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Dreger: A team offered Rangers two second round picks for Cam Talbot

More Cam Talbot stuff from Darren Dreger, who noted that the Oilers offered two second round picks in exchange for the goalie. Update: Sorry, I misunderstood. Dreger said the Oilers were not the team that offered two seconds. But a team did offer it. Glen Sather/Jeff Gorton turned down that offer, and are trying to land a first round pick, the #16 overall, but the Oilers haven’t bitten yet.

Mark Spector thinks that the Oilers are more likely to deal the #33 pick and “something else.” My guess is that this will eventually be settled for the #33 and a forward prospect.

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  • Edmonton’s 2 2nd rounders would give us 33 and 57 to go with our 59th overall. 3 2nds in this draft wouldn’t be all too shabby.

    Dave- would I be crazy if I said I’d rather have the 33 and 57 than just the 16 pick in this year’s draft?

      • Gotcha…. so really it could be anybody as teams could trade for another 2nd round pick, but currently the only teams (from the list of speculated 6 teams most interested) besides EDM who already have 2 2nds are

        Calgary 45 52 & 53
        Buffalo 31 & 51

          • Why is that? I haven’t heard Calgary is interested in finding a new goalie.

            Wouldn’t it be Buffalo as they are the one’s looked for someone new in net?

          • It’s educated guesswork. I doubt NYR would take the 52 and 53 when they already have 57. And I don’t think Buff gives up both of their 2nds.

    • I’m greedy and want 16 & 57, then I will be happy. We don’t have to trade the guy you know, so play hardball Slats.

        • we are getting the first! Numero 16! It sure is funny how a couple of days ago you, Dave, said we would never get the 16. Now you are saying a possibility. Tomorrow what will you think possible? Go Slats, crush these guys, if there is one thing that is his absolute foray, it’s negotiating!

          • I’m shocked honestly. There is a decent supply of goalies (Lack, Lehner), but apparently Talbot is THE guy. Didn’t think that.

  • Are they really in a position to accept anything back in return? I thought the idea was to clear as much cap space.

    • Depends on the contract. I don’t think Yak’s contract is something they can take back, if that’s what you’re getting at.

      I think the basic idea is to shed salary and get more picks in this draft though.

        • I would take Yakupov in a heartbeat he would be awesome on a contending team like the Rangers but I don’t think Edmonton would even consider trading him. IMO he is a franchise type player.

  • If you’re willing to part with a player who will become the #1 for the team acquiring him; who is currently on a very favorable contract, then you hold out for a #1. I’m not saying you don’t listen to other offers; but you hold out until the very end for that #1. Glen just might be able to pull it off.

    • What’s working against them is the contract (just one year left, can’t extend until Jan 1) and that he’s only played 57 games.

        • Schneider played 88 games over 3 years (1 lockout shortened), and started 30 of 48 games in the lockout season, basically a starter. He was also a first round pick.

        • I wonder if NJ is regretting that now. Not that Schneider has been bad, per say (he’s been good, not great), but that team needed a top 10 pick to help the rebuild. I didn’t get that one at the time.

  • I think when the time comes Hags will be packaged with Talbot

    I seriously doubt Klein will be traded unless it is in a separate deal that nets another 1st rounder

    It would not be smart to package Klein and Talbot in the same deal.

        • Jesper Fast does what Hagelin does as well. Plus if trades happen there will be players coming back. Kyle Brodziak is also a UFA….

        • No he doesn’t.

          Hagelin 17 and 17 goals the past 2 years
          Williams 18 and 19 goals the past 2 years

          How much will we have to pay him?

          What are his advanced metrics?

          All it takes if for him to shoot blanks during 1 elimination game before “Mr Game 7” magic is lost and we’re left holding the multi year bag.

          Please convince me, because currently, I am not.

          • How is this for advanced stats …Justin Williams…clutch playoff performer…3 Stanley Cups…a Conn Smythe…eh that is all…no need to say anything else

        • Depending on length of Hags’ deal (if he stays with NYR), Williams will get more money than Hags.

          Also, Williams is a RW. Hags a LW.

    • Leather, Klein is expendable because McIlrath is going to be given a legit shot to make the team. Thus a Talbot /Klein package is enticing and can reap a great return.

  • I can’t wait for all this speculation to be over with, and the trade is made. Bottom line, Sather has been proven to be a shrewd operator, and will get the maximum out of this deal, and the team will be better for it.

    Now that stated, I’ll put my two cents in on players, no Justin Williams, too old, too expensive, and I love Hags. No Yak, he is another Kessel in the making, self centered, and from what I understand they named a street after him, One Way”, no thanks.

    Slat’s, hold off for that first round pick, man alive, there is a load of quality players out there this year, we have to get to the front of the line for our share right away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Wow Walt, I don’t think I have ever agreed with every word in your post, until this one. Bravo! See we do think a lot alike! You just have a hate for MSL.

  • Summertime spawns wishful thinking about prospects…none of the Hartford d-prospects are guaranteed NHL ready…I hope they all explode in talent and then we can trade proven players like Klein…but defense is still the name of the game in the playoffs and we should be cautious about breaking up a team strength; we can find offensive talent, but until we have a superstar center and toughen up, I think we will not win a Cup until all of us ’94ers are dead and buried

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