New York Rangers offseason predictions on a rainy Sunday

Pavel Buchnevich
Buch Watch, 2016 (Photo: Andreas Hillergren/AFP/Getty Images)

The offseason is in full swing for the Rangers. There is a lot of work to do with this team, and you can bet your life savings that the team will be hard at work to fill holes and make the team better heading into next season. While we can all debate what we believe “making the team better” means, which have countless times, it’s that time of the year where we see these plans coming to action.

Since it’s a rainy, lazy Sunday. Let’s go through some predictions for this offseason.

  • Pavel Buchnevich is now officially free from his KHL contract. I think he signs with the Rangers soon, as in this week. It’s a no-brainer that he signs, since he is the most highly touted prospect this organization has seen in recent memory.

  • Ok, that first prediction wasn’t exactly ground breaking. So how about this one? The Rangers will, at the very least, target Alex Radulov so that Buchnevich has someone who speaks Russian on the team. Comfort level is a huge concern with a lot of Russian players, and Radulov is probably one of the best Russian free agents available. There are concerns about Radulov’s character after bolting from Nashville to the KHL, but that was a kid making those decisions. Radulov is a veteran and more mature now. I am assuming he can be a good mentor for a young, talented countryman.
  • The club will sign at least two undrafted UFAs. Ahti Oksanen is the kid that Josh is all over, and it’s tough to dispute the kid’s talent. I think he’s one of the major prizes for this team. Josh is also high on Jerrett Smith, but I think Oksanen is the sure-thing to sign with the Rangers.
  • Now on to the juicy stuff: I think the Rangers will trade one of Dan Girardi or Marc Staal at the draft. These guys have name-brand value and –at least in Girardi’s case– you can at least sell partial blame this season on health. Defense is still a hotly contested position when it comes to value, and there is still room for the team to get out from under one of those deals.
  • Why only one? Well it’s simple. Turnover. Let’s assume that one is traded, Dan Boyle retires, and Keith Yandle gets a dump truck full of money from Toronto. That’s already half the defense. Unless they can guarantee that Yandle returns, only one, probably Staal, will be shopped.
  • I think Rick Nash will be traded. There is absolutely no proof I have here to say this, but I think he will be dealt at the draft. I can’t predict a return for him –or one of the defensemen– so don’t ask.
  • Viktor Stalberg will not get a Benoit Pouliot deal, and will be back next season. He’s the perfect versatile forward for this team.
  • Alain Vigneault will not be fired.
  • Jeff Gorton makes enough headway with this roster that he gains the trust of his doubters following the Eric Staal trade and Daniel Paille signing.
  • The Rangers will get back into both the first and second rounds in this year’s draft.

I’ve had a lot of folks tell me I’m crazy, and they might not be that far off.  What do you think the Rangers will do?

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  • your coming around Dave.

    Its unfortunate but we are out of assets to continue the let’s push for a cup. Time to rebuild like all the other clubs.

  • I am totally against trading Nash, his value to the team is grossly underated. And as much as I like Mark Staal, he should be the one to go, I think Girardi will bounce back. Let Yandle walk, and totally for resigning Stalberg. I would trade Hayes, I don’t think he will ever figure it out, I don’t like his body language. If AV refuses to give McIlrath a regular spot then AV needs to go also.

    • You’d trade a young early-20-something with a scoring touch based on “body language” after only two seasons? Huh?

      • Hayes could fetch a decent return. I wouldn’t trade him for anther Emerson Etem, though.

        I think he came into this past season with a lot of confidence, and it didn’t translate onto the ice. I wouldn’t give up on the kid, but if someone makes a solid offer, I’d listen.

    • Why do you think #6 isn’t playing? Is it because he’s slower than every other D we have, can’t turn, takes stupid penalties, and has had an opportunity to showcase his stuff but didn’t do enough? And for THIS you’d want to fire the coach?

      • Not true, he is faster than Staal, Girardi, and Boyle for that matter. It could be he may also be faster than Klein. Bigger guys appear to look slower than they really are !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Good article….
    Still dont believe there is a GM stupid enough to trade for girardi……unless we package him with someone we can live with losing such as Fast or Stepan both cannot score in playoffs and stepan cant stay healthy…..but they have value…..

