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Rangers recall Magnus Hellberg

The Rangers have recalled goalie Magnus Hellberg from the Hartford Wolf Pack. This is not a good sign for Henrik Lundqvist, who was clipped in the eye –through his mask, mind you– by Marc Staal in the first period of last night’s playoff opener.

Hellberg, if he dresses, will be the backup for Antti Raanta. Suffice it to say, if they are recalling him this early, it doesn’t look good for Hank.

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  • It could still be precautionary, like they want him working with Benoit Allaire as much as possible just in case. However, Raanta’s statement about seeing but not speaking with Hank after the game implies to me he’s going to miss some games.

  • I agree that it looks bad, but actually I think this is a good move in any case. I think AV made a mistake yesterday in preparing for Fleury (not really necessary I would think as the Rangers know him) instead of Zatkoff. Maybe the Rangers would have not done any better with better preparation, but who knows. However, the morale is that the other team is at a disadvantage if they do not know who the goalie will be. Adding a third goalie at the least causes confusion.

  • You do not prepare any different to who plays goal they way we pass and keep passing we only shoot when the goalie is out of the net and still miss by shooting wide .

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