Rangers fall to Kings in OT

AP Photo/Julie Jacobson
AP Photo/Julie Jacobson

The Rangers matchup against perennial contenders the LA Kings ended in heartbreak after the visiting team tied it late and came back to win it in overtime. The Kings opened the scoring early, with Anze Kopitar scoring the first of his three goals just 33 seconds into the game. The Rangers came back to tie it and eventually take the lead, but once again Kopitar had their number, sending his team to overtime and completing his hat trick late in the third with the goalie pulled.

While it’s hard to be entirely happy with the way the team played, struggling to generate sustained offense or connect on passes, it is worth noting that the Rangers were missing some key players, and they still managed to walk away with one point on the evening.

Kings 1 Rangers 0

Less than a minute into the game Anze Kopitar opens the scoring with a phenomenal shot from the top of the circle. The play starts with an outside shot that Kopitar scoops from behind the net, then coming up and curling back at the top circle before setting up the show.


Kings 2 Rangers 0

After a failed clearing attempt by the Rangers, Marian Gaborik scoops the puck up and moves in down the slot. He snaps the shot just between the two faceoff dots, sniping his way to the Kings’ second of the period.


Kings 2 Rangers 1

The Rangers got one back before the period was out thanks to a nice feed by Kevin Hayes to set up Viktor Stalberg. Lindberg moves the puck along the boards behind the net where it’s collected by Hayes who quickly turns and slides the pass across the crease to Stalberg, who taps it in for the Rangers first goal of the night.


Kings 2 Rangers 2

Derek Stepan gets an unassisted goal to tie up the game at 2 midway through the second period. After a dump in by the Rangers the LA Kings go after the puck, with Stepan coming in to strip the puck away from the defender at the boards before moving in and letting a quick shot fly right in front of the net.


Kings 2 Rangers 3

You’ve got to imagine Budaj wants this one back. Chris Krider jumps in to gather up the loose puck after a faceoff, curls around the net and finds Mats Zuccarello in front. Zuc then flips the shot towards Budaj, who just can’t seem to get a handle on it as it trickles past him and into the net.


Kings 3 Rangers 3

Anze Kopitar gets his second of the game to tie up the game at 3 goals per team. Following an attempted defensive zone breakout by the Rangers the Kings scoop up the puck at the top of the zone. Lucic then passes it down low to Kopitar waiting in front of the Rangers’ net, and he taps it in for his second goal of the night and the Kings’ third.


Kings 3 Rangers 4

Kevin Hayes gets his second point of the game off a nice feed from Mats Zuccarello not unlike his own earlier in the game to set up Stalberg. Zuc enter the zone coming down the wing following a nice stretch pass from Keith Yandle, and then cuts in at the low right circle. He the passes the puck across the crease to Kevin Hayes, who taps it in to give the Rangers the lead.


Kings 4 Rangers 4

Kopitar completes his hat trick and sends the game into overtime with a snipe from the half boards following a dish from Drew Doughty. Needless to say this one stung a little bit.


Kings 5 Rangers 4

Alec Martinez leads Tanner Pearson with a long stretch pass, with Pearson then letting the shot fly from the outside, winning the game in the process. Not a good look for the Rangers.


Score Adjusted Shot Attempts and Scoring Chances

chart (14)chart (15)

Looking at these charts we can see a couple of things. On a basic level the Rangers were behind all game in both possession and scoring chances. Reading into it a bit more we can see that the scoring chances chart is much closer than just shot attempts, due to the Rangers’ rush game and the short spurts of offense they generated at times during the game. Although we can also see periods of relative stagnation, that the Rangers were able to keep the scoring chances relatively more close than the shot attempts due to short bursts of productivity is something of a silver lining.

Shot Locations

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 11.58.11 PM

Here we can see that not only did the Kings generate more traffic than the Rangers did, but that they also got a decent amount of it down in the home plate area between the circles in front of the net.

Individual Shot Attempts

Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 12.00.12 AM

The big takeaway here is that while nearly every single one of the LA Kings was positive in possession, nearly every single New York Ranger was in negative territory. Not a good look.

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  • Felt bad for Raanta. Looked like a goalie that hasn’t had a start in 23 games. Hopefully he gets in there again soon.

    We knew LA was gonna fight tooth n nail to get this victory after their dismal road trip thus far.

    I felt like the officiating was meh. There were three blatant hooking, holding and especially interference penalties that weren’t called in the first. Just seems like Tampa and LA always get those non interference calls. I’m convinced these clubs’s coaches specifically train their players to play on that threshhold of a penalty. It’s like they’re trained to do 72mph in a 55 and never get pulled over for it.

    Staal n Klein didn’t have their best games for sure, but Kreider….. What the hell is going on Chris???

  • Hey, at least we got a point right.

    Now…. Do we want TG to go after the “Always Angry Coward” on Sunday night or do we play it cool and pay them back with a win? I know TG said some words about it.

    Should be an interesting topic leading up to the game.

    • Tanner has to invite Simmonds to dance, if he obliges then you drop the gloves. Your team captain and one of your best players was sucker punched and now has a concussion, their is a code that must be followed. Do not think for a minute that Simmonds ( who I despise , but would love to have on our team) will be running for cover, the guy is a huge man, a legit heavy weight, Tanner ( who is a middle weight at best, is all heart , would have his hands-full) . Simmonds might make a bee line for Dylan Mcllrath?, ( Dylan being a rookie, he might feel better about mixing it up? ) who is about the same size, I am sure the Undertaker will not shy away from the action. But it has to be done. Otherwise Hank/Zucc/Brassard/ will have targets on their backs, free hits, give them concussions, no fear of pay back!

  • Bobby, I’d much prefer McIlrath to square up with Simmonds. Glass would most likely underwhelm.

    • I see your point Hatrick, and what a statement again it would be for Mcllrath, answering the bell yet again for a teammate. Lets hope AV gives him to the OK, as long as Simmonds obliges?. But you never know, we all see how AV appreciates the physical part of the game.

  • if you had to figure the west it will be between the Kings and Chicago the rangers should be ready for the hawks tomorrow night for Wednesday night rivalry night unfortunately doc will not be there it will be Kenny, Edzo, and Pierre see you tomorrow guys can’t wait,

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