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McKenzie: Rangers could trade Emerson Etem today

Bob McKenzie dropped a bit of a bomb just now, saying the Rangers are working on trading forward Emerson Etem. It could go down today, might not go at all, but they are working on it now. Etem was acquired at the draft in exchange for Carl Hagelin in a wildly unpopular but necessary move.

Etem never clicked with the Rangers, spending most of his time as a healthy scratch for Alain Vigneault. He’s played just 19 games with the Rangers, registering three assists.

Pat Leonard says Etem has been assigned to the AHL for conditioning. This doesn’t get in the way of a trade, and conditioning assignments do not require waivers. Also worth noting that conditioning assignments can be ended at any time.

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  • if they do trade Etem where will he end up Columbus for Atkinson or Tampa for Drouin I was not happy with the trade because Hags meant a lot to this team

    • If Tampa accepted Etem for Drouin, Gorton would have to send along a few Ranger fleece jackets in Yzerman’s size.

  • why it took so long for the expert coach/GM to figure out Etem sucks is beyond me. hated the trade, hated the guy in pre-season, doesn’t throw the body and his ‘great hands’ can’t hit the net..

    • Etem has a lot of physical ability but hasn’t “gotten it”. Sometimes a change in scenery or system works wonders fir guys like that.

      I hated the trade and I posted on this board several times that it was a straight salary dump in my opinion (while many others suggested he was Hagelin’s replacement). But I would have gladly ate crow if the change did him good. Hopefully Gropp and whatever the Rangers can get for Etem softens the blow.

      • He was not Hagelins replacement. Fast and Lindberg were always thought to be more fit of replacing such qualities. Etem was a project who many (myself included) think will be able to grow and develop into a contributing NHLer.

        Even if the org changes their tune about him this quickly…. it isn’t necessarily a negative. One would need to wait and see the return before evaluating the move.

      • To me, the trade was what it was. As you said, a salary dump was necessary. Hags to me was a speciality item that would only be worth acquiring if you were a contender with cap space. Very few teams met that qualification, so it was probably the Ducks or nothing. You get the salary relief you needed, you get a draft pick who becomes Gropp who has some promise, and obviously, from the Ducks perspective, I’m sure the only way this deal gets done is if they could rid themselves of Etem. Rangers figured why not take a flyer on a former number one who’s cheap and see what happens.

        Not every deal is great. The salary relief and hopefully Gropp makes it acceptable. Whatever we get for Etem is a bonus.

    • Take you for posting the most sane observation about Etem.

      The fascination people have with him is astounding.

      • Most of the outrage over Etem’s use isn’t really about Etem himself, it’s about the process.

        We all know what Etem is, and we all know what he could be. The process of playing less skilled and potentially inferior players, without giving the potentially better player a fair shot, is the process flaw.

        • Fair shot? He had one, starting in training camp, and didn’t impress. Say what you want about a clown like Glass, but I’d play him over Etem six days a weeks and twice on Sunday because, even if he does nothing else, he can at least hit; neutralize Etem’s “skill” game and he’s more useless than even Glass.

          Again, Megna demonstrated that he belonged – skated well with Nash, should good instincts, even put up a couple of points…Etem couldn’t even reach the very basic tasks asked of him. There’s no process flaw here. That’s the typical Ranger fan complaint: “Holik/Kasper/Higgins/Lundmark/etc. is misused.” No, sometimes, guys just suck.

          Write off the loss, deal him while he still has value, and put more developmental time and resources to the REAL prize of the Hagelin trade, Gropp.

        • I’m of the belief that when it comes to evaluating NHL skill, a player either has it, or he doesn’t. It’s apparent right away in the way he skates, plays with/without the puck, and makes decisions at game tempo.

          I just don’t see it with Etem.

        • Absolutely right. No one is going to improve sitting on the bench. He may be a nothing or he may flourish somewhere else, but the team managed assets poorly by having too many forwards on hand & once Glass came back the situation was even worse. Frankly I don’t think the Rangers will get much for Etem other than a mid round draft choice.

        • The problem was the fact that he would need to clear waivers to go down. I said it several times – if Gorton thinks someone will claim him then find out who has an interest and make a deal.