    Absolutely want Stallberg back……Him , kreider and Jt were hitting all over the ice, stepped up in playoffs….

    I can live with M. stall ……and put mcdonagh or Sjell on the right side with klein and mcilrath…..

    I would like to see hayes full time at center with a new coach!!!!!!

    AV must go……Someone needed/needs to repay Letang!!!!

    • Hey Rich, spot on comments, Letang will be paid back in spades, a two hand chop to the face, ( you do not go there as an NHL player) will be remembered. Mcllrath would be my choice to deliver payback.( if he is still a NY Ranger?? AV, might try to persuade Gorton to keep his savoir Raphael Diaz) Although Letang would avoid any confrontation with Dylan, so it is going to have to be someone else. I agree with Dave, and the majority of the fan base that Girardi & Staal should be dismissed ASAP, problem of course is the $$$$$ they make for MANY YEARS TO COME, and their no trade contracts. Another thing people seem to be blind to, do the Rangers think that the rest of the NHL teams do not realize that Girardi & Staal are washed up??, if I am a GM for another team, I am going after Miller or Kreider, you guys keep your dead wood and their ridiculous contracts.

      • Bobby

        Usually I’m on your side more times than not, but with Latang I’d be very careful. It didn’t look very good I agree, but if they fight Latang, and hit him solid in the face, they may kill the guy. I say that only because if you remember he was concussed, and had a stroke. I’m for getting even, but not at the expense of taking the mans life !!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe we have to turn the other cheek, or go after one of their stars ??????????

      • Agree Joe….Sometimes that’s just bad luck. The Rangers were brutally bad when he was out of the lineup. He was among the best scorers in the league in the final three months of this season. He’s just entering his prime. I wouldn’t deal him unless I was overwhelmed.

  • I love your last two bullets. Downvote me again if you guys want but staal trade will be my sour grapes with Gorton for awhile.

  • Dave, good stuff but here my question for you…we all know that M. Staal and Girardi have NMCs. You are saying one will be dealt. Perhaps, but that’s not happening unless the one to be dealt agrees. I understand that there are examples of players who have waived their NMCs before, but I can’t think of a reason why in this case either player would want to leave. Why do you think they would be willing to move on?

    I expect both players to be back with the Rangers. They will have a full summer to rest and recover and have bounce back years, albeit in lesser roles with reduced minutes.

    On your other predictions, can’t imagine a scenario where Buch doesn’t get signed and soon. I do worry that the hype surrounding him may overwhelm him. Fans should temper their expectations. He may very well need some seasoning in the AHL, and yes, he may actually spend some time in the press box (and if he does, it won’t be the end of the world, it doesn’t mean AV hates the kids and the rest of the usual nonsense. If that happens, it just means he isn’t quite ready yet). I’m hopeful he can be counted on this coming season, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he has a rocky first season before shining in 2017-18. My gut says he’s no savior.

    I agree it would be helpful to have a Russian on the team to help with the transition. Any chance for a reunion with Ansimov?

    I agree about Nash. My hunch is he will be dealt. Pat Leonard wrote today about the logic of a trade with the Blues for Shattenkirk, which has been speculated for months. That’s a trade I’d do.

    I hope you are right about Stalberg. But I keep thinking he’ll be a “Pouliot”. I also think the bigger issue may be timing. I think the Rangers will hold on signing him until whatever shakeup to the roster that will happen has been completed. By then, he and his agent will grow impatient and they will take another deal. Just a hunch.

    Agree on AV. He certainly doesn’t deserve to be fired after two magnificent overachieving seasons with a good but not great roster. Yes, this year was disappointing, but it’s not like he underachieved with a roster of future HOFers, such as we saw this year in LA, Chi and Ana, where in the latter case the coach got the boot. The only way that I could see him not returning is if he and Gorton don’t see eye to eye on what the future looks like, and they agree to a somewhat unusual “mutual parting”. In which case, the Ducks would hire him in two seconds. 90% likely he’s back. How hot the proverbial seat should be will depend on the roster that’s assembled for him.

    I hope you are right on Gorton. It was hardly an auspicious debut, but he certainly should get the benefit of the doubt.

