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Twitter breakdown: Wild first period dooms Rangers

My seats. Murica.

Well I was at the game, sitting in some pretty sweet seats. Pat was at the game too. So, neither of us were able to get a goal breakdown. This was a perfect time to go with the second ever Twitter recap of the game. Considering the game, I figured the reactions would be solid. But then I remembered the first five minutes were a disaster, followed by what felt like pure Rangers domination, then a complete let down. Anywho…

Tough to blame Joe here. Those first five minutes were awful. It’s like they didn’t show up. But I hope you watched the rest of the game, Joe. It got interesting.

Uncle Lando? As in Carlissian? You look……different.

Accurate. Also, ironically, what you would get if you crossed Marc Staal with Brent Burns.

I think this is also an accurate answer for, “Why in the world did you ride a horse to practice?”

I was at the game with my dad. This is what I did all game.

I…..I don’t even know how to answer this. Maybe? What is a poor man’s Messier?

Ah yes. This was the first “Blame AV” tweet of the night. Took longer than I thought. Probably because he used a timeout. Hooray!

I think Becky has something she’d like to say. But, I’m not quite sure if she is getting her point across. She is sometimes too subtle for her own good.

I don’t know if you can vacuum a fire. I also don’t know if you can vacuum the Rangers. There is a connection here.

Just remember, the Jeep has better seats than most Isles fans.

I’m going to go cry in the corner.

Too soon, Rossella. Too soon.

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    • Faceoffs don’t matter *overall*, but specific draws can be very valuable and important. Like that late one that Step lost. Poor choice. That’s one we probably needed to win, though really it’s just about possession. While possession is easier when you win a faceoff, it’s not required. That’s the key takeaway; possession is what’s important, how you get there is less relevant.

      • Possession is easier and better (higher percentage) after a face-off win. As possession usually drives the direction of the outcome, it is more important than some here believe.

        The Stepan face-off loss was not only game-changing, but it showed his lack of perception. In that spot, at that time of the game, tying up the opponent was more important than actually winning the face-off. Top centers know that. Stepan was beat so cleanly it was like he wasn’t there.

    • Situational faceoffs matter, specifically special teams. Overall, faceoffs are overblown. Plays like that make them stick out in your mind more.

  • Just returned from my sister’s funeral, and missed the last two games. Based on all the posts, it appears that I missed a great game, and an oh well game.

    Last night’s game should be forgotten, and start anew, with the thought that we should come out next time, ready to play at the drop of the puck. This team seems to sleep walk early, finds itself in the hole, then claws it’s way back. Just imagine what we could do if they started out playing Ranger hockey from the start, oh well???????

    I hope to see Nash, Hank, and even DMR come back from injuries, and have a healthy team again. My son and I are taking my grandson Jake to the Pens game Sunday, his first at MSG, this should be fun. The seven year old calls me all the time to give me up dates on games, I can’t wait to see his face light up when he walks into the garden!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • With all due respect, Twitter recaps should come to an end. I am sure one of your many loyal followers would be more than happy to do a goal breakdown when the few of you can’t, especially when there are 9 goals scored in a game. Again, not a disrespect…just my two cents.

  • Can I ask why Derek Stepan is taking that Faceoff in a 4-4 game with 1:30 left? I know hindsight is 20/20 but that’s just not smart when you have 3 other Centerman that are better at winning draws. AV has a 4th line he starts 75% of the time in the Dzone and wins more than 45% of them. In my opinion that game is on AV and that may be the first time I have said that.

    • Perfectly legitimate question. If anything, let Brassard take that face-off and let Stepan jump in if Brass gets bounced.

    • AV specifically spoke to this last night: Stepan had won two prior defensive zone PK faceoffs last night, so he went with him.

      No one can predict these things. Staal was hot all night. AV could have put him in there, and he still could have lost the draw.

      Nitpicking these sorts of decisions is pointless and petty.

  • A good coach finds a way to get your hot center on for that faceoff. Staal had won 20 of 22, I don’t care how long he was on for, find a way. Delay the game in some way, no excuse.

  • Last night just highlights what Mess said abt this team. They don’t seem to be able to impose their will on the other team, but the other team seems to be able to do it when it matters most.

    • Pauly, it is so true. I know we played 3 games in 4 nights, Huge win against Caps, then this disaster against Islanders. ?? They have been this one step forward , 2 steps back, far too often this year. This was a huge game, Islanders feel real good playing against us, they play much like the LA Kings. I could not help notice that with Mcillrath out of action, Matt Martin ( a wrecking machine) blasted E-Staal from the blind side, cut him ( no call was made) but even worse no retribution from any NYR. Tanner Glass who has fought Martin a few times in the past, and more than held his won, chirped a few un-pleasantries in his ear , but nothing was done. If I am E Staal, I am scratching my head, nobody has my back here???

      • One step forward two steps back? How is that possible when this team hasn’t lost two in a row since mid-December.

        And while it would have been nice to have McIlrath in there, simply because we need our full complement of players, we significantly outhit the Islanders in the game. And somehow, someway, we beat the Caps without him in there. Do you really think the Islanders said, “ooohhhhh…McIlrath isn’t playing, let’s go get them?”

        Again, I think you are significantly overstating this.

    • Once again Paul, unless you have a quote from Messier that I haven’t seen, you are distorting what he said. His quote from 2/28/16 about the Rangers….

      “The Rangers have been knocking at the door and have a lot of good experience, they know what it takes to win and they are trying to bolster their lineup and try to get over the top.

      “They have played far too many games in order to try to win the Stanley Cup. They have put themselves in a tough situation having to go to Game 7s. Every game that you play in the playoffs takes a big toll and if you can win a series in 4-5 games, it’s a huge advantage. Any rest that you can get is advantageous. I think scoring has been a bit of a problem for them in the playoffs. You can play great defense but sometimes you need to be able to take the pressure off the goaltending and defense and be able to score some goals. That gets into special teams and they have struggled on the PP and usually that is what comes down to scoring in the playoffs. That one advantage that you get you have to make good on. If I had to nitpick the Rangers at any point over the last few years it’s been their inability to score big goals at key times. It’s not the goaltending and they have played well as a team but you need to find a way to score important goals.”

      Where does he say anything about imposing “will” as a problem for the Rangers? Does he not say pretty clearly that “they know what it takes to win?” The only issue, as I’ve said over an over, is their inability to score important goals when it matters.

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