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Jetlagged Rangers can’t generate anything, fall to Sens in snoozefest

Photo by Jana Chytilova/Freestyle Photography/Getty Images
Photo by Jana Chytilova/Freestyle Photography/Getty Images

Winter storm Jonas affected the Rangerstravel plans, meaning they didn’t skate for two days before the game yesterday, and it showed. The Rangers were just flat all game, getting outworked, outmuscled, and just overall outplayed by the Sens all game. The Blueshirts had no answer for the Sens forecheck, which pressured the Rangers into multiple turnovers and forced some great saves from Henrik Lundqvist.

While the defense was shaky for most of the game, it was the inability to generate sustained offense that killed the Rangers. They had very few legitimate scoring chances, and the only two I can really pinpoint hopped over sticks. One of them actually led to the second goal by the Sens. Just a rough game all around for the Rangers, who really needed to build on two strong games prior.

As always, you can view the full videos on our video page here. All GIFs are on nyrgifs.comfiltered under the date of the game. I crossed out that sentence because this was the first game in the history of that site that I did not add a single gif to the site. I add the ones that people might like to search by, and there was not one worthwhile gif to keep at easy access.

On to the goals:

Sens 1, Rangers 0

ryan goal 1

ryan goal 2

Kevin Klein followed Bobby Ryan to the corner after a dump in, the right play. He lost the race and stayed with Ryan as he cut to the net. Ryan gave him a little shove, which gave Ryan the inside track to the net. Hank couldn’t handle the initial shot cleanly, and the little shove gave Ryan enough room to outmuscle Klein to the rebound.

Sens 2, Rangers 0

glass miss mcd pinch

hoff goal

This goal came off a counter, when Ryan McDonagh pinched after a Tanner Glass missed chance. Mika Zibanejad chipped it to Mike Hoffman to start the 2-on-1 against Girardi. Girardi played this fine, just Hoffman has a killer shot.

Sens 3, Rangers 0

With the net empty and on the powerplay, McDonagh whiffed on a pass, giving it right to Jean-Gabriel Pageau, who fired it 150 feet to the empty net.



Boy is this ugly. The Rangers didn’t really show up until the second period, and even then couldn’t generate anything sustained. Aside from the offensive struggles, they had no answer on defense for anything the Sens threw at them.

Scoring Chances


This is just ugly. While the first chart is quantity of shots, this is number of quality shots. The Rangers flatlined for most of the game. Heck, I think they died in the first period.

Individual Corsi

icorsi copy

This is consistent with what we saw in the first two charts. Notice the fourth line is buried far down on this chart. That’s not good. Keith Yandle didn’t really have a strong game either.

Shot Locations

shot locations copy

This is in sync with the first three charts. The Rangers gave up a ton of chances in front and generating nothing for themselves.

Shift Chart


I think, at some point, a question needs to be asked about deployment in the third period. One of John Tortorella’s issues was that he only ran three lines and two pairings. Alain Vigneault does the opposite. He runs everyone, no matter the score. The fourth line shouldn’t be getting shifts when down two and in desperate need for offense. Just my opinion.

This game was ugly, and it would have been really nice for the club to put together a third strong effort. These games happen, although they seem to happen a lot lately with the Rangers. They have one more game tonight against Buffalo before the All Star break. A win sets the tone for the second half.

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  • A sleeper for sure. I disagree that a win tonight vs sabres sets a tone. This team is tone deaf or maybe the right music isn’t being played by the coaches or Captain.Hard to say cause we’re not in the room but there is little urgency on the ice and certainly the guys who should be tough are softies. Why is Hayes on the PP? The 4th line is no worst than the so called 1st line. I don’t get it and pretty soon the devils will be even with them. Ugly to say the least. No fun to watch unless you like to torture yourself. I know we’re built to play fast, go north south and let the D’s be offensive. However playing fast without puck support isolates one guy and we can’t carry the puck into the zone. We dump it and our aggressive FCk stinks. We usually get caught going in while the other guys are already coming out. How many times have we seen our D’s below the hash marks in the offensive zone? Hope AV can figure out that something is wrong but all we hear from him and the announcers is that this guy and that guy are playing well and finding their game, what a bunch of garbage.

    • Built for speed?????????????? Three diesel trains on defense, Boyle, Staal, and Girardi!!!!!!!!!!!