    On the draft, would not surprise me at all that we recoup a first and/or second rounder which is why I don’t get so bent out of shape when picks are dealt. It’s not the end of the world and those picks can be recouped at the proper time…and that time may well be now.

    • Actually Stalberg is nothing like Pouliot. Stalberg is a pretty decent role player and should have about the same value as he did last year – maybe less as he’s older. Pouliot was an offensive force who had been a consistent disappointment. His Ranger season was a revelation.

  • Radulov…? You’re losing it Dave. He’s nuts, and AV knows it.

    As long as were just spitballing here….

    Girardi to Columbus, probably at the draft… for who or what? Dunno, but Torts is the only one stupid enough to ask for him…

    RoboCop will be gone, finally… Say what you will about the D Corp being “overrated” but my kid sister would have used them better… Samuelsson had an incredible opportunity with a talented group, and he blew it… badly.

    Nash and Yandle are gone… Both go home, Nash to Toronto and Yandle to Boston..

    And now the big one…. Lundqvist is going to request a trade to a contender… and he will get it.

    • It’s been widely rumored that Girardi was one of the guys who wanted Torts out and made that feeling known to Sather. One reporter on the beat said that of the 29 teams, Columbus would be his last choice if a trade were requested…that’s how much he disliked playing for him. If that’s true, and since he holds all the cards, I wouldn’t hold my breath on your theory.

      You may be right about Ulfie. Sounds like in the presser, AV suggested some changes could happen with asst coaches. Given the performance of the defense this season, he could be sacrificed. On the other hand, the defense played brilliantly under Ulfie the prior two seasons. We will see. However, please explain the “incredible opportunity with a talented group” comment. What opportunity was that?

      You could be right about Yandle and Nash. No chance whatsoever Hank agrees to leave NYC.

      • Ho ho, wouldn’t that be a kick in the nuts. Less than half of the way into his huge new contract that runs until 38, that the organization opened big holes in its roster to afford, one year after trade away anot her #1G prospect because Hank is your guy.

        That would certainly make life interesting.

      • There were a lot of rumors about what got Torts canned. The one I choose believe is that it was mostly Lundqvist’s words, driven by his desire to win a cup that forced Slats to make that move…. and I believe, ultimately, Henrick would ask to leave the team for the same reason before his window was gone… Not judging it one way or another, just an observation…

        G was at his best when he was in Torts’ system… If he does not agree to a trade it is a fair assumption the Rangers will consider buying him out… I guess we will see what we see then.

        Ulfy had the opportunity to build one of the best puck moving defenses ever… He had the crew and the time to put together a kick ass back end… It never panned out, Ulfy never adjusted, and the D corps never developed a solid identity…

        The defense attacking and the coverage schemes in the Offensive zone were exceptional, especially this season. The talent is there, and the guys are definitely coachable… but not fixing Girardi, the chronically blown defensive coverages, and troubles the with giveaways and puck movement in the defensive zone, and failing to recognize and use Kline’s abilities sooner are largely on his coaching IMO…

        • While none of us were in the room, if you go back to every news story from May, 2013, it was pretty clear from every writer that Sather had planned to keep Torts. But then he did exit interviews and many of the players, more than just Hank, indicated they had had enough of Torts. That got Sather to change his thinking.

          But also, he was willing to move on Torts because there was a chance to upgrade with too highly regarded coaches who were available….AV and Ruff. If they hadn’t been available, Torts might have stayed regardless.

          I don’t fully understand your criticism of Ulfie. The first two years, the Rangers defense was terrific, especially in post season. He was the same coach this year, but Girardi and Staal were clearly affected by injuries. Is that his fault? Sure, perhaps there were adjustments that could have been made, but I think you are being harsh.

          That being said, it may well be, based on what AV said earlier in the week, that Ulfie could be moved out. We shall see.

  • Again, with the expansion draft rules in place, you can’t even think about trading Nash unless you get Yandle re-signed before the draft. If you trade Nash & don’t re-sign Yandle, you have to take on a new albatross contract to get to $19mm or expose players you’d rather not.

