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Practice notes: Miller back on the second line

Per Andrew Gross, Alain Vigneault moved J.T. Miller up to the second line with Chris Kreider and Derek Stepan. Jesper Fast was back to the fourth line, rotating with Dominic Moore, Jarret Stoll, and Emerson Etem. The other two lines remained the same.

The defense pairings remained the same.

Update: Rick Nash is day-to-day after twisting his back at practice.

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  • Guess we are trying to add some life to the very quiet Stepan/Kreider combo. Not a bad thing. Next you will see the pair S/K broken up to see if the JT combo doesn’t provide a jump start.

    We need Kreider to be the beast he can be. Stepan should be 100% healthy, so I do not want to hear the announcers make any more excuses.

  • Yeah, AV’s brain finally came out of it’s coma. JT where he belongs now. So is McIlrath still with Yandle or no?

  • Well, AV, you finally got it right, and your head out of your tail section !!!!!!!!

    JT Miller is going to get the Step line moving, now that AV put a torch under his rear section. He jelled well with those two, and he adds a bit of grit as well. They should play these three for a good six games or so, mark my words, Miller will be motivated, and Kreider gets going.

    Fast on the 4th line, better suited for that role, now there isn’t a line in all of the NHL that I wouldn’t be afraid to use Moore-Fast-Stoll against, great shut down group. We tinkered enough, now let the boys play their game, and get the hell out of the way AV.

    As for Mc Ilrath playing with Yandle, I hope he gets a chance to play a string of games to show what he can, or can’t do. Let the games begin !!!!!!!!!

  • AV indicating he’s not sure whether it will be McIlrath or Boyle tomorrow. Reiterated that he had the “tough conversation” with Boyle. With few off days coming up, he’s going to get some games off, like it or not. Bodes well for McIlrath getting more opportunities.

    AV addressed Miller being being moved back up. Pretty much what we discussed. He wanted to send him a message. He still makes too many poor decisions. But really liked his play last game and is ready to reward him and hopefully jump start the second line. Good coaching move to demote him for awhile and now to move him back.

  • If Nash is unable to go tonight I’m guessing AV slots Etem alongside Brass and Zucc? This move will do the least amount of damage to the rest of the lineup. Miller stays with Kreider and Stepan. The Hayes, Stalberg, Lindberg line stays together and the fourth line is Moore, Stoll and Fast. I’d rather see Etem instead of Fast on that first line to see what Etem looks like with Brass and Zucc especially. The fourth line is in better hands with Fast on it and Etem’s strength is purely offensive. Just a thought

      • Thanks Eddie. If u were wearing the Armani behind the bench, would you think about Stalberg in that spot? Big, Fast and wouldn’t be shocked if he popped one alongside Zucc

        • I would Chris, but I also wouldn’t want to mess up what seems to be working so well on the 3rd line. Moving Stalberg might create a chain reaction that disrupts too many combinations.

          I think the best move is to slot Etem on line 1, at least to start the game, especially since it’s against a weak opponent. Let’s see what the kid can do with that responsibility. And we all know AV won’t hesitate to tinker if Etem struggles.

          And just for the record, I’m more of a Joseph Aboud kind of guy then Armani. 🙂

          • lol. I’m certain you look dashing in either big guy ( ;

            Yeah, Etem was the move. I wasn’t expecting much from Etem and that’s kind of how it played out. It gives us a good look at how much Nash means to this lineup. Let’s get the big guy healthy and continue to roll.

            Brass and Zucc played mucho minutes and may have to do so again tonight in Arizona.

    • I have to agree with you Chris on all counts. This my be a blessing in disguise with Nash out, he can relax, get his thoughts together come back without any pressure to score…………

      I’d also like to see how Etem performs in that capacity, even at Nash’s expense for a game or so, not that I want anyone hurt mind you !!!!!!!!!!!

      • I hear ya Walt. The injury creates an opportunity, and Nash gets to recharge. I agree totally. That is definitely the positive side of Nash being out of the lineup. That being said, I hope he doesn’t miss anymore than a couple of games

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