      There is something going on in locker room, it’s a gut feeling, and it stink to high heaven. I suspect that this edition is just playing out the string, and really don’t give a flying sh*t if they win, or lose………….

      AV should bench a lot of these guys, bring up kids, even if not ready for NHL, to jerk some chains on this roster. Best case scenario, AV resigns, because he appears to have lost this group of players. Guys play piss poor, and what happens, they get rewarded with more playing time. I’ve had it with him !!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Can you see us n making the PO’s, the Coyote’s would get a lottery pick from us, now if that isn’t a kick in the teeth, I just don’t know what is?????

      • You can’t actually do this. You are only allowed to carry 23 players and the Rangers already have 22. If you bring up three kids for example, you don’t just bench a couple of guys, you actually must send two players to the AHL — except that they don’t clear waivers and are gone for good.

      • Walt, they were horrible yesterday. No doubt. But it happens. The Blackhawks were horrible no shows in Florida. It happens. No one is getting fired. No massive benchings can and will take place. No sane organization operates that way.

        If they win tonight, they will be 8-5-1 in their last 14. That’s progress, and progress is not always linear.

        Teams do struggle my friend. It happens.

  • You’re gonna’ bring up the kids, ‘even if they’re not ready’ when you’re 2nd in the Division? That make sense? Yes, they’re playing lousy, but you don’t just chuck the Season out the window like that because you’re mad. They need a trade—-a bigtime trade! The team is stagnant, and needs some new blood. You have to give Gorton a chance to show that he can right this thing before it gets too out of hand. There’s still plenty of time left. They just need to infuse new blood in the lineup—-not unproven, AHL players—but real seasoned talent. It will probably cost them some of the youth. But Hanks window is closing, and they need to take one more swing at it before they tear it down. Make a trade—-NOW!!

    • Joe

      The team needs a wake up call, and if need be, bring in the kids for a game or two Yes the team is going thru the motions, with no fire in the gut. Bottom line, this is a way of saying to the loafers, shit, or get off the pot!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t mean to be vulgar, but that’s the only way I can phrase it such that my point is driven across..

      • Bringing up kids right now would only send the message that they have given up on this year. And just what kids are you referring to that would have any type of impact, any way? They just don’t have any. A trade is the way to send a message to the vets. Again, they need to import a different personality into that room. I’d even consider Scottie Hartnell! They’re just too vanilla. As for being in 2nd place—-doesn’t matter how good/bad the division is. You take it and run with it.

      • You said it, Coach Walt. The effort was appalling.

        Like you, I’d much prefer to see a group of kids hustle, overachieve and make inevitable mistakes than this group underachieve, sleepwalk and slack.

        This season is beginning to hint at the end of our SC window. The coaching staff seems every bit as asleep as our lineup. No shakeup. No benching. No message sending.

        • What a total overreaction! The laziest players on our team were Miller last year and Hayes this year. The notion that the kids will try harder is about as valid as the sighting of the Loch Ness Monster. Our kids now are just as culpable as the vets.

          Were you similarly upset after their A+ efforts the last two games? Puh-leeze!

          And as Joe said, who exactly in the Rangers “deep” farm system would you bring up?

    • Joe

      As for us being in 2nd in our division, well that’s because it’s the worst in the NHL. Carolina, Columbus, Filthadelphia, Devils, and even the Pens, that’s not saying a heck of a lot for the team.

    • The team core is Henk, McD, Staal, Girardi, Step, Nash, Brass, Zucc, Klein, Kreider and now an emerging Miller and an inconsistent Haze.
      These players who signed new contracts in the last 2 years are all overpaid: Henk, Staal, Girardi, Step, Brass; with Nash already overpaid. They are all playing like making the Cup is the grand prize. Boil, Glass are both overpaid as well.
      It becomes a value proposition. Who is underpaid on this team?
      Klein, Miller, Lindberg, McD (mostly), Yandle (paying half his take) and first half Zucc.
      Strider and In a Haze are the wild cards. When they play well, this team usually plays well because puck possession keeps the puck away from Girardi and Staal who are horrendous with it.
      When only 5 or 6 players out of 15 are playing above their pay grade, bad things will happen.
      What happens to ‘top heavy’ ships in the Navy?