  • 1) Trade or buyout G, whichever is cheaper on the cap going forward.
    2) Finally kill Voldemort (Glass).
    3) Boyle and Moore gone.
    4) Re-sign Stalberg for under $2M.
    5) Re-sgn all the RFAs.
    6) Yandle is probably a goner so trade Nash for Shatty. Shatty wants here in the worst way (he’s a big Ranger fan from New Rochelle) and Hitch loves Nash from his Columbus days.
    7) Skjei and McIlrath become regulars in the line up with Ryan Graves a midseason call up next season.
    8) Look for a top 6 sniper with the unused cap space and maybe another D man to fill in the roster.

    Kreider-Stepan-XXXXXX (Radulov?)



    • My favourite post of the year right here. Puts Miller where he should be, Kreider with Stepan and Radulov to be the playmaker to set them up. Hayes where he should be and with and Stalberg gives 3 lines that can score. Skjei and McIlrath deserve to be here. Keeping Lundqvist though could have been just an off year, either way you find out and can either expose him for expansion or Raanta who played very well I thought. Lots of interchangeable wings and centres as well in case of injuries the kids can step up. A+ for this post and not impossible to accomplish.

      Plan B – if no deal for shatty, you get Yandle signed and trade Nash for prospects and picks to restock the shelves. Depends on where Nash would be willing to go what you ask for, but someone will give a 1st and a prospect I am sure.

      • Love Yandle, love him, but 6 year contract? Shatty at $4.25 for one more year next year and then he’s still in his prime. I have it on first hand info he’s been trying to get traded to the Rangers for 2 years.

  • Let’s say we trade Nash. Then, we find ourselves in the chase next year, but lacking a big-time forward. Hmmm…who might fit the bill? Rick Nash! And it would take much more to get him then, then we’d get in return for him now.

    • Is Nash “still” a “big-time” forward? Yes, he does a lot of things on the ice, but is he still big-time? He goes into stretches where he barely gets shots on goal. He hasn’t been able to produce at an elite level in the playoffs—the definition of a big-time forward. Good defensively, and I can’t complain about his effort. But is he still “big-time?” At the salary he’s making—does the production match the cost? IMO, no, he can’t be considered that “big-time” forward every team craves. His value to the Rangers, now, is as a trading chip.

      • Nash was the Blueshirts best player vs Pitt (granted, not saying much) and is a year removed from a 40-goal season. Methinks he’s still ‘big-time’. And, if he’s not, what could we reasonably expect to get in return for him considering his salary?

        • A “big-time” player performs “big-time” in the Playoffs. Me-thinks that does not describe Rick Nash. As for a trade—they would have to eat some of the salary—and if they don’t get too greedy—they could get a decent pick and maybe, a second tier prospect. But more importantly—they get Cap-Relief—and that’s the name of the game, nowadays.

  • Interesting piece Dave, thank you.
    -I agree it would be a benefit if there was another Russian to help Buch acclimate. I don’t have a clue as to who it might be. (Eddie, Anisimov is loved in Chicago, he’s not going anywhere). The fans do need to be patient with Buch. I’m not sure Radulov would be a great choice unless he has grown up.
    -I’m a Girardi fan, but hope to see a young team, with cap space, that needs veteran leadership have interest. It wouldn’t shock me for Dan to wave his no trade. I’d hate to see such a quality person be bought out. I’m not so much concerned with the return as I am with removing the $5.5MM from the books.
    -Ditto with M. Staal
    -If both Girardi and M. Staal leave, I’d be more inclined to like a Nash/Shatternkirk trade.
    The D could look like this
    We might have enough $ if Girardi, M. Staal, Moore, Boyle and Nash leave to sign Yandle. Yandle’s defensive miscues were minimized when paired with McIlrath. Yandle’s defensive miscues were magnified when paired with Boyle.
    I’m not sure how much money Gorton will have signing our RFA’s, that also must be a consideration in signing/not signing Yandle.
    PLEASE lets not even think there might be a chance Boyle returns, for ANY amount of money.
    -I’d like Stalberg back for the same money, or a very MODEST raise. A fourth line of: Fast-Lindberg-Stalberg would be intriguing.
    -You’re most likely correct about AV staying, although I wouldn’t shed a tear to see him gone. I believe he deserves more responsibility for this team’s record than most here feel.
    -I am a huge proponent of keeping high draft choices and if you are correct about us moving back into the first and/or second round, I’d be ecstatic.

