Rangers sign Swedish foward Malte Stromwall

The Rangers will continue to add undrafted free agents to the mix, this time signing UFA Swedish forward Malte Stromwall to a two-year entry-level deal. The 21-year-old right-handed forward played with AIK in the SHL last season, putting up a line of 24-17-42 in 49 games, leading his team in goals and points in a notoriously low scoring league.

Stromwall is a bit small (5’10”, 181 lbs), but was a potential draft sleeper in his draft year (2012). For reasons unknown, but I can venture a guess size had to do with it, he was undrafted. By all accounts he is a pretty skilled guy, and a solid add to a relatively depleted farm system.

Stromwall will join the Rangers in camp next season.

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  • When the entire NHL is looking for size, we sign another smurf. Oh well, it didn’t cost us a #1 pick a least!!

      • you tell that to a player who is 5’8″ going into the corner against Chara, ready to crush him ??????????????????

        • thank you!!!!!!!!!!

          most teams are getting bigger, with skill, I’d rather go that route……

          How many Zucc’s are in the NHL?????????

          • Conversely, how many Lucics are there?

            Big, fast, physical, talented players are extremely rare and always have been. That’s why the Rangers took a chance on a guy like Jessiman.

            Think about how many guys fit that bill in the current NHL

            Off the top of my head I come up with, Ovi, Lucic, Wheeler, Kreider, Nash, Perry, Getzlaf. There are other guys that are big and skilled, like Anisimov and Hayes, or guys that are big and physical, like Lowry in Winnipeg. But the guys that are that complete package are few and far between.

  • La la lalala la la la la la. I wonder if we can smurf another sleeper. What do you think papa smurf?

  • And there’s your Saarela replacement. Except this guy is two years older and is playing in a far more competitive league.

    • Actually, he plays in the second tier of the swedish hockey league system “Allsvenskan” (not as good as the finnish elite league). So 42pts in 49 games is actually not that impressive. For the qualificaiton to the SHL he just scored one point in 10 games. I just watched one of those games and didn’t really notice him.

      • Ah crap, you’re 100% right, great catch. This signing now sounds like nothing more than AHL depth, which the Rangers are sorely lacking.

  • These somewhat curious (albeit low-cost) additions lead me to think that management sees about 3-6 guys making the jump to the big club, being moved, or losing their job on the team. This type of player can easily be a 3rd line player for Hartford. No problem with low-cost fishing.

    • I think there’s going to be a massive clear out in Hartford this summer. I don’t see any of the minor league UFAs being retained, so it makes sense for the Rangers to stockpile young Euro pros and NCAA senior FAs

        • NYR have just 12 guys (13 now, if you include Stromwall) signed right now. They had 18 guys hit some form of free agency this year in the AHL. That’s well above norm. Almost double, actually.

          • Exactly.

            Dave do you see any of those 7 AHL UFAs being retained or wanting to stay? It’s really 8 but Diaz already signed a 5 year contract to play in Switerland starting next season.

          • Honestly, I only see them keeping 2 of all the FAs, restricted or unrestricted (Jensen, Hrivik). Maybe Bodie.

        • Of the players that are non-Ranger properties, sure, but the Rangers have about 8 players, and probably up to 12 on the Hartford roster that are likely going to be allowed to walk this summer. That is not what happens every summer.

          There are going to be a lot of open contract slots for the Rangers to take fliers on undrafted players this summer.

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