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Game 65: Washington…..Ruh roh


Game 65 is against the President’s Trophy winning (pretty much locked up already) Washington Capitals.

There will be no Henrik Lundqvist. There will be no Rick Nash.

Rut roh.

Caps Systems

Under Barry Trotz the Caps run a 1-1-3 lock or a 1-2-2 forecheck, which they use aggressively or conservatively depending on the game situation (e.g., puck location, the score, etc.). In the defensive zone, Trotz runs your standard zone defense. On special teams, the Caps employ a 1-3-1 power play, and a diamond/box hybrid penalty kill depending on puck location and opposition setup.

Caps Lines

Alex Ovechkin-Nicklas Backstrom-T.J. Oshie
Andre Burakovsky-Evgeny Kuznetsov-Justin Williams
Jason Chimera-Marcus Johansson-Tom Wilson
Daniel Winnik-Mike Richards-Jay Beagle

Karl Alzner-Matt Niskanen
Brooks Orpik-Dmitry Orlov
Mike Weber-Taylor Chorney

PP1: Ovechkin-Backstrom-Oshie-Johanssen-Niskanen
PP2: Kuznetsov-Burakovsky-Williams-Orlov-Niskanen

PK: Winnik, Oshie, Wilson, Backstrom, Williams, Orpik, Niskanen, Alzner

Braden Holtby gets the start.

Rangers Lines

Chris KreiderDerek StepanMats Zuccarello
JT MillerDerick BrassardJesper Fast
Viktor StalbergEric StaalKevin Hayes
Oscar LindbergDominic MooreTanner Glass

Ryan McDonaghDan Girardi
Keith YandleKevin Klein
Dan BoyleDylan McIlrath

PP1: Yandle-Klein-Miller-Hayes-Fast
PP2: Zucc-Boyle-Kreider-Stepan-Brassard

PK: Stepan, Moore, Lindberg, Fast, Glass, McDonagh, Staal, Klein, Girardi

Antti Raanta gets the start.

Scratches/Injuries: Rick Nash (leg), Marc Staal (flu), Henrik Lundqvist (neck)

Crazy Prediction: Eric Staal gets his first as a Ranger

Be sure to check out our ticket link if you’re looking for tickets to the game. Game time is 7pm on MSG. All gifs will be on

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  1. Raanta ha good outing against the Blue Jackets and the Rangers have Eric Staal, they should be fine against the Caps.

  2. First the “beat the dead horse” animation, then the Beltran highlight, now Scooby Doo! Humor! I love it…..more please! (I’m requesting appropriate Three Stooges video for the next fight….or Moe’s hair standing up in fright when we have our next tough game? :)).

  3. Now the Caps are going to get very physical. Are the Rangers up for it? This is an important test IMO.

  4. I’m flying to NYC tonight (Isles game Sunday!), so won’t be able to watch the rest of tonight’s game. Will look forward to reading all of your excellent comemetaires and hopefully reveling in a Rangers win when I land! 🙂


  5. If this doesn’t prove to you that Toronto Sit Room is corrupt then I don’t know what would. NHL total bullshit!!!!

    1. What an utter DISGRACE!!!
      I get home from my lil brothers sudden cancer surgery, turn on the television to finaly unwind after a grueling 3 days of hell to THIS S..T! Are you kidding me?!?!?!

      You gotta wonder why it took us 54 years to win a cup, and some of it has to do with the animosity the league has had for us for eons….. That’s right! I said it!!!! F U NHL!!! F U!!!

      1. Rob, I’m so sorry. Prayers for you and your bro for a speedy recovery.

        1. Eddie, I really appreciate it bud!

          It’s Thyroid Cancer whereas the prognosis is excellent in general, but unfortunately, it spread a bit to his trachea and the Doc barely was able to save his vocal chords getting the cyst out. It’s veen

          1. Eddie, I really appreciate it bud!

            It’s Thyroid Cancer whereas the prognosis is excellent in general, but unfortunately, it spread a bit to his trachea and the Doc barely was able to save his vocal chords getting the cyst out. It’s been extremely stressful and scary the past few days for my family and myself, but he is going to be allright.

            I just feel bad for him now because ordinarily, he’d be screaming at that asinime call by Toronto, but he’s not allowed to talk…. And yes, he IS watching this game in his hospital bed at the moment lol.

            Thank you Eddie!

      2. Rob, so sorry to hear abt your little brother, all the best to you, him & your family. Hope he makes a complete recovery. As for the game, I feel the same way you do, I just turned it off & walked away cursing.

        1. Thank you Paul!

          It means A LOT from you guys as I feel like you guys are family!!!

          I swear, I thought about shutting the TV off after that call myself.

          Thanks Paul!

          1. Thanks Bobby, really appreciate it bud!

            He’s doing well recovering. Hopefully out of hospital in a day.