    Interesting off season, let it begin.

  • Jerry-

    I’m pretty in tune with the Chicago media, and while you are absolutely right that Anisimov is loved in Chicago, the Hawks are in serious cap hell right now, especially because Panarin played so well and the bonuses he will earn will count against the cap. Not saying they would trade Anisimov, but no question, Chicago is going to have to get very, very creative.

    There’s a better chance I’ll be playing defense for the Rangers than Boyle being re-signed. Not happening.

    Your point on AV…..”I believe he deserves more responsibility for this team’s record than most here feel”.

    2013-14 SCF
    2014-14 Best record in hockey and ECF, likely denied a return trip to the Finals only due to injury

    Five playoff series wins in three seasons…..tied with Emile Francis for second most in franchise history, and the Cat did that in ten seasons with far more high end, future HOF talent.

    Back to back 100+ point seasons for the first time in 43 years.

    Substantially improved the team’s record from the 4+ years under the prior coach.

    I completely agree…he deserves full responsibility for what took place…which is why he deserves to be back and most likely will be.

    • Eddie,
      I agree that is all accurate, however, with his accomplishments come his short comings,. He has failed to win the ultimate prize in Vancouver with a very talented team. He failed to win it here.
      I for one think the President’s Trophy is over rated. Win one of the first two games in the opponent’s building and you have, with one game, taken away home ice advantage.
      He, as the head coach, deserves the blame for not resting the older players. Had Hank had every, I don’t know, seventh or eight game off (the number is arbitrary) he might have been sharper, and not looked so ordinary. Hank is but one example. He runs the older players down at the expense of the team.
      We could get younger, IF we had an AHL team with talent. Say like the Penguins for example.
      I will respectfully disagree with you that AV is the coach for this team. The disgraceful showing in this year’s game 4 is on him as much as it’s on the players, in some aspect even more so. A good head coach is not a good head coach for every team. While I agree he will most likely be back, I’d love to see a change. This team can use an attitude adjustment, and it starts at the top.
      Boyle being gone makes the D better, no matter who they put in his place. So I will say it again, Thank God I will never have to endure another game where Boyle is wearing a Ranger sweater.

      • Everyone keeps bringing up the Penguins and their “AHL talent”. The reason they have that talent is because they have superstars on the team in Crosby and Malkin. They were able to build the team around these all world talents. The Rangers haven’t had the luxury of drafting these types of players because ironically they have been so successful (granted no cups) and have been drafting 20th overall and higher for quite a while. Since the Rangers haven’t been able to draft these players they have had to add via free agency and trades. The Penguins haven’t had to add superstars because they drafted them for being so damn awful and hitting the lotto in drafting Crosby 1st overall and Malkin 2nd overall.

        People keep bringing up the “mortgaging of the future” in the recent trades involving draft picks. But let’s be honest. When you start draft day after pick 25, you are looking at complementary talent, not franchise players. Of course there are steals in every draft but those are exceptions to the rule. Yes it would be nice to have these picks, the fact remains that the Rangers lack high end all world talent in every position besides goalie.

          • If we want to find the root cause of this, let’s go all the way back to the season before the lockout when they went in to full rebuild mode. They traded half the team including Leetch. The first round pick they got in that trade ended up being Lauri Korpikoski. After that rebuild they were not able to draft any franchise players and without staring another complete rebuild they have had to add players via trade and free agency. It’s a conundrum that they will be in for the foreseeable future.

      • Jerry…point by point…

        1) he hasn’t won the big one….well, neither did Keenan before he came to NY with great teams. Coach Q failed for over a decade with good teams until he was handed a team of young up and coming superstars. Same for Sutter in LA. Conversely, coaches that won a Cup once like Keenan and Crawford flamed out and aren’t even coaching in North America. Just because he never has doesn’t mean he never will, just as a coach who has before doesn’t mean he ever will again. Look at this roster the past three seasons, compare it to every other SC Champ of the past decade, even the runner ups, and tell me where it stacks up, especially in terms of elite, future HOF talent. To me, easily the weakest. How many have, as their best player, their goalie. Very, very few. AV in my view did a great job with a very good but not great team.

        2) resting older players? A fair criticism. But not a fireable one. Maybe McIlrath could have played more. But really, what does that change? We were in cap hell and didn’t have the capability or depth to double down on youth.