          The deal has been made and we can thankfully move on

  • AV does many things well, but developing the young, first round draft pick, high skill players is not one of them. Etem is not a 4th line player and it’s not surprising he hasnt had any impact on the Rangers in a role he is not suited for. Etem will be a top 6 forward on his next team and we will spend a lot of time wondering “what if” about him and Duclair.

    • And how many opportunities did Etem get in Anaheim? Is Boudreau also bad at developing young talent?

      Sure, Etem can still develop into something special. There are many examples of late bloomers. But sometimes, the issue is more on the player than it is on the coach. And in this case, after two teams and no results, it’s probably the player. It’s up to him to make it work at his next stop.

        • Not absolving anyone. Again, how did Etem do in parts of three seasons under Boudreau?

          Of course, any coach bears some responsibility whenever something doesn’t work out, but I just find blaming the coach (any coach) for a player’s personal failure is a cop out. Most of the time, these things are usually 75% on the player, 25% on the coach.

        • And besides, to be Buddha, AV needs to start hitting the post game buffet table. Dalai Lama? That I can accept. 🙂

          • They keep playing like before the last game & AV will be chewing on a lot of late night snacks to control the anxiety. So Buudha is still in play 🙂 But if they beat the Caps I will accede to you & Dalai Lama it will be

  • McKenzie is also reporting that Etem might be dealt to Vancouver. Dejardins coached him I think in the WHL.

    Also reported, Kreider’s hand is not ready, so he won’t be playing tomorrow. Andrew Gross is reporting when AV was asked if Kreider goes right back in the lineup once he’s cleared to play, AV said not 100% certain. Wow! Somewhat surprising, but given Kreider’s struggles, not a shock either.

  • Per Elliotte Friedman, “Source laughing at me, saying Medicine Hat connection “overrated.” Sounds like two teams talked, nothing close there.”

    Something about Vancouver trying to move Chris Higgins in there, too.

  • Well if we can get a roster player to take Etem’s place we win he was not going to play much anymore anyway . Don’t think it would be Drouin from TBL . But would like to see that happen future for future what the heck .Maybe TBL think they owe us one

    • Imagine Yzerman at his desk, telling his secretary to hold his calls. Her peaking in the door, saying “But Steve, Montreal is on the phone, they’re offering Galchenyuk…” Steve puts his hand up, “No, no. New York has Etem. We owe them one…get Jeff Gorton on the phone NOW!”

  • Good. Now I no longer have to hear incessantly about how he’s “misused.”

    Megna showed more in one game than Etem did all season.

    • Megna was slotted where his role is suitable, Etem got as many chances but and hardly ever got a shot in practice. Lots of blame to go around.

      At least with the deal we’ve got more staggering of contracts and waiver issues.

  • Never got the love for Etem at all. He has some tools but showed very little in the opportunities he did get. From what I understand he seriously underwhelmed the coaching staff in pre-season and never got out from behind that 8-ball. I’m also tired of hearing the “[fill in the blank] isn’t playing but Glass is”. Glass is fulfilling the role that AV has for him and the 4th line has actually been pretty good since he cam back. I’m sympathetic to the argument that AV’s devotion to Glass is a bit unnerving (and his cap hit is disproportionate to what he brings to the table) but he does bring a dimension to the Rangers that no one other than McIlrath does (when he plays – sigh).

    The expectations for other guys like Hayes and Etem are different than those for Glass. Its not all about the numbers. And its not like Etem put up any numbers worth mentioning. And the whining about his being buried on the 4th line? Please. If he was really any good there wasn’t much preventing him from showing it no matter what line he played. As I recall Jesper Fast started out on the 4th line (and maybe still belongs there) but that didn’t hold him back from getting bigger opportunities.

    As I’m writing this the Etem trade has been announced. Good luck to him and I hope the guy and the pick the Rangers got back work out for them.

    • Brilliantly said and 100% agree. Maybe the player needs to look in the mirror as opposed to so many of us blaming the coaches. Was it the coaches fault in Anaheim too? Ridiculous.

  • His rounded 3 year avg would be about 20 points per season playing on the 4th line…but he never played more than 45 games w the big club and he’s never played consistently in the role he is best suited for.

    • Using a guy like that on the 4th line is lunacy. Would have been better to let him develop in the AHL.

      • But they couldn’t risk exposing him to waivers. Etem’s development was handled poorly in Anaheim, was never given a real chance(say 3 games in a row on the 2nd line) to see if QoT mattered to his game.

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