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Process fails Rangers, but Hank bails them out in St. Louis

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The Rangers came into St. Louis looking to rebound after unraveling in the second period in New Jersey. They rebounded in a sense of the word, coming out with a 2-1 win, but the win was almost entirely on the back of Henrik Lundqvist. The King made 35 saves, many of them difficult, holding the Blues to one goal that came off a lucky bounce.

The Blueshirts got their offense from Tanner Glass and Chris Kreider, and it was enough with Hank on his game all night. Glass scored his second of the season, which was assisted by Dan Girardi. Twitter broke after the goal. All jokes aside though, that goal was a great shift from everyone on the ice. It was one of the lone highlights of the game from the skaters.

As alluded to in the title, this game was a process fail for the Rangers. The Rangers were badly out shot, out chanced, out attempted, and out played throughout this game. It wasn’t as bad as that Nashville game in November, but it was close. Hank stole this one, tough to argue against that.

As always, you can view the full videos on our video page here. All GIFs are on nyrgifs.comfiltered under the date of the game. On to the goals:

Rangers 1, Blues 0

The fourth line did a great job on the forecheck, pressuring the Blues into a turnover to Dan Girardi at the blue line. Girardi wristed it on net, and Tanner Glass deflected it for his second of the season. Sorry for the bad angle here, best MSG gave.

Bues 1, Rangers 1

2016-02-25 21_32_05

2016-02-25 21_32_36

After Girardi took a four minute high sticking penalty, the Rangers got victimized again on the penalty kill. You want that pass from Jay Bouwmeester to Paul Stastny, through the slot to the other faceoff circle to be stopped. They’ve been allowing that pass too much, it’s hole in the diamond formation and they need to be cognizant that this play is killing them. After that Stastny’s shot was stopped by Hank, but the rebound went off Troy Brouwer’s leg and in.

Rangers 2, Blues 1

After Lundqvist had to make a save on a breakaway, Oscar Lindberg got the puck out of the zone and started the rush. He drew the attention of two Blues while Chris Kreider cut to the net. Lindberg made a pretty pass from his knees, and Kreider finished.

Shot Attempts


Not a good look for the Rangers, this is just under 60 attempts allowed to 30 taken. That’s almost a 2:1 ratio.

Scoring Chances


St. Louis had 25 of their shot attempts as quality scoring chances. The Rangers were at 12. Again, not good.

Individual Corsi

icorsi copy


Shot Locations

locations copy


Shift Chart


The Rangers caught a break –I know it’s bad to say this, but perhaps the game is different if it doesn’t happen– when Jori Lehtera went down in the first and didn’t return. From the beginning though, it looked like AV wanted to get McDonagh/Girardi out against that line. Once the injury happened, the matchups were jumbled as Hitchcock messed around with his lines.

If the Rangers play like this in Dallas, they will get crushed. But sometimes you need to let your goalie steal one. This was one of those games.

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  • We get the 2 points that’s needed.
    Hank plays on his head, so what else is new????
    Actually, Kreider’s goal was pretty, so long in coming, but we will take it.
    Can’t wait for this trade deadline to come, and be gone, too many distractions that none of us can control, so play the games, and keep winning!!!!!!!

  • Hank faced a lot of rubber, but mostly from outside the slot. Some up at the top of the slot, but manageable.

  • it was a miserable night for the line of Brass, miller and fast so they were switched but again defensive liabilities happened you can’t have that play better on Saturday boys in dallas will see you on Monday.

    • Miller was playing on egg shells. Team looked like they wanted to lose. Mc Donough making stupid mistakes again. Hank was great and stole this one. Nice goal by Glass. Well deserved. A broken clock is right twice a day and Glass scores twice a year.

  • As I said the other day, you can’t take too much from these last few games before the deadline. Win or lose, this cannot be the roster that we see going in to the Playoffs. If no significant moves are made, then we will have to rely on Hank to bail them out every night. Now, I guess it can happen, but over a long series, the odds are that this strategy will fail. I am amazed at how inept they have been defensively over this last little while. The amount of good scoring chances given up is staggering. It can’t continue, going forward. By the way, whats happened to D. Moore? His game has really deteriorated. Maybe I’m being too critical, but every time I see him, he’s holding on to the puck coming into the zone, and trying some lame spin-a-rama backhand shot that basically hangs his linemates out to dry. He might be the guy thats moved in some larger deal. He’s been moved before. His shelf life might be up.

    • Not being in a position to know how the players are feeling, it is tough to know if the trade-deadline is hanging over their heads. That said, the Brass line shouldn’t be worried, but played poorly, so no excuse there.