        3) Hank? He likes to play. Raanta had his ups and downs. Hank,mor stretches, was THE reason we were winning. You have to make the playoffs to be rested for the playoffs.

        4) the minor league talent development has nothing to do with AV

        5) sure, Games 4 and 5 were a disgrace, and everyone, coach and players, bear responsibility. But not just the coach.

        Be careful what you wish for on change. It only makes sense if a better option is out there. Change for the sake of change rarely works out well when you already have one of the best coaches.

        Believe it or not, coaches can have bad years too and then bounce back. Coach Q and Sutter had far worse years with MUCH better teams. Should they be fired too? Are they the right guys for whatever is next for their squads?

        • I’m not for firing AV, but I do disagree with some points. I believe that AV had more talent in Vancouver and more talent in NY than Sutter ever had in LA. We just think the Kings had great talent because they won the Cup twice.

          That said, there is a lot of luck in short series — and not winning is just not unforgivable.

          As to games 4 and 5, one can’t defend AV. Yes, both the players and coaches are to blame. But the coach’s job is to stop the players from making mistakes, so the fact that the players are to blame reflects badly on AV. And in the end, while one might criticize Quenneville and Boudreau for losing 4-3 series to lesser teams, such things happen. Quitting against a better team should never happen.

          • Oh — and Q and Sutter had better years, not worse years. And only Chicago is a better team.

  • Chicago is a team that will have to do some serious juggling: they are hard up against the cap, yet due to NMC and wage structure, can’t get to the expansion threshold even when protecting less players than allowed.

  • I think that many have not noted what Alec has been saying about the impact of the expansion draft’s rules on the possible moves by the Rangers. Perhaps someone can write a column summarizing the impact? They seem to way heavy on what the team can actually do, but I do not know much about them.

  • I don’t always agree with him, but I also believe AV deserves to be back. His assistants probably could use some shuffling.

  • Watching the Blues-Stars….Just thinking out loud here as they’re trail 1-0 in the game and in the series….

    If the Blues get ousted, does Hitch get a pink slip? If so, that would likely change the narrative about Nash being traded there to play for his mentor. If he’s fired, does that scuttle a potential deal for Shattenkirk?

    Oops….they just tied it up…never mind. 🙂

    • I’ve expressed on toooooooooo many occasions how I hate the prevent defense, and St Lou is lucky to have won the game in OT. When will any of these coaches learn that the best defense, is offense. I’ll have to admit, Dallas has plenty of guys with after burners on their skates, and played one exciting game, especially in the third, granted that St Lou sat back on the lead !!!!!!!!!!!

  • The other day I jokingly said that Radulov was coming back to north America, and that we would sign him, and send Nashville #1 picks for him. My first reaction was, “Are we crazy to even consider him”, then I read an article written that Detroit was very interested in him, and that he is now a father, and has changed. Still not sold on the idea, and would do my homework big time!!!!!!

    Now my thoughts on the posting:

    Get rid of both Dan, and Staal. If I can’t get both moved, I hate saying this about my paisan, but bye bye Danny boy.

    Re sign Stalberg, for what I see as a very good 4th line, with Fast, and Lindberg.

    I have a few questions:

    Who is this guy Ahti Oksanen, where is he from, what position does he play, how big is he, can he score??????? A little back ground would help !!!!!

    Yandle will want more money, and term than we can afford. Thank him for his services, and wish him well.

    I could also see the Shatternkirk for Nash deal happening. Would give us a very good rt d-man, and cap relief, which is critical.

    Buchnevich would need to feel comfortable with another home boy, trade Hayes for Artie, that works, assuming we don’t go after Radulov.

    AV returns, and I hope he will be on a short leash, given the team will be a bit younger, see how he adjusts, if at all??????

    I’d be sooooooo pleased if we get a #1 draft pick in return for someone, how novel would that be !!!!!!!!

    • Hey Walt. I doubt Artie for Hayes would be something Chicago would even consider. For a couple of reasons, the first being Hayes game them the figurative middle finger when they drafted him. As I said, Artie is loved there as well he should be. I hated to see him go…………
      I’m not up on all the teams Cap situation, and wonder how the expansion draft will affect teams around the league. I’m with Peter and would love a detailed article on the procedure and implications for teh Rangers and other Cap strapped teams.

