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Rangers right the ship, dominate Senators in 4-1 win

AP Photo/Seth Wenig
AP Photo/Seth Wenig

The Rangers got their collective acts together last night, putting together a solid performance in a dominant 4-1 win over the Senators. The Rangers controlled the flow for the majority of the game, with a few blips in the second period that tilted the ice for the Sens. This was a complete team win up and down the lineup, but those with notably positive games were Derick Brassard, Dylan McIlrath, Ryan McDonagh, and Chris Kreider. All three were very active.

Henrik Lundqvist was his usual strong self as well, but he didn’t need to stand on his head this game. The Rangers were much more relaxed and competent in their own zone, making the right plays to transition to offense. The forecheck was active, keeping the Senators from really breaking out with speed. The offensive zone play was solid, getting multiple attempts, getting to dirty areas, and working along the boards. The product on the ice matched the scoring chance/puck possession battle, as expected.

As always, you can view the full videos on our video page here. All GIFs are on nyrgifs.comfiltered under the date of the game. On to the goals:

Rangers 1, Sens 0

This is how a powerplay is supposed to work. First, Chris Kreider was in front providing the screen. When Keith Yandle got the puck, he drew the attention of his man and the man who is supposed to respect the Ryan McDonagh shot. This gave McDonagh room to one-time the pass. With Kreider in front, Craig Anderson never saw it.

Rangers 2, Sens 0

Another “back to the basics” powerplay goal. McDonagh got the puck from Rick Nash at the point, then moved slightly to change the angle of his shot. He recognized traffic in front from both Dan Boyle and Derick Brassard, and wristed it on net. Boyle provided the screen, Brass the deflection, and Anderson never stood a chance.

Sens 1, Rangers 2

meth goal 1

meth goal

This was a bad goal to allow. The faceoff loss aside, Viktor Stalberg got tied up with Chris Neil, which meant it was Tanner Glass’ job to get to the puck, since it was going slow enough. He backed off the play to cover his man (Erik Karlsson), which allowed Marc Methot to step into the shot. There’s a chance for a transition there. Then, for some reason, Marc Staal deflected the shot with Chris Neil behind him. Just not a good goal.

Rangers 3, Sens 1

McDonagh lifted a soft pass from the defensive zone to the neutral zone that took a bad bounce over Chris Wideman’s stick and gave Brassard a breakaway. Brass ripped a slap shot past Anderson, who was off his angle a bit.

Rangers 4, Sens 1

Jesper Fast got the empty netter.

Score Adjusted Corsi

sccf copy

The Rangers had the upper hand on the Sens for most of the game, but there were a few blips in the second period, specifically to close out the period. The Sens had the Rangers pinned then, but other than that, it was a very strong showing for the good guys.

Scoring Chances

sc ch

I prefer the scoring chance chart to the overall Corsi chart because I think it tell you more. Corsi gives you general flow, but scoring chances lets you know how dangerous that flow was. The Rangers got a lot of good scoring chances throughout, and their defense did a good job limiting the Sens. Overall, a solid game.

Individual Corsi

I’ve been going back and forth on removing this from the analysis. It doesn’t really tell you much, since it’s single game samples. Let me know in the comments if you prefer it. This is also a test to see who actually reads through the chart analysis.

Shot Locations

locations copy

It’s been a while since we’ve seen this many attempts from the Rangers in the high danger areas. They got to the front of the net and looked for loose pucks. This is what you want to see from them.

Shift Chart


Standard Alain Vigneault home matchup, however he needs to get amnesia when it comes to pairing Staal and Girardi together. They are just awful as a pairing. That needs to stop, and it needs to stop yesterday.

Hopefully the Rangers can take this game and learn that this is how they need to play night in, night out. That’s two strong games this month, with a poor one wedged in between. It is December, after all. Maybe now is when they pick it up.

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  • Keep the individual Corsi. Maybe to reduce the small sample size impact, add cumulative individual Corsi for the season.

    • ^to your point

      Would be interesting to see monthly or 10 game rolling individual corsi charts. Not sure f they exist but it would show which players or lines are clicking at various times throughout the season. Injuries and line shuffling muck it up a bit, but I think general trends would be displayed.

      I’m not sure this works in the game summaries but maybe a 1x per month write up to fill the gaps over weekends or what have you.

  • the team looked well-rested after having two days off that is important now it is out to western Canada for three will see you guys on Tuesday the 15th I am looking forward to it.

  • Of all the charts to consider removing, the one I struggle with most is the Shift Chart. It makes me dizzy and I still haven’t figured out what it is illustrating for me. I’m sure it’s my own deficiency but you asked for feedback. I do like the Individual Corsi.

    As for the game review, well done.

    Is it too early to conclude the Rangers have given up on Emerson Etem?