    • Don’t agree that a bunch of trades are the answer at this point. First guys have to move their families or leave them behind and don’t really fit into the team until the following year. The chemistry in the room is disturbed and new players take time to learn from a new system and a new coach. It’s different if the team is playing well & you are trying to add that last piece like with MSL and Yandle. I see no point in trading guys like Miller and Kreider, Buchnevich, Skjei, Graves, which other teams will demand, at this point. I’d really like the Rangers to try & get Stamkos because he’s there for the taking. Or you just let the season play out & retool in the offseason. If there is desperation to make the POs, firing AV & his staff & bringing in Mess to try & jump start the team is another option. You can really see that the team is not responding to the coaches. During interviews Lundqvist appears defeated & McDonagh is very, very tense & frustrated. Lundy even took a shot at the other players yesterday which is uncharacteristic of him. There is something wrong in the dressing room to be sure. What it is, who knows?

      • They’re jetlagged. They’re injured. They’re just worn out from all the playoff games over the last few years. BLAH, BLAH, BLAH!! They just are not that talented. Nobody is calling for a series of trades. Just that one trade that brings in a difference maker. The lineup, as it is right now, is not talented enough to win. Simple.

      • Paul
        Glad to see someone is objective enough to see that AV lost the team, or there are problems in the locker room !!

        • Ya Walt, the nonverbals are very telling at this point. AV keeps insisting the team is progressing but it’s obvious that this is just delusional. There is a real lack of urgency & consistency in the team.

          • 7-5-1 over the last 13. Yup, they are falling apart.

            They sure look like they’ve tuned out AV vs the Canucks and Canes.

            Of course, when a team has some bad games, of course, the coach has lost the room. I’m sure that’s it. Right.

            I wonder if you thought the same when Torts missed the playoffs in 2010 for the first time post-lockout, or in 2013 when they slipped badly from the previous season.

            Of course, in the latter case, we learned that he actually did lose the room since Cally, Hank, Girardi and others pretty much told Sather they wanted him out. I guess the “great growler” didnt scare them enough anymore. :). And of course, an interim mediocrity would certainly do better than AV….or not. Fortunately, the Rangers are run by people who don’t make decisions based on irrational knee jerk reactions.

            Joe is absolutely right. The team is filled with B level talent…and to that no Nash, Rangers are pretty easy to defend. This team needs its best players to step up, or it makes no difference who the coach is.

    • Joe speaketh the truth. Well said. We are in second place in the Metro. Who bails on a season? Silly stuff.

      They had a bad game. Havent had many of these recently. Joe is right, a trade is in the offing.

  • “jetlagged” a terrible excuse. this team needs a wake up call quickly to get its head straightened out. teams win because they are strong down the middle and brassard and stepan are invisible. it’s very evident that there is a lack of leadership throughout the group and if Gorton thinks this team is built to go deep into the playoffs just look at the replays of this abomination of a game.


  • Anyone know the Flyers equivalent to this site? I think I’m just gonna start being a Flyer fan, may as well,since I’m watching a team with great talent go to waste…

  • Spent 4 1/2 hours on a bus to watch this game in Ottawa. First time live this year. Seats were high so I could see whole ice at once. A few things were obvious that I don’t get to see on TV.
    First is Hayes just isn’t involved. Unless the puck finds him, he just hangs in the defensive zone while the puck is on the boards. Doesn’t seem to like contact much either.
    Zuc works hard every minute he is on the ice. Even on his off wing he was working harder than most everyone else.
    I’m not a fan of Tanner Glass’s skill level but I will say this for him, he works harder with what he has than 75% of the rest. Maybe that is what AV sees in him.
    The ride back to Binghamton seemed much longer due to the Sens fans also on the bus. I couldn’t even defend the Ranger’s effort.

    • Bingo – “I’m not a fan of Tanner Glass’s skill level but I will say this for him, he works harder with what he has than 75% of the rest. Maybe that is what AV sees in him.” … Well I am a fan of TG and what he brings, and you nailed it, and the idea is that others jump on the train. I will repeat something I said a while back. These are people playing a game and getting paid big money. We can sit back and say they should play 100% or 110% every night, but …. you have wives, children parents, friends, a sniffle here, a cough there, a teammate that you are not friends with, a coach riding you when don’t think it is deserved, DISTRACTIONS … these are human beings folks, not robots. They need to make the play offs with as high a seed as possible and by then have as many distractions as possible dealt with and then make a run. The good teams find a way, AV is a good coach, the NYR are a good team, have a some faith fans.

  • let’s be honest here they weren’t ready to play hopefully tonight they will be Brass I will see you after work have something for you.