      • Jerry

        Nor am I up on all the ramifications of any trades relative to the cap issue, but one thing is for certain, Gorton has got to manage it better than that drunken sailor Slat’s, couldn’t find any old timer he didn’t want to spend a fortune on, and put us in a cap HELL !!!!!!!!!

        The trade for Artie would give the Hawks some cap relief because Hayes is still on an entry contract, and the Hawks could control him, and his pay scale for a few years …..

  • Does anyone else realize Staal And Girardi have NMC…that means you can’t shop and trade them. Trading Nash is going to happen, but the Rangers will keep both G and Staal, and expose Girardi in expansion draft in 2017

    • If they are told that they will sit, or will be sent to the AHL, then pride kicks in, and they would consent to a trade. A question for you, would you want to stay where you’re not wanted any more??????? I wouldn’t !! I don’t believe they would either…………..

      • Walt, I understand your frustration, but the very definition of a no move clause is that they can’t be moved without their permission. Meaning, they can’t be sent to the AHL. As for threatening to bench them, sounds great in theory, except we have a cap to manage and we’ll be lucky to carry a 7D, let alone an 8D, that would be better quality wise than Staal and Girardi.

        Look, players sometimes do agree. Maybe Staal will want to go where his brother goes. Maybe Girardi has a destination in mind. But I agree with James…the overwhelming odds are that both will be back next season. They hold all the cards and players aren’t anxious to leave a class organization like the Rangers.

        • There are also rules about how you can treat people. If you bench Staal or Girardi in order to play Chris Summers ahead of them just to pressure them to leave, the union is likely to get involved. Yes, you can bench a player to play someone better, but you can’t just do it to pressure someone.

          • If a player has a NMC or a NTC and the team intentionally abuses that player in order to get him to give up his rights, that is mistreatment. And if a player is mistreated, the player’s union will (and should) file a grievance on the player’s behalf.

            Now, if the Rangers start next year with a roster of McDonagh, Yandle, Skjei, Staal, Girardi, Klein, McIlrath and bench Staal on the grounds that they have one too many left Dmen and Staal is fourth best, I think the grievance would be flimsy and Staal would need to move on or content himself with a backup role.

  • these guys have pride. they also have NMCs. If you sit them down and tell them that the team will not buy them out but that their minutes will be chopped to the bare bone, won’t their pride force them to demand a trade? tell them they will not dress for every game. tell them they are not in the future plans for the team. I don

    ‘t think guys like Staal and G would want to put up with that. tough, I know. but Sather stupidity is difficult to undo.

  • these guys have pride. they also have NMCs. If you sit them down and tell them that the team will not buy them out but that their minutes will be chopped to the bare bone, won’t their pride force them to demand a trade? tell them they will not dress for every game. tell them they are not in the future plans for the team. I don
    ‘t think guys like Staal and G would want to put up with that. tough, I know. but Sather stupidity is difficult to undo.

  • If you can’t account for cap, expansion and NMC/NTC restrictions, please don’t comment on roster moves; it just makes you look bad. This isn’t 3D chess like in Star Trek, but you do have to be able to get beyond knee jerk reactions and think at least a year out, 2-3 years better.

    It’s not absolute, it’s a catch-as-catch can constant recalculation of the optimal formulation. It’s hard to even think about Rube Goldberg transactions, let alone pull them off. Better to keep one foot in the future and on foot in the present of discrete transactions.

    • I agree Alec.

      Dave, with all respect, I think you are overstating this greatly. If it meant diddly, then why is a NMC often the central focus of negotiations between a player and club? It was widely reported that back in 2014, Cally and Sather had agreed on dollars, but Cally insisted on a NMC (or maybe it was a NTC, not sure). In the end, that scuttled the deal. So to say it means diddly is just not true.

      Now, you are correct in saying that players will often waive their NMCs. Sure, there are examples. Gaborik wanted out of NY because he had had it with Torts, so he agreed to go. Players are waiving their NMCs in places like Toronto because the franchise has been a train wreck and veterans want to go to a contender. At the trade deadline, especially when a player is approaching FA, then waiving a clause to go from a non-contender to a contender is certainly more than commonplace.

