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Bolts end Rangers win streak at nine

AP Photo/Mike Carlson
AP Photo/Mike Carlson

The Tampa Bay Lightning ended the New York Rangers’ winning streak with a late shorthanded goal. Valtteri Filpulla and J.T. Brown hooked up for the winner with a minute remaining in the game with Brian Boyle in the box. Dominic Moore tied the game late with a solid individual effort, and the game looked like it was swinging in their favor after the Boyle penalty. But that’s how dangerous the Lightning can be.

Henrik Lundqvist was strong again, making several difficult saves look easy. Ben Bishop had the Rangers’ number, again. He seems to own them in the regular season.

This was a battle of two teams that may very well meet in the Eastern Conference Final again this season. You are looking at two of the top four in the East, and Tampa was without half of their forwards for this game.

As always, you can view the full videos on our video page here. All GIFs are on nyrgifs.comfiltered under the date of the game. On to the goals:

Bolts 1, Rangers 0

killorn goal

This was a bit of a broken play at first. The Lightning almost went offsides, then cleared the zone anyway. Keith Yandle wound up with the puck behind the net, but then tried to force a clear up the middle. Valtteri Filppula knocked it down and left it for Alex Killorn. Killorn walked in as Yandle and Kevin Klein backed off a bit. They both stood up by the top of the circle, where Killorn got his shot off. Not sure if this was such a wicked shot that Hank should’ve stopped it, but it looked stoppable.

Rangers 1, Bolts 1

Dominic Moore made all this happen. He pressured Ben Bishop on the forecheck, so the pass to Anton Stralman was a bit errant. It hit the boards just before Stralman’s stick, then just bounced out of the corner. Moore picked up the loose puck low, got a better angle, and beat Bishop to tie the game.

Bolts 2, Rangers 1

brown goal

Derek Stepan tried to get the puck to Ryan McDonagh at the point on the powerplay, but the pass was in his skates and bounced from McDonagh. J.T. Brown picked up the puck and started a 2-on-1 against McDoangh. Brown got the puck to Valtteri Filpulla for the goal. This was particularly ugly all around, but it begs the question: Why isn’t Keith Yandle on the first powerplay unit?

Score-Adjusted Corsi

scac copy

The game was pretty even in terms of flow until the third period. The Rangers kind of flat lined for a good portion of the period. Yes, they got their goal in the third off solid forecheck and a fortuitous bounce, but the rest of the period was lackluster. The rest of the game was even.

Scoring Chances


Tampa did a good job shutting down the slot and forcing the Rangers to the outside. They play a low-zone collapse once the puck gets behind the goal line, and it shows here, as the Rangers were limited in their chance numbers. What I also found to be interesting was that the Rangers didn’t force the puck through the collapse from the point. They tried to get the puck around it for better chances.

Individual Corsi

icorsi copy

Oof, Girardi and McDonagh. Not your best game. That “All American” line though played well. Saw it on the ice, shows up here. I like when these match with what I saw.

Shot Locations

locations copy

Good amount of attempts from both teams in the slot. Most of New York’s attempts were blocked though. The Bolts had a bunch too, but more were out by the circles.

Shift Chart


Nothing special here. Girardi and McDonagh got Stamkos as much as possible. Alain Vigneault didn’t have last change, but managed to get them out there when he could. The rest was a toss up, since the Bolts were missing half of their top players.

The streak was bound to end. Losses will happen. Such is life. There is another surprisingly tough test in Sunrise on Saturday night. Last year’s team was always good at rebounding after losses. Let’s see what this year’s team can do.

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  1. The streak ends against a Tampa team that had 4 of their best players injured. The fact that this was the team that eliminated you from the playoffs should have had the team jacked for payback. NO KILLER INSTINCT , UGLY LOSS!!

  2. it was an ugly loss and it was the way that they lost it well now it is on to Florida to start another streak.

  3. The less said the better. Offense terrible; try shooting the puck at something besides Bishop’s breastbone. I could have made most of those saves. On to Florida. Have a good day everyone.

    Regards- orange

    1. I never understood comments like this. The reason why the shots hit Bishop in the logo is because he played the angle properly. He’s a solid goalie.

  4. All good things must come to an end. That stated, giving up a shorty in the last minute or so of the game, well what can you say??? Now on to the next streak, and forget this game………………………..

  5. Let’s stop blaming the defense for a day or two! One goal against Tampa? Third line invisible and a poor pass by Yandle (that’s right not Girardi) put us in the predicament. JT was invisible too. Just one game, but tired of the blame falling on the defense constantly.

  6. Remember when Rich Nash would be praised for his scoring?

    Now all you hear about is his back-checking, defense and PK ability–If we are praising him for this, the boys are in trouble.

  7. Nine straight wins: “Why must you always find negatives! This team is amazing! We will win every game ever!”

    One loss: “This team sucks! Trade everyone!”

    1. Not true. We do need to look at our wins and our losses and see where there is room for improvement. You pointed some places out this week. I also feel the PP has got to improve, and if changing the players on the PP doesn’t do it, then maybe the PP coach needs to be changed.

      Not saying it caused the loss, but it is an area that could use improvement.

        1. Social media allows (sometimes) unwarranted criticism by nameless/faceless people. Welcome to 2015.

          Like someone once said, if you don’t want to hear critique, don’t say a word and cover your ears anyway.

