With Dan Girardi out, who gets the call up for the Rangers?

brady skjei
Skjei (Photo: Blueshirts United)

The Rangers will be without Dan Girardi for tonight’s game against Edmonton, which means the Rangers will need to call up a defenseman to fill out the roster. With Jarret Stoll on the waiver wire (update on that at noon), the Rangers have enough cap space to call up any defenseman for the short and long term. Considering it’s Girardi, and he’s a bit of an iron man made from robot parts, he likely will just miss this game. But there are a few options in Hartford that make sense.

Raphael Diaz

He’s hurt. He’s not the call up. But Alain Vigneault hinted he would be had he been healthy.

Brady Skjei

Skjei is the most talked about prospect outside of Pavel Buchnevich. Many thought Skjei was ready for The Show last season, but he stayed in college. He impressed in preseason, but the numbers meant he was destined to start the year in Hartford. That’s not a bad thing, remember that Ryan McDonagh followed that same path. Skjei has NHL level skills, but it was a matter of getting used to the faster pace. He’s not a savior, but he’s the best option the Rangers have.

Chris Summers

If the organization feels that Skjei isn’t ready –and reading between the lines of what was said about Diaz, that could be the case– then Summers is the next logical choice. Summers had a stint with the Rangers last year, playing in three games towards the end of the season. He’s nothing crazy and he certainly doesn’t come with the hype of Skjei, but he’s a depth defenseman that would at least bring replacement level production to the lineup.

Mat Bodie/Calle Andersson/Ryan Graves

Perhaps at some point in the future, but not now.

Troy Donnay/Sam Noreau


The call up is between Skjei and Summers, and it depends on what the Rangers want in the lineup. Summers is more your prototypical “defensive defenseman” in that he’s not a big scorer. Skjei puts up numbers and is certainly a better overall player than Summers, but if the kid isn’t ready, then he isn’t ready. I also think injury duration plays a factor, as the club may not want to yo-yo Skjei. Summers is the perfect one-game call up. Personally though, I hope it’s Skjei.

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  • With Diaz out due to injury, and Girardi being a right side d-man, Graves would be the right choice. I believe that Skei will get the call though, and they may have to shift a few d-men around if that’s the case!!!!!!!!!!!

  • If it’s a game or two, Skjei gets the call, no reason to expose Summers to waivers for a one or two game cameo.

    If it’s over a week, I think we see Summers and the Rangers will take their chances putting him through waivers when Girardi or Klein is ready.

      • It’s not even a worry, just sound asset management. I just don’t see the Rangers exposing a player for a game or two worth of action.

        FWIW Pierre LeBrun at ESPN says we should expect a Skjei call up to be official once yesterday’s waiver transactions are settled at noon.

  • If you need a 6D, I’d promote Graves. Summers has stagnated and would pass through waivers. If you need top level minutes I’d go Skjei.

  • Brady was the right choice just want to thank you guys for the win my birthday was great it would be even greater if we would of gotten together brass but now that I know I want to help you I will see you on sunday so the two of us can talk.

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