  • I’m tired of this Hank’s window talk. It’s the New York Rangers and they will or will not win in his time here. To make trades of young assets to so call get Hank a CUP is what’s won this team one CUP in over 75 years. This team is far from winning a CUP this year. Some veterans need to go. Some young players need to be looked at hard. Are they keepers or not? A true number one center needs to be traded for. A young stud center not someone past their prime. A finisher is also needed, size,speed and toughness. Leadership in the room seems to be lacking.

    • As I read your comment, I said to myself that is exactly the point I have tried to make time, and again. Thank you, another thinking man on this site!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I’m so tired of hearing give the vets time to get their game together, they’ve earned it. Bull, perform, or sit, or move over for another who will bust his hump……………I said it earlier, sh*t, or get off the pot!!!!!!!!!!!

      • And then when they lose their playoff spot with these mythical “kids” you crave, what then? Fire AV? This is what happens when you start to believe all the hype and evaluations of the prospects from people who just like to act like they’re in the know. The fact is, the only sure-fire NHL high level prospect that they have is Buchnevich. He is, arguably, rated as a difference maker. The rest are just prospects in the truest sense of the word. They need to evaluate the young talent they have, and who they feel will not progress to the expectations they had hoped. Then they need to package those disappointments and try and bring in some real talent. Its risky and hard to accomplish. But the alternative is to do nothing, and fall short again.

        • so we keep playing no effort, gutless, soft, don’t give a hoot players, and expect different results, now that is insane !!!!!!!!!!!

        • There is a kid in Hartford who can skate miles like Hags, can kill penalties, has great character, an impeccable work ethic and always gets left behind–Ryan Bourque–an ideal fit for the fourth line but other than getting in one game last year, he languishes in the minors.

          • OMG! Bourque! He was placed on waivers before the season and NO ONE WANTED him. He’s, at best, a 4th line option.

            More likely, as Joe said, he’s a career minor leaguer.

          • Hey EDDIE—–When are we getting married? The only other person who agrees with me this much is my Grandmother! (;

          • See how things can change from the summer? I’m on the “Joe” bandwagon now!

            But sorry, I’m taken. 🙂

          • Oh God!! Please spare me. No one wanted Glass on waivers either so I suppose he should be in Hartford too. Did I not say bring him up for fourth line? Your daughter is right, you need to learn to listen 🙂

          • Not comparable. Glass would cost a team $1.5 mil for two more seasons. If Bourque were NHL quality, at his small cap hit, he nets scooped up in a minute, which is why they didn’t want to risk it with DMC.

            But you’re right, she thinks I can do a better job of listening. 🙂

          • Oops…meant to say “he is scooped up”

            My daughter is right again….need to not be in such a hurry. 🙂

  • A.V. needs to be fired now. Any coach who plays Tanner Glass in the 3rd period when behind has no clue. Any coach who refuses to bench unproductive veterans, i.e. Boyle, Girardi, Staal to name 3, doesn’t deserve to stand behind an NHL bench. Also, he is playing Henrik too much. I am slightly surprised The King has not slapped his so-called teammates upside their heads for their criminal lack of support. Get angry Mr. Lunqdvist.

    • Even more clueless is he says only two players played well–Hank & Quickie. Quickie????? What FN game was he watching from behind the bench? I’m beginning to think AV is brain dead and so focused on the “structure” & the “process” that he can’t see the forest from the trees.

        • So Quickie’s a favorite, but I thought AV hates all young players? And didn’t he bench Quickie a few games?

          It’s so confusing being a fan of this blog. Amusing, but confusing. 🙂

          We lost a hockey game…we played horrible. It happens to every team. My God!

          • What seems to be lost on you Eddie is that we’ve been horrible in most games this season, even ones that we won.

          • one of the few kids he likes…………

            given a chance, he would prefer an old fart!!!!!!!!!!

      • I must be clueless too. Being at the game, Quickie was noticeable. He was hustling to the puck, fighting for possession and getting to the open man. Regardless of the line switches he was dealing with, he was consistent. Looking at the corsi chart above confirms the eye test. He was one of the better players on the ice on this day.

        He was doing his job and so was Glass. That’s why they were on the ice when down 2- there just wasn’t a better option on this day.

        • Well I’m glad he was noticeable at the game because he sure wasn’t noticeable on TV. In fact, that whole line wasn’t very good.