  6. FIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FIX!!!!!!!
    This is what you get for showing up the refs, Hank!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I did not see that puck cross the line….did anyone actually see it go over? None of the replays distinctly showed it…only speculative

  8. Toronto looked at a replay and gave them a goal when everybody and their mother could see the puck never crossed the line. They spent a good 5 mins finding a way to give them a goal on review. Refs had ruled no goal. Replay showed puck never crossed line from the replays they showed. At the very least ,there was not nearly enough to overturn call. Disgrace!!!!

    1. Absolutely, the Rangers should demand an investigation of those people in the situation room. The league is rotten with corruption.

  9. Awful call on Glass for that PP goal…disgusting game….just like our elections

  10. Ugh. Still on the Tarmac and seeing the updates. This is that rhe Caps have done all year. Comeback with regularity. This third period will be a real test.

    1. You really can’t call it a comeback, if the refs are leading you back by the hand! You call it charity—–and blatant payback!

  11. I know we sound like whiners, but go on Twitter and check out the comments from Zipay and Gross—I don’t think anyone has ever accused them of being homers. The League is a disgrace—always has been—always will be! How one call can change the whole tenor of a game. Petty pay back for Hanks tirade.

    1. Just like the 2014 final when they allow a King goal that was flagrant goalie interference & then 6 months later say that the goal should not have been allowed.

    1. Wonder why it took Toronto so long to come up with that angle. Is there Videoshop in the War Room? Regardless, the stick to Raanta’s groin should have sufficed for goalie interference. Luckily, justice prevailed over that disgrace.

  12. Game tied going into the 3rd, Ranger squad needs to keep their composure and win those puck battles like they did the 1st. period.

  13. Greetings from 30,000 feet! I had to find a way to logon and see what is happening. Does Bloomer’s post mean we are winning again?

      1. Thanks Bloomer! I’m going to try and follow the Twitter feeds, but if anyone here is so inclined, I’d love some of your more insightful updates!

    1. Oh yeah… those “bastards” who got the call right… People we need to stop crying. The puck went in. End of story. Do we really want to start looking like the PIT with all the antics now. First Hank’s fit now us fans are going to throw another one tonight when the blow up shot is out there of the puck in the net… I put the link up in my post before…

      Let’s stop crying and hope they win the game…

      1. And b/c I left this out… the Coaches challenge has nothing to do with TOR if you want to argue the spear on Raanta then that’s all about the ref’s there.

      2. JUSTICE!!!!!! Now I want a credible explanation on the call. I need a good laugh with my victory scotch.

    2. The Toronto situation room apparently has this secret technology that the dumb ass hockey fans don’t understand.

        1. Pleeze!!! They’ve let calls stand when there was even more evidence that the goal went over the line. The lengths to which they supposedly went to count the goal, is what I’m questioning. If the shoe was on the other foot, do you really believe that they would have awarded the goal to NY? You’re dreaming if you say yes. They won, this will be forgotten. Until the next time —–and there will always be a next time with this lot.

    1. I’ve been posting the link in all my posts… i guess they’re not showing? maybe they site wont allow the link but it you combine:
      https://gfycat. com/ TerrificTotalBordercollie

      take the space out of that and see if it works. If not sorry I don’t know how else to link it… but someone has posted it on twitter as well.

    1. Excellent!!!!!! I shall party it up in Manhattan tonight! Sounds like the biggest character win of the year. Who played well? Sounds like Raanta was terrific. Other standouts?

  14. My two cents:

    Rangers played a marvelous first period, worked their @sses off, and deserved the 2-0 lead.

    The second period was frustrating because they struggled to get anything generated and then the Capitals finally punch through with 2 questionable goals to tie it.

    First goal, I’m sorry, but regardless of what we all saw, there is no way Toronto calls that a goal unless they had a feed / angle that showed it cross the line. They don’t manufacture that call. Maybe refs from time to manipulate calls or look the other way, but when it’s a question of whether or not the puck crosses the line, Toronto gets it right every time, and I’m sure that’ll be the case on this one as well.

    The second goal I’m a bit more peeved about, because I don’t think the Capitals should have been on the PP to begin with. The slashing call on Glass was soft, and then the refs missed too many Caps on the ice. Oh well.

    Stepan comes out in the third, and pretty much tosses a blond puck on goal which goes in. Lucky goal, but it rights a wrong, so it’s justified.

    After that, Rangers just hung on, and Raanta was, yet again, marvelous.

    Important 2 points against one of the most dominant teams in the League. Nothing more to say, really.

    1. Good summary… but may I add, the Rangers do not need Henk Lundqvist standing on his head every night to win hockey games.

