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Rangers play much better, lose thriller to Isles in shootout

AP Photo/Kathy Willens
AP Photo/Kathy Willens

The Rangers played their best game of the season last night, but fell to the Isles in a shootout last night. This game was probably the most entertaining game we’ve seen all season. Both teams were flying, there were few penalties, lots of chances, and action all around. Henrik Lundqvist and Jaroslav Halak were brilliant, stopping most of the chances thrown their way. It wasn’t a wide open game, and there was some rough stuff, but it was up and down hockey with very little neutral zone play.

Keith Yandle had easily his best game as a Ranger, and was engaged all over the ice. Tanner Glass also played a great game, getting a few solid scoring chances while playing on the third line with Oscar Lindberg and J.T. Miller. The defense was much better at moving the puck up the ice in the defensive zone, and the forwards were much better at coming back and giving them targets to hit to start the breakout. The forecheck was also on point the entire game.

As always, you can view the full videos on our video page here. All GIFs are on nyrgifs.comfiltered under the date of the game. On to the goals:

Isles 1, Rangers 0

tavares goal

There’s not much to really say on this one. It was a 5-on-3 created by a bad stick penalty on Keith Yandle and then a delay of game penalty on Dan Girardi. I really hate that puck over the glass rule. John Tavares was given a bit too much room here, but it’s a 5-on-3.

Rangers 1, Isles 1

Viktor Stalberg and Dominic Moore worked behind the net, and eventually Moore got the puck to the point for a one timer from Yandle. Tavares knocked the puck down, but it went right to Stalberg in front, who put it through Halak’s wickets.

Score-Adjusted Corsi

sc cf copy

The Rangers really owned that first period while the Isles took their time remembering they had a hockey game to play. The Isles woke up in the second, then both teams exchanged chances throughout. The Rangers did a good job recovering when the ice tilted in the Isles’ direction to open the second period.

Scoring Chances


I find this one to be interesting. The Rangers dominated the first, as noted above. But while the Isles recovered in overall shot attempts in the second, the Rangers didn’t give them many prime chances. It wasn’t until the third period that the defense for the Rangers started slacking a bit, hence all the chances for the Isles late. Not a good thing to see.

Individual Corsi

icorsi copy

The Miller/Glass/Lindberg line had a great game, but the top line had a rough one. Jack Capuano tried to get the Tavares line out there against the Brass/Nash/Zucc line as much as he could, and it showed.

Shot Locations

shot locations copy

Most of the chances inside the high danger areas for the Isles came in the third period, when Hank stood tall. Ideally, you’d like to see more shot attempts in this area by the Rangers, but I thought overall they were fine. The third period was a bit of a defensive mess, though.

Shift Chart


Without last change, Alain Vigneault had to do what he could for matchups. As mentioned above, Capuano tried to get top lines against each other, which favored the Isles a bit. But Capuano got burned by trying to put his third and fourth lines out there against the Rangers third line. It’s something AV might want to take note of and try to exploit next time these two meet.

When I say I want the Rangers to play better, this is the kind of game I want to see from them. Yea, they lost. Sometimes, you lose in a shootout. The process was much better in this game, though. If the Rangers play like that for the rest of the season, they will win a lot of games.

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  • this had to be the best game the boys have played in a while they got the one point let’s build off of this and win tonight against colorado

  • Nice tough game. Too much dump and change for my taste. I liked the energy JT and Glass brought to the ice. Still think Kreider needs day off. What was Fast thinking on the Islander goal?

    • The Rangers needed to have more dump and chase then previous games plus conviction to skate the puck out of there own zone instead of always looking for the long pass with odd man rush.

      I loved the forechecking and Miller did everything but score a goal, he was the best NYR on the ice outside of Hank.

      I have no idea what happened to Krieder, he played another meh game and needs to pick it up and start throwing that big body around and be more disruptive in front of the net. #LGR

  • The defense played a decent game last night. I didn’t like the final score, but it was well played, and that’s all one can ask for. Credit has to go to Boyle, one of his better games played. Miller played with some emotion last night, there was one shift in the first period where he was all over the place, imposing his will, good for him.