  • I had a strange dream last night.My dream was that Stamkos got traded to Toronto for 9 assets then we traded Stepan for 4 assets, to include Drouin. Better call it a nightmare versus a dream. Good news is it has been a while since I had a dream other than a Military dream.
    As for trades, if we traded McDonagh I would not lose any sleep over it. I am officially calling McDonagh over rated

  • Lackluster effort with little push from anyone who wears a C or an A. Beginning to think that this is a leadership issue (of lack thereof).

    Gorton can not like what he sees, on ice or behind bench. Hands may be tied due to lack of picks and aging assets. Need our top 6 to play like top 6, otherwise time to sell.

  • OK time for the Ranger vets in the room to step up to the plate here. They need to come up with a bounce back game tonight against the Sabers. Stick a fork in Buffalo and take the 2 points.

  • Agreed. We need a no. 1 center so Step can be a 2 and Brass a 3. Move Nash and Yandle for a 1C and some picks.

  • A few weeks ago I referred to Vigneault’s decision to bench Hayes as cowardice because, while acknowledging it was deserved, I thought it was the easy way out for Vigneault, missed the mark, and he needed to bench a veteran. Some took offense to that.

    Hayes isn’t much better since then but neither is the rest of the team. It is easy to play well against Vancouver and Carolina. Ottawa wasn’t a difficult opponent either but we saw the end result when we met some tough resistance.

    Vigneault is afraid or unwilling to bench veterans. Either way, it’s a poor coaching flaw. Stepan, Boyle, Girardi, Nash, Staal…..they’ve all been quiet or poor for long stretches to deserve an outright benching or for some serious minutes as 4th line/3rd pairing players.

    Vigneault has no problem making statements about a young JT Miller possibly becoming a very good AHL player someday but cannot even drop Stepan to the 3rd or 4th line for just 1 shift in 1 game?

    For 90% of his games Nash is no better than a sound, defensive 3rd line forward. Then put him on the 3rd line and move Lindberg up for just 1 shift Vigneault.

    There are simple things any coach can do to get players motivated but when those options are not exercised, and the players know they will not be exercised, teams will develop an ugly complacency to their performances.

    It happened in Vancouver; it’s happened here in New York. What’s the common thread?

    What if the Rangers called up Skjei, Graves, Borque and Tambellini for just 1-game, inserted McIlrath into the lineup, and put McDonagh, Staal, Girardi, Stepan and Nash in the press-box? We might lose ugly, we might win, but either way the veterans who are supposed to lead this steam would be furious and embarrassed. Maybe to the point where they would do something about it where it counts most: on the ice.

    This is an extreme example; it shouldn’t need to get this far but Vigneault is not having an impact on these players. The players are not playing for one another and don’t seem to be enjoying themselves.

    It’s perfectly fine to say the players are responsible yet when nothing is done to discipline underperforming players, then the Head Coach is not immune to what is causing this team’s problems.

    • note: i am aware there are contract constraints that may limit number of call-ups; that was an example for discussion purposes.

    • When it’s one or two guys they can be benched but when it is a majority of the players who look bad out there, then it is on the coach. Reading your link yesterday I was surprised the writer referenced the dislike of AV by the Vancouver press. He really tries to schmooze the press by talking & saying nothing or the same thing over & over. For all the fights Brooks had with Torts, he ironically stated that he liked Torts & misses him. Ah, the irony of it all is noteworthy.

      • the irony indeed….I can see why the press in Vancouver turned against Vigneault. He really plays into their need for nice quotes and platitudes. That wears thin after a while and reporters want real beef, sometimes at least.

        the irony, indeed.

    • I agree with about 90% of what you say- Perhaps a little too tough on Stepan and Nash. AV is a little too thick on change- need to get Girardi and Boyle time off to rest- prepare for retirement, what ever. McIlrath needs to be in the line-up every night. He is tough on the kids- with some occasional good results but— TG he may try harder but with such limited results it is not worth taking out someone who may actually score make no sense. Bring up the kids and see what they can do. I am starting to believe it may be time for him to move on- but who replaces him?

      • I like your post Wayneg. I like the fact you recognize some subtle and practical changes can be made that gets a loud point across to the leaders of our team. I agree more aggressive steps may not have to be the answer, though they can be; there are other ways to be just as effective possibly.

        I think Vigneault is surely smart enough to implement needed steps to get our veterans to lead and whip our roster into a well disciplined unit each night. Everything must start from there.