    2. Thanks Chris….great stuff! Great win everyone!!!!!! The Garden will be rocking Sunday!

  15. I didn’t watch the third but I’m ecstatic that the boys won after that screw job by Toronto & the incompetent refs. So they saw the puck over the line eh? Show us. Not only that but the ref was standing right behind the net & he did not signal a goal, he’s supposed to blow the whistle when he loses sight of the puck. Didn’t do it. Not to mention the goalie interference of the Caps player on top of Raanta. Three reasons that goal shouldn’t have counted. This is not the first screw job from Toronto. Rangers need to file a vigorous protest with the league to have those in Toronto replaced.

  16. Eddie,

    Raanta was a beast.

    Standouts beyond that?

    Fast was great. He was physical, involved, made a ton of little plays, and scored a goal.

    I also thought McDonagh, Klein, and GIRARDI played very strong games.

  17. Eddie, great play by Girardi with 3 and a half minutes left that I’m sure nobody will point out.

    1. Thanks Chris and Supermaz! So crucial for our veteran defensemen to play like they are capable. We do that, we can go a long way, and like Bloomer said, then Lundqvist doesn’t have to stand on his head every game.

      And Raanta, who was on the verge perhaps of being waived a month ago? So important that he play well and give Hank as much rest as he needs. Can’t wait to see the highlights in some local NYC tavern tonight! 🙂

  18. Even if there is mystery angle or blowup that shows the puck over the line, can you ever remember when such scrutiny was supposedly done in Toronto, over a goal that was ruled a non-goal on the ice? Just seemed like they went the extra mile to get Was a goal. How many times have we seen replays like that ruled inconclusive, and the call stands. Usually, backing up the refs. No, this was garbage plain and simple. They insinuated themselves into a game when the call on the ice was made by the refs. From the angles we saw, there was no evidence that the puck crossed the line. If they have more evidence, then show it after the decision during the game. They owe that, at the very least to the teams and the fans.

    1. Even if the puck crossed the line,Beagle was actively pushing Raanta into the net. I’ve watched the replay 20 times. He’s in the goal crease and just before he entered another Cap was in the crease. The ref was standing right there & he obviously didn’t see the puck but didn’t blow the whistle. Complete garbage that goes on constantly in the NHL.

    2. htt

      that is the link broken up in hopes that it doesn’t get blocked by the site…
      Because of the link I keep getting ” comment is awaiting moderation”
      so I don’t know if anyone can see/ click my link… can anyone confirm they were able to view the link I’ve posted like five times of the video.

      1. Yep…the link worked…even up here in the clouds! 🙂

        I saw no visual evidence at all that that was a good goal.

      2. I watched it several times Kevin but my old eyes don’t see any puck going over the line. My vision is not the best I know but I don’t see it.

        1. No offense, guys, but I think you’re getting old.

          The puck flies past Klein’s right skate, and then you see a black disc flutter into Raanta’s body, which is well beyond the line at that time. It’s not a high resolution look, but it’s pretty conclusive.

          As for the goalie interference, though, I think the refs got that wrong.

        2. It rolls past Klein’s foot from left to right and hit’s Raanta above the pants… as soon as it passes Klein’s foot you have to focus hard on the red on Raanta’s pants right where the blue stripe starts… you can see a black blur hit the jersey. I can’t say that it’s so easy you can’t miss it… but it’s there. Look I still believe Raanta was speared there and by the rules “the goalie couldn’t do his job” therefor should’ve been overturned but that part is 100% the ref’s call…

          1. Admittedly I’m blind, but that black blur you talk abt appears to me to be the blade of Beagle’s stick not the puck.

          2. Maybe I can borrow your cane Paul, because like you, I still can’t see any evidence that the puck when in!

    1. And now all your comments with the full link are showing up.

      As I assumed above, the puck definitely crossed the line there as it bounced past Klein’s right skate. Toronto got that part right, as they always do.

      There is a decent argument to be made, however, that the refs on the ice should have overturned it based on Raanta getting speared into the net a second before that goal occurs. That’s on the refs, though, not Toronto.

      1. “That’s on the ref’s though”

        THANK YOU please shout that out more! lol been saying that and completely agree

  19. Apparently Kevin works for the NHL in Toronto as he’s the only one who sees the puck go in.

  20. A huge Statement made tonight by the NYR! A seed has been planted, Caps may be on their way to a record breaking season, but know they will be tested!, We can beat any one, any time, team beginning to jell!. Put a healthy Rick Nash in this line up, not many teams will be wanting to face us! Its time to get our King ( Hank ) a Ring ( Cup)

  21. Raanta was huge. The kid has talent and has played great. They shouldn’t be afraid to use him to keep Hank fresh. Raanta looks like a keeper.

  22. Peter, you got that right. I think AV and the coaching staff are feeling the same way. I hope so. Raanta is the real deal. Excellent move by Gorton that goes under the radar.

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