      1. Sorry we are not in a position to make any difference in how the team plays. This is just an outlet for frustration. Winning or losing someone will always find something to bitch about- How about this- The Bolts knew they were missing key players and played a tough defensive shell game. We made a couple of mistakes that led to a couple of normally improbable goals against. Get streak. Let’s begin another!

  8. Bishop just doesn’t own the Rangers in the regular season, he owns them period. To go into MSG for a games 7(where the Rangers had never lost a game 7), winner goes to the Finals, and to pitch a shutout. That’s called owning.

      1. Pitched two shutouts in the last three games, both in NY. First goalie to beat NY in MSG Games 7. Owned.

        Did Amy ever respond to your creepy question?

        1. Lol of course not, nor did I expect one. Just doing the troll thing… some of the comments on the board are so ambiguous it’s hard not to pry

  9. when Boyle took a penalty near the end i said to my son at least we get to keep 1 streak alive with a point in this game , but lets pot one to win it .Henrik should have had the first goal i thought one game lets start a new streak in Florida Saturday. Nobody stood out tonight complete lack of effort by all except maybe Boyle for a change

  10. Likewise question the power play unit. When you can bank a point if neither team scores during your PP and have a 50/50 shot at a second, you shouldn’t take undue risks to win the game in regulation. That means you play 2 Dmen on the power play unit.

    Of course, McDonagh couldn’t have played the two on one any worse if he had fallen down. At least Yandle’s miscue led to a shot Hank could have stopped.

    On the first goal, I think that what makes a great goalie is the ability to stop a shot that NHL tenders will stop 90% of the time perhaps 95-97% of the time. What makes an enduring goalie is the realization that it is okay to not be perfect.

    1. Penalty Shots aren’t free throws. These days even the best players convert at about 35%.

      Somehow, the Penalty Shot went from the most exciting play in hockey to just another save.

      1. Cause goalie coaching/science/technique/equipment etc got so efficient.

        Watching old highlights (like 80s 90s, etc) and seeing how goaltenders played is absurd these days. Such sieves.

        1. Oh I know. The days of seeing a guy like Mike Bossy wind up from the top of the circle and beat a goalie are long gone.

          It’s why I find these discussions about how to increase scoring ridiculous. No one wants to face the fact that in the old days the goalies were, for the most part, terrible. And to add to that, most NHL’ers were poor skaters. Of course the star players were going to regularly post 100+ point seasons. They were miles better than most of their competition.

      1. What’s a 40 goal scorer?

        Did you know that since the cap era began (05-06) there have only been 60 players to break 40 goals? Not counting the lockout year, that’s almost 7 40 goal scorers per season. What’s worse is if you look at only the past three full seasons, there have only been 10 40 goal seasons.

        1. No he’s not. But I was trying to point out to Alec that no one really is a 40 goal scorer anymore. 40 is really the new 50 when it comes to goals and 30 is the new 40.

          Ironically, that makes me appreciate what Callahan did for the Rangers that much more. I still think he would have been a bad signing since he is likely going to break down swiftly, much like Chris Drury did, but the money isn’t so outlandish for the first couple years.

  11. McDonaugh play cost us both goals!!!!

    He has become an average player the past two years….

    although Stepans pass to him was also terrible……..

    Another bad contract..[stepan]…he is nowhere close to a first line center…..kreider set him up for two point blank shots from the slot and he nets ZERO goals!!!!

    mcIlrath and sjell should be playing every night for boyle, girardi, mcdonagh and stall

  12. Which is why I keep harping on & on abt making the nets bigger. Only Babcock seems to get it. The NHL Execs are just plain imperceptive.

    1. Bigger nets won’t change a thing in the long run. Most of the proposals I read ask to increase the net anywhere from the width of the pipe to two inches. Eventually, the goalies will learn how to play those new angles and the spike in goal scoring will be just that, a temporary spike.

      Goalies are too good now, we need to accept that fact. There’s nothing you can do to change that. The days of the uncoached, ‘stand up’ keepers is gone and never coming back. The only rule change that would affect goal scoring without harming the fabric of the sport or the health of the goalies would be to make the butterfly illegal. Not saying I want to see that, but that’s pretty much it.

    2. Paul got a question for you.

      In an imaginary world, where the economics of it allowed it. Would you rather have bigger Nets or would you rather have two rows of seats removed and make the ice slightly bigger (between present day NHL size and Euro size, not International size?)

      I for one am super against making the Nets bigger, and have been advocating bigger Ice since Jaque Lemaire took over as coach for the Debbies.

      Even making the Ice bigger isn’t a guarantee of having more goals as from what we’ve witnessed in international play, the extra room actually slows the game down in certain situations because it allows the team thats being pressed to be more patient with the puck. This is why I believe just a smaller increase in size would help, but we all know that it’s something that would never happen, because the last thing team owners want to do is remove seats from the arenas.

      However, if I had a choice between the two, I’d take Ice size over Net size, but would rather they just leave it all the way it is.

      Less goals or not, to me, the NHL is as exciting as it’s EVER been!

      It boggles my mind how there’s sooo much talk via professional outlets on changing NHL/Hockey Rules, when to me, it’s by far much more exciting to watch then any other sport.

      Leave Hockey alone!

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