    • Absolutely too early to conclude that. He may be in and out of the line up all year for all we know. At the end of the day he is a cost controlled RFA who will be back and very likely to be a low dollar resigning for next year which will help us during this summer’s cap crunch. Don’t write him off yet

      • I am personally not writing Etem off. I came into the season believing it was the last 40 games of this season that were important for him; he is a longer-term development project and needs to show toward end of season he is worth investing more time into.

        From a practical perspective, though, we cannot carry a player who is not good enough for 4th line minutes and also not bad enough to clear waivers — it’s just a difficult set of circumstances. Hence, each game that passes where Etem is healthy but not in the lineup makes it more likely we may him off at the trade deadline. Not giving up on him, just trying to assess how future recognizing what he is up against.

        • I gotcha, and a fair point. To me, he can play this year and substitute in for a lot of players. His biggest problem is our depth. In the handful of games he has played, he hasn’t looked out of place and I think actually was one of the stronger guys in our bottom six in a couple of the games. Whether he is or isn’t able to get in the line up consistently has yet to be seen, but even if that doesn’t happen this year, I think it is still possible- even probable- they resign him (same type of deal 8/900k for 1 yr) in order to roster him next year. We wont be able to keep the same kind of depth next yr with a few resignings coming up and that might be where his low cap hit helps.

          But I do agree in full, it is a tough spot given he can’t clear waivers and we’re stuck carrying the cap hit whether he’s in the line up or not. At the end of the day, I think the potential for growth is there and given his age, cost and ceiling, the org does have him in mind as a piece for the future. Maybe not a big piece of it, but at least a perimeter piece for now. I’d be surprised not to see him back next yr regardless of how this year plays out. He’s very different than an expiring UFA, say like James Shepard. Time will tell, though.

          • Yup, my opening question may have misled you; we are pretty much on the same page with Etem. I would rather we allow him to play and go through any growth pains needed to take another step toward every day lineup status. This is a tough team for a player like him to crack the lineup. Good problem to have I suppose.

          • I don’t think Ranger depth is the problem for Etem. He is talented and plays well at times, but AV simply does not trust him in his own zone. TG is far less talented, but AV trusts him. In the short term, the Rangers work with him and hope he realizes his potential. The Rangers hope to see a low cost version of Kreider in a year; they fear they will never get more than they have now.

          • Agree guys. It’s a good problem to have and it doesn’t hurt to have a guy like Etem around in case of injuries. There’s not a lot of NHL-ready talent in Hartford at the moment.

            Players and coaches have comfort zones. Some might even call it superstitions. The Rangers had one of their best seasons ever last year with Glass in the lineup. This season, the team was struggling for much of November. It seems like he’s really upped his level of play since returning for Hartford (relatively speaking obviously). I’m not saying it’s at all because of him, but the team has seemed sounder fundamentally since his recall. Given all that, I can’t say it’s really a surprise to see Glass in the lineup right now. If AV and his teammates are comfortable with him in there for his 10 min/game, and they’re winning, I’m fine with it despite his obvious shortcomings as a player.

            However, that being said, I don’t expect this to last. Obviously, Stepan will be back by New Year’s most likely. Etem needs to play at some point, and he will. It’s cheaper from a cap perspective to have Glass off the roster as opposed to on it. And I wouldn’t be shocked if Glass’s improved play might possibly allow for the Rangers to deal him and get that contract off the books.

            For now, it’s immaterial. Just win baby!

    • Agree with you on that shift chart,it makes me dizzy too. Personally, I like the scoring chances & shot location charts. As for Corsi, as Scultore showed in his regression analysis post, it relates to nothing, so I essentially ignore it.

  • Who is going to Western Canada . Hope TGs game last night proved we don’t need him on the roster . McIlrath is seems to be doing what he needs to do to stay in the lineup. Right on about Lindberg he plays a steady game . . What went on between Brass and the referee last night .We could have a good trip if we play like we did last night

    • Already in Vancouver, tonight’s game against the Sabres will be my fifth in five nights. Doing the whole swing, capping trip off with Oil Kings game.

  • BTW, I love those pics on the Ranger site of The Undertaker & Yandle laughing & kidding with each other. Mac2 is a winner & I love what he brings to the team. He’s come a long way baby & the Minions are very proud.

    • Walt , unbelievably mature beyond his years, not afraid to mix it up, throws his weight around, total player on both ends of the ice, Lindberg is going to be a great all around player for us, Why was he not called up during last years playoff run,?? especially when MSL was just not himself!!

      • To tell the truth, the organization didn’t want to admit to a mistake for the trade !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now that may be harsh, but I believe that to be the truth……………

      • When I saw them against Springfield I knew they were ready, but it was tough to say that about McIlrath earlier when I watched him. That year he was hurt really stalled his development.

  • Something that isn’t getting quite enough attention: for the past three games the Rangers have been much better at getting out of their zone. They aren’t getting pinned for long periods as had been happening. I’m not sure what they changed.

    • maybe they are playing a more simple game now, and or, dare I say, the team fells comfortable with Glass on the bench ????????????

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