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Rangers best Dallas in early evening showdown

Dan Girardi, hockey pirate

The Rangers continued their success against Dallas Saturday night, although the hard won victory might worry some fans watching closely. The Stars are one of the best teams in the league and have some of the best offensive talent in hockey, and they badly out-possessed the Rangers despite losing the game late in the 3rd period. Henrik Lundqvist stood on his head once again, tracking the puck deftly through tricky plays and nullifying the threatening handiwork of players like Tyler Seguin and Jamie Benn.

Although the Rangers were behind most of the game in shot attempts there were still some things Rangers fans can be happy about. Chris Kreider was all over the ice making plays, Keith Yandle was exceptional once again, and Viktor Stalberg was strong on the forecheck. The Rangers got away with this one, which included a controversial no goal call on Dallas’s part, but it’s a big two points on the road none the less.

Rangers 1 Stars 0

Chris Kreider opens the scoring with a nice deflection in front off a great shot by Keith Yandle. It’s a fairly basic play but it was executed perfectly – the Rangers get a clean face off win on the powerplay, work the puck back to Yandle at the point, Yandle takes the shot, and Kreider gets the tip. Couldn’t find a gif for this one, sorry folks.

Rangers 1 Stars 1

The Stars tie it up on a big rebound off of Henrik Lundqvist after some strong forechecking. Lundqvist makes the save on the initial shot by Tyler Seguin, but doesn’t control the rebound. Sceviour comes around the front of the net, evading Dan Girardi and getting an extra step around Lundqvist to score the goal. No gif here either unfortunately.

Rangers 2 Stars 1

This one sure was a funny one. Chris Kreider gains the zone and Kevin Hayes takes a couple of shot attemps, and the puck ends up down low behind the net. Viktor Stalberg then works the puck up to Oscar Lindberg, who takes a shot from the outside that ends up bouncing behind the net, where Ryan McDonagh flips it on net. The shot actually occurs from behind the goal line, and ends up behind Lehtonen and bounces in off of him.

Rangers 2 Stars 2

This is one that Hank probably wants back. Following a clear to center ice by the Rangers, the Star gather the puck and get their breakout going. While the puck is coming down the middle, Valeri Nickushkin is coming down the wing and receives the pass from the center and slaps the shot. While this one deflects slightly off of Dan Girardi’s stick as he’s covering Nichushkin, Hank had clear sight of this one and was visibly frustrated following the goal.

Rangers 3 Stars 2

The Rangers get it right back after the Stars tie it for the eventual game winner on a nice tic-tac-toe play. An outside shot is collected by Oleksiak who attempts to move the puck up the boards but is stopped by Jesper Fast at the half boards. Fast the passes it straight to Stepan in the slot, who drops it off for Klein, who rips the shot and puts the Rangers back in the lead.

Shot Attempts and Scoring Chances

chart (18)chart (19)

What these two charts show is that despite short bursts of offensive activity, the Rangers were consistently out-possessed against the Stars. Granted, Dallas has some of the best offensive players in the league, but it would have been nice to see the Rangers keep these two categories a bit closer.

Shot Locations

Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 8.03.25 PM

This one actually isn’t so bad, showing that the Rangers got a decent proportion of their chances in the home plate area. Still though, it’s plain to see that the Stars simply had more chances overall, as well as their own fair share of shots down in front of the Rangers’ net.

Individual Shot Attempts

Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 8.05.54 PM

Although I don’t think the Rangers had quite as bad of a game as these two charts indicate, the Rangers were undoubtedly out-shot the entire game. The only player on the Rangers who was in positive possession territory was Keith Yandle, and most of the Dallas Stars roster found themselves there as well.

Overall you’d hope to see better things from the Rangers heading into the final stretch of the regular season and the eventual playoff run, especially against one of the best teams in the league. The Rangers once again found themselves out-possessed and relied on Henrik Lundqvist to bail them out with outstanding saves. Still though, there were positive things about the Rangers’ game tonight, giving enough cause for optimism that they’ll tighten up their play in the future. In any event, it’s two points.

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  • Hank was great. Defense was great. Klein is Mr. On-the-spot. Lots of heart one poise. Team may be gelling.

  • The last two games goes to show you how you can ride a hot goaltender through the playoffs even when you don’t play great. Hank can definitely do that. I’m not hoping that he has to be the only answer come this Spring, but the playoffs are a whole different beast as we all know. And our team has made two extremely long runs the last two seasons and knows what it takes to go from round to round. Our core is still here (unless it changes within the next 24 hours). We were big underdogs against Pittsburgh and came back from 3-1 down, anything can happen.

    20 games left, 14 of them against teams going to the playoffs. I actually believe this team will be in playoff mode for awhile by the time the first round starts up. LGR!

  • So the Rangers won both games against the Stars thus year, yet from this post you would nevrr know it. Do you get points for out shooting your opponent?

    The Rangers just went into two so called “powerhouse” Western Clubs and won both games. The West is decidely overrated. Can we stop about the Stars being great now. The Blues? The Kings? Look at point totals. Thats a pretty goid measuring stick.

    • Roger and Dan, you obviously missed the memo. Despite the point total, we really aren’t very good, we should certainly not go for it because, as we all know, it’s impossible for the best team during the regular season to NOT win it all in the playoffs. Bottom line, it’s time to give up on the season, tear it all down and gear up for the 2020 Cup run!

      • No one advocating that the Ranger management tear down the team. What the fans don’t want is for the Rangers to piss away their young talent for an declining big name superstar like Eric Staal.

  • On the Stars first goal, it all happened because Glass tried to go off for a change but for some reason didn’t. His man was Seguin and that left him wide open.

  • I’ve been away for a couple months. Still working hard. I’ll have some lengthier thoughts to share during my upcoming vacation.

    I’d like to know exactly what constitutes a statistical “scoring chance.” Yesterday I thought the Rangers, though outshot, had noticeably more Grade A chances than did the Stars. Henrik faced more shots, yes, but many were from areas and angles that are not dangerous, and he swallowed them up.

  • I think having Eric Staal on the Rangers would seriously boost the Rangers chances at winning a cup. You need a high end Centerman in your top 6 and Staal would be that guy. He’s big and skilled. However, there’s rumors of Kreider going the other way. I hope the Rangers wouldn’t part with him. He is IMO the only reason we snuck past the Caps last season.

  • One Cally style game from Kreider is just ONE game. Probably one of his best games as a Ranger but he needs to go. I dont think he will ever give you the same every game. If he did he would be a monster. I just dont think he is smart enough to understand this.

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