    In the third, Kreider came into the attack zone, could have taken a shot, instead pulled up, and lost an opportunity to do something good, instead we loose possesion, somethings going on in his head….

    We get a point on this road game, play tonight against Roy’s team, let’s start something good here !!!!!

  • One last thought, everyone knows I love Zucc, the guy has got to start shooting again. Someone posted a few days ago that the defenses are getting wise to Zucc, where he pulls up a lot, looking to pass, and sure enough he did it again last night. Mats, please start shooting, your getting too preditable with your play, but I still love your game …………………..

  • Games like this are what the Islander-Ranger rivalry is all about. Too bad they only play 4 times a year these days. Anyway an entertaining and fast game; sometimes you just come up short. When you score one goal you’re not going to win many games. Not much thinking goes on in a 5-on-3, you just try to survive and hope the opposition misses the net. I didn’t think Fast did anything wrong there, Sal. Defense was sound, and Boyle (bless him) was solid. Maybe AV can rest him tonight.

    Regards- orange

    • I was thinking he needed to at least make an effort to stick check Taveras who was on his forehand instead of backing into Lundqvist. Make Taveras struggle a bit more.

      • Yeah Sal I see your point, but I think Fast and the other Ranger (I can’t quite see who it was) sort of got caught in no-man’s land between coming out for Taveras and covering the two guys behind them who were bracketing Hank. “I’ve got him; you take him.” Look here’s my point. If you play 65 minutes of hockey and all you give up is one goal on a 5-on-3, you should win the game. I haven’t seen several of the recent games, but it seemed to me last night that the Rangers are back to their habit of shooting the puck at the goalkeeper’s chest. Just my opinion.

        Oh and P.S. for everybody- it’s my opinion that Nick Fotiu couldn’t play in today’s NHL. Again, just MHO. Enjoy


        • Spot on, Orange.

          Today’s soulless Bettmanized NHL is no place for Nick Fotiu, neither the Johnny Ramone/circa ’77 hairstyle or the ‘let ’em play’ attitude.

    • AD, you are on to something here, the pair of Yandel and Mcllrath complement each other well. Hoping to see them develope more together over the next few weeks.

  • Happy with the point and the much improved play by the Blueshirts. Agree that this was Yandle’s best game as a Ranger (despite the bad penalty) – but we need to see that more consistently. McIlrath was also impressive as was JT Miller.

    The Taveras goal should have been disallowed and a hooking or interference penalty called on the Islander who was restraining Staal.

    • Yup, it’s amazing what a bit of confidence and knowing you aren’t getting yanked at the first sign of trouble can do for a young D.

      McIlrath will be fine. Is he a top pair D? Likely not, but he can be better than a John Erskine/Justin Falk type (no, not Faulk, Falk).

      • Chris A , another blogger mentioned Mcllrath reminded him a bigger version of Barrett Jackman who has had an excellent career as a tough stay at home defenseman with the St Louis Blues 12 years of service, I believe he is currently playing with Nashville . A very nice complement. If Dylan can duplicate a Jackman type of career? I am a happy Ranger fan!. The kid is showing he belongs. Proud of him!

  • Not upset. They played well overall, and if they continue to play this way, they’ll win more than they lose.

  • McIlrath’s solid showing was nice to see. Let’s give him less sheltered minutes soon. I’d like to see if he can take some of the heavy minutes and take some of the pressure off the same old guys. If was also nice that he played completely clean and in a physical game did not just stir the pot. He made a couple of nice breakout passes as well.

    Tanner’s game was even more impressive, but I am not as confident he can continue as I am with DM.

    When the Rangers play north-south they limit their own opportunities, sure, but make it even harder for the other team to score. You saw that the Isles could not score except with a 2 man advantage. This is winning hockey. I’ll take 1-0 and 2-1 victories all the way to the SCF.

    • Was out at the movies with my wife last night, but glad to hear that McIlrath played well. He’s only going to get better & better.

  • Paul,

    Do you mean to to tell me that you missed a Ranger-Isles game because you had to go to a movie on a Wed night with your wife?!?………….Thank God I’m still single 😉

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