get off defending ‘Mr. Brooks’ and denigrating the BSB staff based on lack of sources and misinformation, and then in the same breath, denounce these guys for merely transparently reporting on a Brooks report which you, yourself, admit is disingenuous and most likely gaming by the org? Isn’t he the bigger offender of the issues which you spoke out of above?

        Double standard much? Are you also bashing Brooks on the Post’s comment section? For the record, absolutely no one likes Brooks, the guy is a complete tool. Why you hold him to such a high standard is beyond me.

        • I like reading Brooks.

          Suspicion: The guy who does something as his job thinks he is better than the amateurs, while the amateurs resent the fact that he gets paid to do what they do for free.

          Bottom line: He does have sources that we lack, as Dave said. OTOH, his opinions are intrinsically neither better nor worse.

          • My gripe is that a very large percent of his writing is irresponsible and driven by a desire for page views. I view his writing as interesting, but not informative. He is a good journalist, but a poor hockey mind. I wish he reported on politics….something I don’t bother to read.

          • Unfortunately, without page views, he loses his job. We write when we have something to say (though often I fear the same thing again in response to someone else’s opposing view). He has to write and so find stuff to say.

            Not sure what a good hockey mind is, actually. Doubt I have one. The important thing to remember is that you can learn from people who are below you.

            One should always remember that this insider stuff does not reveal what the Ranger brass is thinking. It usually tells us what they want the world to believe they are thinking.

          • I think there will be a lot to do right after the Sharks win the SC. All is too too quiet in Ranger Town right now . There could be some things in place with any of the teams left in the POs , things that can,t happen before the POs are over

      • Sources? What sources Roger? You do know that Brooks is never correct when he talks about what the Rangers will do in the future, right?

      • This basement blogger doesn’t have sources because he doesn’t care to have sources. This is a hobby, done in my free time. I have a job, and this isn’t it. I write because I want to, not because I have to.

        I don’t pursue sources because I don’t care to have them. Would it be cool? Sure. But I’d rather analyze and watch the game and team I love than spend time getting sources.

        Plus, I have friends, family, a social life, etc. I know, tough to imagine that a basement blogger can have these things, right?

  • I’d love to see Girardi gone, but if true, this shouldn’t shock anyone. Also, Stepan and McD are going nowhere—-along with Kreider and Zuke. I believe Mgmt looks at them as the essential ‘Ranger Core’. Hayes and Nash, IMO, are definitely on the table. And Brassard—-I believed this all along, will be the guy dealt. He would bring back the most, right now. He even had a good World Championship performance. As long as Hank is there, there will be NO wholesale rebulid, no matter what Brooks wants. As for Yandle, hes too risky to give a long term, big money contract to. Look elsewhere.

  • Watch the Tampa Bay and Pittsburgh series and you see that the reason why Anton was let go…he often gets caught up ice, is brutal one on one and take dumb penalities. So enough about Stralman already please.

    The Ranger squad needs to add scoring depth not subtract it and they will need a point man to run the PP… should Yandle walk. Ryan McMactruck is adequate at best in that role. He would fetch a handsome return (a young scoring forward) and moving him would free up valuable cap space to sign Keith Yandle. Yandles’ strength is on the PP. I understand the popularity of McDonough but he is replaceable and you got to give to get.

    • Objectively, Stralman should have been resigned to fit into our right side schematic. He would be the #1 RD on the Rangers last year, this year and next year. And he costs less than our current #1 RD. So Stralman is smart money. There’s really no knock on him. I disagree with your scouting report which indicates- “he often gets caught up ice, is brutal one on one and take dumb penalities.”

  • If I was GM of the Rangers I would be saying the same thing. Hopefully it is true and we are in for a much-needed shake-up.

  • I know nothing about what the cap hit becomes with a buyout but what would it look like if they waited a season? From what I’ve read, buying out Girardi causes an 8 year cap hit that rises as high as 3.75. Does this become more manageable if they wait a year? Maybe they are hoping that the above mentioned injuries were part of his decline but they have in the back of their heads that the buyout is more cap friendly if they wait a year?

  • if we cant get a sucker to take him can we send girardi down to the minors???

    don’t believe a word that article/brooks says……

    if I am trading McDonaugh I am packaging him with stepan, fast , klein and getting PK Subban back!

    Fair Trade????

    • Sadly no, G can’t go to the minors without his permission, also, the Rangers would still have to deal with an almost $5M cap hit while G was in the minors.

  • Since Slats came to town, has Brooks been right about any of these rumors?

    My point is, Slats runs one of the tightest ships in pro sports. Brooks is not a favorite within the Rangers organization, there’s no way anyone is ever going to feed him any info. If Slats ever found out someone was feeding Brooksie, that ‘insider’ would find themselves on a permanent scouting trip in the northwest territories.

    I imagine Larry had a slow week and decided he’d try and rile up Rangers fans a bit.

    • Slats is playing 36 holes a day in La Quinta.

      Gorton wouldn’t be doing his due diligence if he didn’t explore any and all options to improve the team while knowing the restrictions that are currently in place. Hence, no movement for those with NMC. No buyouts was a no brainer.

  • I believe what is happening is the Rangers decided to stay with the coach and blow up the team. For the last 3 years we have seen the coach decimate the team that had very good players and get rid of the heart of the team.
    The management will now again try to create a team that Leopold can control. The first step is to get rid of players that quit on Leopold. Yes Leopold the conductor from bugs bunny.
    Next the players that don’t know him well enough will play with heart because they don’t know the politics of Leopold. That may change his fortunes a little. But that will on last a short time.
    You may put unsuspecting players in but the blogs will inform them who they are playing for. A man who has favorites and it doesn’t matter if you are the better player, it only matters if the coach likes you.
    He sabotaged the Ranger the last 2 years and he will do it again because thats his history. Those that don’t remember history are doomed to repeat it. That why management will fail again. They don’t know how to win so they rely on the way they always make mistakes. Here we go again.

