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Magnus Hellberg back up with the Rangers, will be emergency backup

Goalie Magnus Hellberg is back up with the Rangers today after being returned yesterday. Hellberg was called up for Friday’s game on an emergency basis, as Henrik Lundqvist was dealing with neck spasms after a collision with Ryan McDonagh. Hellberg was returned for cap reasons on Saturday, and is back tonight.

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  1. Better safe than sorry with Hanks neck injury. Make sure he is right. Raanta playing excellent hockey. Great pick up, Excellent under the radar move by Sather /Gorton . I see this as a huge game. Islanders coming off a successful road trip. They beat us 2x in their building. Time for pay back. I hope to see Mcllrath in tonight’s line up?, to do battle with Matt Martin and the rest of the Islanders 4th line who like to play very physical. Let’s go Rangers.

  2. Confirmed….Raanta starts with Hellberg as the backup.

    Marc Staal’s flu caused dehydration which caused his back to flare up, so he’s also out. McIlrath in vs Islanders, which I think helps us vs their physical game (as long as he avoids bad retaliatory penalties like what happened last game in Brooklyn….I expect the Islanders to do every they can to get under his skin and make rookie mistakes….he will be a key player today…needs to be aggressive and physical, yet discilpined…seems like a smart kid so I expect he will learn from the last game).

    As for the game, I’m making my 1-2 times/season visit to MSG today and my personal winning streak is squarely on the line here. The last time I saw the Rangers lose was on the road 8 years ago. Last time I saw the Rangers lose at the Garden was Game 6 of the 2007 playoffs vs Buffalo. But the last time I saw the Rangers lose in the regular season at home? 1987! Yep, I’ve gone 46-0!

    BUT….I have NOT seen a game vs the Islanders since 1986….I remember that one vividly. New Year’s Eve…Espo behind the bench in a tux….Rangers beat the Islanders 4-3 in OT….great way to start the New Year’s celebration….but then just hours later, they make arguably the worst trade in team history, trading Mike Ridley and Kelly Miller for Bobby Carpenter. What a wild New Year’s that was!

    Anyway, so such worries today. Just a great game, a great rivalry, and maybe a playoff preview! Should be a terrific, intense battle!

    1. Eddie, Awesome memories, enjoy today’s game, I will be looking for you on the MSG network televising the game. I know you will be wearing your Undertaker # 6 ( Mcllrath ) jersey. : )

      1. One number away…..wearing my Gilbert shirt!

        I know I give you some grief about the kid, but all honesty, I’m very much excited about seeing McIlrath play for the first time. I think he will be key today. Also looking forward to seeing M-Staal for the first time.

          1. Rod Gilbert # 7, a Ranger Icon!

            Lost much of my respect when he went behind GM John Fergusons back to mngt and got him fired….after Ferguson built the 78-79 great ranger team that should have beat montreal for cup had shero not gotton outcoached by bowman

    2. I still remember that awesome goal Ron Greschner against the fishsticks in the subway series in the early 80’s.He was a beast!

  3. Last time the Rangers played the fishsticks, Jaroslav Halak outplayed Henk, I know the Ranger fans don’t like hearing that, but its true. Raanta just needs to give his squad a chance to win and it be up to them to do the rest This is an important game as both teams are looking for 2 very important points.

  4. Gresch was great. Under appreciated in Rangers history. I remember his goal in Game 6 vs the Isles in ’79!

    1. Rod Gilbert # 7, a Ranger Icon! NOT

      Lost much of my respect when he went behind GM John Fergusons back to mngt and got him fired….after Ferguson built the 78-79 great ranger team that should have beat montreal for cup had shero not gotton outcoached by bowman

  5. Wow! Never heard that one before. But if true, hardly a surprise. Let’s not forget that Fergy hated Gilbert from their playing days. And when Fergy joined the Rangers as coach and GM, he had no use for #7, forced Gilbert into early retirement and effectively humiliated him. So if Gilbert did do what you suggested to Fergy, then I say, good for him….turnaround is fair play.

    Yes, Fergy did some good things, but most of the ’78-’79 Rangers had been drafted, developed or acquired by Emile Francis. I’d say his influence was minimal.

    Shero on the other hand, did an amazing job with a good, solid, but hardly great team that pulled off stunning upsets of the Flyers, as well as a dominant Islanders team that had the best record in the league. Do you honestly believe that Jean Guy Talbot, who was Fergy’s choice as coach the year before, would have even gotten past the first round? No way.

    And to say Shero was “out coached” by Bowman? I don’t buy that at all. That Montreal team was a dynasty and one of the greatest teams I’ve ever seen. If the Rangers had pulled off that series win, it would have been one of the greatest upsets of all time.

  6. it was a sloppy game on both sides bounce back tomorrow in Buffalo see you on Sunday guys bright and early looking forward to seeing you Brass.

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