Rangers invite Brett Bellemore to camp

Per Steve Zipay, the Rangers have invited former Carolina Hurricanes defenseman Brett Bellemore to camp on a PTO. Bellemore is a right-handed defenseman that played in 49 games with the Canes last year, putting up 2-8-10. Bellemore was a net-negative possession player, both raw and relative, in Carolina the last two seasons.

Bellemore will likely be competition for Raphael Diaz for the 7D spot, and possibly insurance in case neither Dylan McIlrath nor Brady Skjei are ready for 8D responsibilities (injury call up).

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  • I do not feel this is the way to go, we are stacked on D, it sends the wrong message to Mcilrath and Skjei and Diaz for that matter.?? I say go with your home grown talent.

    • ” I say go with your home grown talent.”—even if they are not ready? This is just an insurance-injury policy player. Nothing more. Now if he turns into something more, ie the 7th or 8th defenseman, then that means that the guys in front of him failed. That could be a problem—but I don’t see it. We’ll probably never even see him.

    • Got to disagree with you Bobby. I’m with Joe and the rest on this. Remember, McIlrath and Skjei are just kids who have proven absolutely nothing yet trying to make the enormous jump to the NHL level on a Stanley Cup contender. You don’t just promote kids who may not be ready yet until they prove they are ready….not if the plan is to actually win games in a fiercely competitive division. You put the best 6 defenseman on your roster, regardless of where they came from.

      And as others have said, and as we learned last year early in the season (and again the hard way in the ECF), you can never have enough quality defensive depth.

      Agree with Joe, he’ll probably never see the light of the day on the Rangers roster anyway.

  • You can never have too many D men, especially if he makes it easy on them an signs a 2 way deal.

    Helps out Hartford in the long run if he can’t make the team and signs anyways.

    • Actually the Rangers already have too many defensemen (17) and there is no room for Bellemore in Hartford. Already McIlraith, Skjei, Bodie, Summers, Zamorsky, Andersson, Graves can’t all play.

      He is trying out for the Rangers, not as a depth player. I don’t expect him to be signed unless he really impresses.

      • I don’t think McIlrath makes it to Hartford, he either makes the team or he’s claimed on waivers. Too many teams have terrible D corps in this league and would take a shot on a cheap, young, large D man for nothing. I think the Rangers know that at this point.

        The Rangers also know that Skjei close to ready enough that he’ll likely get a call up mid season and stick. Since there is really no chance of anyone on the current roster heading to Hartford (possibly Diaz); that would leave a significant hole in the Hartford defense.

        I think Bellemore will get his shot, if he’s terrible then he’ll be out. His invite is a Hartford move not so much a Rangers move. Dmen do get hurt and they miss time, rookies also hit walls and may need a day or 2. Given the uncertainty surrounding the back end of the depth chart 5-7 in the NHL and the waiver situation. He could be very useful to the Rangers org.

        • One doesn’t need Ranger signees to fill all of the positions. I am even ignoring Ranger signee Tommy Hughes, a perfectly serviceable AHL defenseman. In fact, Hartford will use a number of their own players to fill the forward lines.

          My point was that you need two forwards for every defensemen to play hockey. The Rangers have 26 forwards and 17 dmen on the 50 man roster, which is almost full at 48. They need forwards, not defensemen. That being said, giving Bellemore a tryout is free and if he impresses, the Rangers might try to find a place for him.

          I agree that McIlrath is likely in NY or gone, but stranger things have happened.

  • Ho-Hum. About as exciting as bringing in Ryan Malone and Lombardi last year. Waste of time unless he’s ticketed for Hartford.

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