    • You realize our best 2 years have been under said coach, who you despise. The height of our window coincided with his arrival.

      I think it’s more of a nod to mgmt than coaching but your hatred for AV is overstated.

      Who the hell is Leopold? And what do you put in your coffee every morning? I want some of it

      • Yes a presidents trophy and nothing to show for it and a first round exit. To me that is not the best 2 years. Yes management tries to satisfy the coaches requests and gets him the players he wants. I would hope by now they could see his players selection sucks to high hell.
        My dislike for AV is really under stated. So far my perspective has not been wrong. We still do not have a cup with this bastard. If you are right we would have one.

        • No the best 2 in history, the best 2 during the recent era (since 2005). And they were 2013/14 and 2014/15. Not this past year. So it got us a trip to the Cup Finals (and 3 wins away from winning the Cup) and a loss in game 7 of the ECF.

          Yes, not winning was disheartening, but losses happen in life. We had a legitimate window to win the cup and it will be interesting to watch where we go from here.

          If TB loses tonight, then they will have repeated our pattern of loss in finals and then loss in game 7 of ECF the following year. So then, does Cooper also deserve label of “Leopold”? Should he get fired? Did TB mgmt pursue the players he wanted? Were they the wrong choice even considering how close they got to getting a trophy?

          How is it that if I’m “right” we would have had a cup by now? All I’m saying is that we came by far the closest to achieving that under the guy who you constantly bash all the time. That’s a fact. So my point is that perhaps your hatred is overstated. I even pointed out that I think mgmt deserves more credit than AV, so don’t misconstrue this as my ringing endorsement for the coach. It is just nice to keep facts in mind every now and then, is all.

          • I was talking about the last 2 years.
            My thesis is that once you know Leopold and how he is not fair, people stop playing for him.
            This team is not Tampa Bay.
            Your defense of AV in this case put you in the endorsement of the coach. Sorry.
            The only fact we need is, we lost. It does not matter how close we got. It did not matter for Tort.

          • “I understand losers. You can make a lot of money off losers.”
            Guess who said that?

          • If you re read my previous responses, you’ll clearly see that not once did I endorse the coach.

    • With what came out, do some of you really think the team will not be blown up? For the Coach. Thumbs down for disagree. Thumbs up for agree.

      • The coach has absolutely zero influence on my preferences for restructuring this roster. Changes need to be made irrespective of AV being fired, extended or neither.

  • I remember Whitey Herzog as general manager of the Cardinals. He began an extensive revamp with the idea that everyone was available — and then he proceeded to trade all of the guys he didn’t want and kept those he did.

    If you want to trade Stepan or Brass for example, players bidding on Brass end up bidding against the Step bidders.

    Of course, you might get an offer an you can’t refuse on a player you expected to keep.

  • Hey guys! Hope all is well. Been wanting to post but just been swamped. Also, hasn’t been all that much to talk about.

    Brooksie’s article is interesting. I’ve said before, he has better Rangers sources than anyone else. I don’t always agree with him (in fact I disagree with his opinions a lot), but his sources are usually pretty reliable.

    However, that being said, there was really nothing earth shattering here. Take a look at each point…

    1) Girardi will not be bought out or dealt. The man has a NMC. He was NEVER going to agree to leave. In addition, right now he has no trade value. Buying him out would hurt the team short term and long term. He was a shell of himself due to injury. It is more than reasonable to see if an off-season free of injury and normal rest allows him to rebound to his old form (or as close to it as possible). He moves from NMC to limited NTC status next summer. If he doesn’t rebound (or even if he does), dealing him next summer makes more sense. Why this should come as shocke to anyone is beyond me.

    2) No Shattenkirk…..that surprised me a bit. Still not convinced that won’t happen though.

    3) Yandle unlikely…,, that’s news? Of course it’s unlikely. Depends on the roster make up and cap space. Right now, it’s close to impossible.

    4) Everyone is on the block except Hank, Skjei and Buchnevich……this is NOT news. Every GM is going to look at every option, especially if you’re the Rangers coming off a disappointing season. Just because the Rangers will explore trading pretty much everyone doesn’t mean they will. Little chance they back up he truck here and start over. They will dangle, see what kind of interest there is, and if someone wants to overwhelm them, then yes, we may see a blockbuster. Who knows?

    This is called….slow news day…..Brooks, make some calls and see what your sources are saying…..then write an article that makes it into a bigger deal than it probably is.

    He’s not likley wrong that they will listen. That’s what GMs do. Standard procedure. Finding the right match is another story.

    What I found interesting is no mention of M. Staal. That might suggest a trade is possible there.

  • They’ll be able to move Girardi after next season to a team that needs to hit the cap floor but doesn’t want to spend money, as his actual salary will drop to $3mm/yr but the cap hit is $5mm.

  • McDonaugh hasn’t been the same dominate force he was two years ago. He also seems to get hurt often and does little on the Power play. Could he maybe be on a slight decline even though he is still relatively young?The Rangers were able to win games while he was hurt. I always was a big fan of his, and he still has great value, so maybe he would bring a very high draft choice in a trade or a couple of good young prospects. Trade not out of the question.

  • Issue is they can’t get rid of G or Staal, fact is it is much too expensive. Handcuffed is what it is. Hopefully they don’t give more contracts like this. Which is why Yandle has to go…to expensive! just facts! Rangers will have a hard time winning it all last year. But, fact is they can, everyone can!

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