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Around the League: Saad, Bieksa traded, MacLean finds job

Two time Cup champion at 22
Two time Cup champion at 22

There has been a flurry of activity today around the league ahead of the pending free agency madness.

Chicago trades F Brandon Saad and prospects to Columbus for Artem Anisimov, Marko Dano, Jeremy Morin, Corey Tropp and a fourth-round pick. 22-year-old Saad is a RFA and, according to reports, is looking for a long-term contract in the ballpark of 6M per year. Chicago, who are in a bit of a cap bind, got a good return for the power forward. Dano tallied 21 points in his rookie season after being a 2013 first round pick and Morin makes his return to Chicago after a trade to Columbus last season. Saad is a big, powerful forward with good scoring ability (23-29-52 during the regular season, 8-3-11 during the Cup run, winning his second Stanley Cup) who may grow to be a nuisance in the Metropolitan Division for years to come.

Vancouver trades D Kevin Bieksa to Anaheim for a 2016 second-round pick. Bieksa has spent his 10-year career as a Canuck, and is set to make $2.5M next year in the last year of his contract. This may be the writing on the wall for Ducks defenseman Francois Beauchemin, one of the few unrestricted free agents who was expected to make moves beginning tomorrow.

Anaheim names Paul MacLean an assistant coach. MacLean was relieved of his duties of head coach in Ottawa in December. MacLean was with the Senators for three and a half seasons before being fired. He had a 114-90-35 record with the Senators and was 8-9 in the playoffs.

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  • Walt says:

    Jun 30, 2015 at 5:34 pm

    I believe that the battle for the east has just gotten a lot harder to win. The Hawks just traded Saad, Paliotta, Broadhurst, to the Bluejackets for, Anisimov, Dano, Morin, Trapp, and a 4th pick in next years draft.

    We bitched about loosing Hags, what will the Hawk fans say when they read about the trade of Saad, who I believe will be great in the near future…………..

  • Good for Artie. He’s going to be a beast playing 2C in Chicago. Him and Kane on the same line should lead to an endless stream of highlight reel goals.

  • If the Blackhawks can get a good haul for young Brandon Saad. What can the Rangers get for Stepan? If Chicago can trade such a young talent. We surely can trade Stepan. Don’t overpay. Oh, how many RINGS does Stepan have?

    • What’s the plan then for centers? That leaves Moore, Hayes, and Brassard? Who’s the other center that is good enough to play on a cup contender?

        • You honestly think this team can win a cup with Brassard, Hayes, Lindberg, and Moore down the middle?

          • Yes. Do you think Stepan is better than Saad? I’d take Saad over Stepan any day. Saad is 3rd on the Hawks. First on Bluejackets.

          • First I don’t know how this turned in to a comparison between Stepan and saad. You started with that Stepan should be traded. I disagreed and asked who would play center if he was traded. How did this turn in to a comparison? They play two different position and play completely different roles so this makes no sense at all. What exactly is your point?

          • cause people like to yell for no reason and think that hope by burning down a team thats gone to two straight semi finals is a good idea

          • I don’t think they can win the cup with Stepan either. I believe we need to get stronger at the center position an we are going to pay Stepan more then He is worth.

    • stepan is the number one center, saad is a third line winger on that team. theres league value and then theres team value. columbus overpaid in my opinion for a cashstrapped team.

      • The Rangers number one center is Brassard . He centers the number one line which features NASH. That’s it that’s all.

        • then why was stepan the number one forward in ice time. if your answer is pk and pp. well that sounds like a 1C to me

      • I am sure we will overpay and sign Stepan and regret it in 2 years, after he puts up numbers like 12-22-34. He just is not worth 1C money.

        • This is such a complete joke the guy scored at a .8 points per game pace this season and by the age of 27 you’re worried he will become a 35 point player? Where does this blind hate come from???

          • no hate here, just don’t want to over pay if he gets greedy that’s all…….

            the team is first………

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