    • AD, I have tremendous respect for your opinion but you are so off base on this “AV is a coward because he benched Hayes” line of “reasoning” (and I use that term loosely).

      As a practical matter, AV, doesn’t call anyone out in public, unlike Torts who made a habit of it. He has, in a group sense, called out the team “time to put on the big boy pants”. He’s called out some vets like Hank at times saying he needs more. In terms of young guys, since you all mistakenly believe he has little use for young players, have you ever heard him call out Kreider? Has he made him a healthy scratch even once this season or last, despite his erratic and maddeningly inconsistent play? Has he called out Fast? Or Lindberg? He’s been very positive about McIlrath as well.

      He called out essentially two guys in two plus seasons—Miller and Hayes. TWO GUYS. That’s it. So how is this a pattern or a problem?

      And what did these two guys have in common? They committed the cardinal sin any player can commit….bad work/ethic, lack of effort.

      In 2013, Miller came to camp out of shape. That’s when AV laid into him I remember watching him when he was called up in the 2014 playoffs. My God, he was BRUTAL out there. I don’t know why AV played him at all frankly. But he gave the kid a chance. Miller was, at that time, unable or unwilling to do what was necessary to be a NHL caliber player.

      In 2014-15, Miller was benched and demoted at times, and many questioned AV’s motivations. He wouldn’t share why, because he probably didn’t want to further embarrass the kid, so we had some geniuses conclude that AV hates him. And yet, he eventually got more time as he matured, and as MSL slumped, Miller took on a bigger role and played well in post season.

      So what did we learn this summer? We found out from published reports that were just recently confirmed again by Dave Maloney, the kid had work ethic issues. Heck, Maloney took it a step further, and said it was unclear if the kid really wanted to be an NHL player! Miller admitted in the article that he didn’t always bring his best effort, something he was working on. He had to learn how to be an NHL player.

      What about this season? Even though Miler continues to be a bit of an adventure defensively, has AV benched him? No. When he made his huge gaffe vs the Caps, did he call him out or sit him? No. Quite the contrary, he took him aside to tell him other mistakes were made on that play and not to get down on himself. It was widely reported how much it meant to the kid. So you’re going to kill AV for sitting a kid for questionable work ethic issues, and go silent for handling him the right way after the Caps game. I’d be willing to bet Torts would have sat him after that gaffe.

      As for Hayes, every reporter following the team has seen a kid who is standing out in practice in a negative way with his poor effort and work ethic. AV and the coaches tried to address this privately. But it didn’t work. Finally, he had no choice.

      I have a lot of respect for your opinion, even if we disagree, on most topics. On this, you are so wrong I’m just shaking my head in amazement. No coach anywhere will EVER play a player, especially a kid, if that kid isn’t applying themselves and working hard. It’s a stunning position to call that “cowardice”.

      Wow, just wow!

  • AV must go!!!!!

    Sather should not have anything more to do with this team…get out of organization….yandle for Duclair and possibly a lottery pick…….worst moves since Milbury islander yashin trade….

    Mcilrath must play……he cares……
    Stepan trade while you can still get something for him…..Nash too……
    Hayes to AHL
    bring up kids……borque….bodie….diaz……nehring…..tambellini….gibbons….tanarsky……
    do SOMETHING!!!!!!

  • At what point does AV realize he’s given Danny G and other vets time to work things out. They haven’t because they are on the down side. Groton better not trade young assets thinking these guys have something left. Because they don’t. Nash and Stepan to TB for Stamkos and Drouid and picks.

  • Dave…

    What are your thoughts on NYR going back to a similar style defense to Tortorella. It worked wonders for all Girardi and Staal. It may also better suit a guy like Klein, who is having a rough go with one on one matchups. His conditioning from missing injuries may not be up to par. Boyle might even benefit from skating less. However, Yandle needs the freedom…

    McDonagh and Yandle playing the current way
    Girardi and Staal playing the old style
    Klein Boyle McIlrath playing the old style

    Just a thought. Gets the puck up to the top lines. Keeps the other lines playing defensively responsible.

  • If AV was that pissed during the presser, why wasn’t he a flamethrower after the 1st? Mistakes are mistakes, but lack of hustle deserves a torching. I know 3 hour flight = 6 hours of transit for a 3pm start makes for issues, but you need to challenge those guys right away.

    Should he be playing Glass in the 3rd down by 2? If he’s hustling, darn tootin.

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