      But for Girardi and Staal, there’s a good chance that they gave up some dollars in order to get the security of staying put in NYC long term. Both are married and have young kids. Maybe they love living in the NY Metro Area, and given the reputation of the organization, they probably love playing for the Rangers too. So if any or all of that is true, why on God’s green earth would they be willing to leave?

      Now, how could it happen? Well, we don’t actually know how they feel about the organization or the area. But if they weren’t happy, they likely just would have gone to FA while they had the chance where they likely would have made more on the open market. Maybe Gorton or AV could say we are changing things up….Skjei and McIlrath will be getting more minutes, you’ll be getting less. Maybe some time in the press box too as we look to get younger. Would that get their attention? Maybe, but unless the Rangers can actually find cheaper, better players that can fit under the cap that could keep Dan and Marc in the press box, I think they would call their bluff. I don’t think that scenario, in and of itself, would be enough to convince either to waive their NMC and uproot their families.

      The only plausible way it could happen in my view is if one or both have friends who are players or coaches on other teams that they’d be willing to play for or with. Maybe their wives have connections to other cities. In Staal’s case, maybe he’d want to go where Eric goes, or go to Carolina to be with Jordan. Although I suspect in that case, if that were his goal, he wouldn’t have re-signed with the Rangers. Maybe one or both grew up as huge fans of the Leafs, Sens or Habs, and it’s been a lifelong dream to play there.

      So if Gorton knows that and says, “look, your playing time is going to be reduced. We know you were a life long Leafs fan (let’s say), and I spoke with Lou and we have the framework for a deal, would you be interested?” Then sure, that’s doable. But the odds that all of it comes together in that way, and that the team(s) they’d be willing to go to are even interested, it just seems like a real long shot.

      So, not saying it can’t or won’t happen, but I think you are seriously underestimating the player and their family’s desire to stay put after negotiating that very thing.

  • Stralberg is a keeper if the price right absolutely. No to Yandle and his 7 million a year long-term contract, Dealing Marc Staal or Danny G gives the club some cap breathing space, perhaps to a team that has a defensive system. However, I am not keen on trading Nash unless its a deal Gorton can’t refuse.

    On the topic of Gorton, so far not impressed with his deals so far. There is a rumor Don Maloney may come available, I always thought he a perfect fit in New York.

    • Well, Don Maloney was fired a few weeks ago and he is available. But Gorton is Sather’s guy. He just put him into this role. It’s highly improbable that Sather would whack Gorton for Maloney after just a year. No way.

        • I know you are saying this somewhat tongue and cheek, but seriously, what exactly has Don Maloney done to warrant turning any organization upside down to hire? I mean, if there was chance to hire Stan Bowman, that’s one thing. But Maloney? Seriously?

  • Columbus needs scoring, we need a solid defense man. Nash and slow poke Hayes for solid big defense-man Jack Johnson and a high draft pick. When Nash was hurt, we still won a ton of games. Both Nash and Hayes (soft and slow) with their twirling ditsy doodling with the puck are obviously not fast enough for playoff style hockey. Good riddance to both. Jack Johnson is big ,solid defensively, and has in the past put up some decent offence.

  • I am so tired of this team treating draft picks like garbage to be thrown away for NOTHING!! what a waste boyle and yandle were look at the trades we made just giving away any chance at getting younger, one way to help our selves is to go after college kids that aren’t drafted OR like Hayes didn’t sign with their clubs yes we have to get rid of some of the money and older players and if it can be done at the draft GREAT. I do think its time to trade Nash and hope we can get some real value in return, he wasn’t brought here to kill penalties HE WAS SUPPOSED TO SCORE GOALS ESPECIALLY IN THE PLAYOFFS what a disappointment he has turned out to be, sather killed us with his big moves now lets see what Gorton does this should be interesting!

    • Anything will be an improvement over Sather !!!!!!!!!!

      As for the draft picks, well I’ve been screaming about this for so long, and yet there are plenty of people, like Eddy, who think that it’s just fine to give them away, and support them doing so. I never understood that, but the man has his opinion, it runs counter to me, but that’s what makes this such a great site !!!!!!!!!

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