      When I watch us, I just do not get a sense of “danger”. Even the Blues have 3 or 4 guys who make me say “oh no, not him, not there”. Who on the NYR make other teams say that? We are missing a stud forward, and when Nash returns, we may still not have one.

    • Moore’s been saddled with two anchors for most of the season, whether it was Stoll/Glass or Glass/Paille. He’s lost a step, sure, but it’s tough to look good when you’re with three terrible players.

      • So what’s Rick Nash’s Excuse, “its hard to sore like an eagle when you work with a bunch of turkeys”

        A good player makes others better. Not saying your wrong about Moore but we need some guys to be sparks.

        JT has come a long way, Kreider is weird..

        Zucc seems to be quieter lately,


    • This was a quality opponent in roughly the same situation as the Rangers. St. Louis is in a dogfight for playoff position (currently 1 point behind Chicago for 2nd and only 3 points behind Dallas for 1st). Their loss on Monday broke a 5-game winning streak and were 6-0-1 (shoot out loss) in their previous 7 prior to Monday. They are a quality team who is playing well and looking to rebound at home.

      I disagree with the statement, “If the Rangers play like this in Dallas, they will get crushed”. Dallas is 1-3-1 in their last 5, which includes an OT loss in St. Louis. Right now, St. Louis is the better team as Dallas is 10-10-3 in 2016. No question the Rangers need to play better. A duplicate effort may not even result in a loss in Dallas, but the team needs to be more consistent to have a chance to more deep into the playoffs. The Rangers have a tough schedule down the stretch as nearly all of the remaining opponents are battling for playoff position. 16 of the remaining 21 games are against teams battling for the playoffs (2 games against Columbus and Buffalo and 1 game against Carolina are the five that aren’t although Carolina has a slight chance).

    • So the defense in my mind has had one bad game in the last dozen or so, that being the one against the Devils. Other than that they’ve given up more than 3 goals twice, against LA and Chicago, two pretty good offensive teams. McD in and out of the lineup, a couple of Hartford players rotating in. Look do we have to pick apart every single goal that they give up? Do we have to go into a fiery panic at every single turnover? This kind of stuff happens to every team.

      There is also a reason Lundqvist is paid a lot of money; he’s one of the 3 or 4 best goalies in the world. Does he have to make a great save every once in a while? Yep. That’s what he gets paid for. Does the team have Bobby Orr, Scott Stevens and Larry Robinson on defense? Nope. And I have news for everyone. None of the teams in contention are going to trade a top defender this time of year. If you trade for a defender, you’re going to have to give up someone important, first of all, or a high draft pick. Then everyone will be howling that “we” are giving up draft picks. Does anyone really want a defender from Edmonton or Toronto? I think not.

      The Rangers have the second most regulation/overtime wins in the conference, and are in solid playoff position. They’ve been in the Final Four the last two seasons. I like the position right now. Have a nice weekend everyone.

      Regards- orange

      • Counting on Hank to make a great save once in a while is fine.

        Counting on him to do it for periods at a time, sometimes games at a time, is not good.

  • A failure of “process” is an apt description of a feeble effort once again bailed out by the brilliance of Henrik Lundqvist. In fact, if not for Hank this season the Rangers could very well be pulling up the rear in the Metropolitan Division. This team has played beyond poorly this year in so many aspects which has been very disappointing.

    • It’s been the inconsistency. They’ve solved some of their issues from earlier in the season (to an extent). There are some holes and I’m generally not the biggest fan of the blue line as a whole, but if they can find some level of consistency, I would feel much better. I’m hoping a healthy squad that has had time to play some games together can find it.

  • Ugly, ugly metrics on this game. Like Boris the Animal in MIB3, I hope they don’t get Texas two-stepped in Dallas.

  • Cannot play Zucc with Brass. Zucc is an absolute nightmare in the Dzone and creates havoc with his freewheeling coverage. Should only be used for Ozone draws and come off afterwards.
    Girardi has played well in last couple – a good sign.
    Dam Boil is done and playing with Stalled is not good for either of them.

  • So TG stands in front, gets a tip for a goal, takes a hit after and still gets ragged on? Plus leads the team in this game with hits. Go check the league stats in the hits category … Everyone around him has played 18 ++ games more than him, he is closing in on the top 20. AV has him to go hit the opposition and he does, as good or better than most in the league. Please note a hit – to count statistically, means NYR get the puck after the hit. And that is with less MPGame than all those around him in that category. Can we not just say he does what he there for and congrats when he gets a point … Jeeeesh already ….

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