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Eric Staal a healthy scratch?

Per Brett Cyrgalis, it looks like Eric Staal might be a healthy scratch tomorrow. Staal is not rotating with the top-six, and the bottom-six does not have him in the rotation. This could just be a coy maneuver by Alain Vigneault, however. The top-six are the same, and the bottom-six look like this:


If Eric Staal is sitting for Tanner Glass, I have no idea what to say.

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    • since his eye injury he hasn’t been the same to ondecisive. Holds the puck too long and get caught with it. While everyone still thinks hes good trade him for value. We would be dumping about 5.5 million a year. Sign Yandle for that he is worth it

  • Cause it’s Eric Staals fault we lost those 3 games.

    Sully is out coaching AV on so many levels it’s laughable.

    Don’t get me wrong AV was changing it up. He had them trying all sorts of ways to get picks on net.

    But Sully would switch it up and lock us down.

    I am pulling for another miracle here. As is always the case against the pens.

    We need a hero. Too many Indians not enough Chiefs.

  • I don’t know what everyone’s riff is with Glass. He’s been great this season. Last season not so much but he brings energy every shift.

    • And a couple days ago AV was a complete moron because Diaz was recalled. But hey lets jump to conclusions based on what is “leaked” from practice in the middle of the playoffs.

  • Glass is terrible DM VS are in the OZONE glass still in DZ
    Pittsburgh is A small skilled team he should not be playing
    When he’s on the ice we never have the puck he’s brutal
    Same goes for Boyle he has nothing left and he plays and Mcilrath sits
    That’s two decisions that are terrible drives me nuts

  • Steve McCroskey: “Jacobs, I want to know absolutely everything that’s happened up till now.”

    Jacobs: “Well, let’s see. First the earth cooled. And then the dinosaurs came, but they got too big and fat, so they all died and they turned into oil… And then the Arabs came and they bought Mercedes Benzes. And Prince Charles started wearing all of Lady Di’s clothes. I couldn’t believe it.”
    –Airplane II: The Sequel/1982

    • Jeff Gorton: AV, I want to know absolutely everything that’s happened up to now.”

      AV: “Well,let’s see. First, I had the best team in the NHL with my Canucks & two twin Swedish Gods but the goddamn Bruins came along a beat my Gods” ass into the ice in Game 7, right in my own goddamn ice palace & I had to leave town because the rioting fans wanted to set me on fire. Then the old seer Slats came looking for me after they fired me & told me he had a good team with many great young players up & coming. We were great but then my beloved vets got slow & fat & started playing like dinosaurs & Lightening struck us & Penguins ate our ass & it got so bad nobody wanted to wear the Broadway Hat. I couldn’t believe this could happen to a nice guy like me.”

      The Stanley Cup/The Sequel 2016

      • As I have said before on this post anyone who thought this team was going to make a cup run was delusional.
        They are playing the exact same way they have all season. Only difference is they are playing a hungry pens team, not a columbus or carolina who were playing for a top pick.
        gorton had no business making the staal trade, 3 prospects for a aging third line player. We would have been better served as a seller.
        Sather and gorton are o for 3 on their deadline deals. We gave up 3 number one picks and 3 number two picks and two top prospects and in the off season when yandle and staal walk we will have nothing to show for it
        3 strikes and gorton and av should be out

        • Drew

          To be fair, I don’t blame Gorton for the trade, Sather is still the over all boss, and his garbage opinion still over rides Jeff’s. As for your post, right on the money !!!!!!!!!!

  • If we scratched everyone who played poorly we may have about 5 or 6 guys on the ice…that said..Eric Staal has sucked as bad as most of the team this series…0 points and like -7…whatever…

  • I am tired of hearing about all you guys complaining about the same shit Girardi an Glass causing all the Ranger problems. Well all you masterminds Girardi was not dressed an the defense an back checking by the forwards sucked. An it was not Tanner Glass.

  • one more thing on Eric Staal…we beat Carolina like 10 or 11 times in a row…then we trade to get him..we need to beat Carolina to clinch in the regular season and we lose…first time is a bunch of games and his first game playing Carolina as a Ranger…coincidence? you decide.

  • Why should’t he sit and not Tanner ? Here is my answer, because the guy is skating around without any Connections to the game. And Glass works his ass off 110 % Attitude any given shift. Thats why.

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