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Dreger: Rick Nash trade highly unlikely

Per Darren Dreger, a trade of Rick Nash is highly unlikely. There had been some rumblings that the Rangers were going to move Nash, but it was mostly speculation. Nash has the highest cap hit on a New York Rangers team that needs to clear cap space. However, there are much smarter ways to go about clearing cap space than dealing the team’s top goal scorer. The full video is below.

Dreger also discusses the Cam Talbot sweepstakes in the video. Talbot is discussed around the three-minute mark, Nash at the four-minute mark.

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  • Look I know the narrative on Nash in the playoffs is he forechecks, and he’s a great passer, and he backchecks and he also reportedly decides who gets the Broadway Hat after the game. The problem is what we all know; he doesn’t score. On a team that struggles to score, the highest-paid skater doesn’t. Simple. And I know the team is a bounce or two away from the Cup over the last two years with Nash playing a leading role, so I can live with Nash if that’s what Sather wants to do.

    Now. If they’re going to live with Nash, have him get his 40 in the regular season and disappear after Easter, then they have to get playoff scoring from somewhere else. St. Louis and Kreider were the only players on this team who scored 20 goals last year, guys. And we’re all assuming Marty won’t be back. Do Brassard and Kreider get to 35 next year? Does Miller get from 10 to 20? Maybe. If not, that means a trade.

    We’re all assuming that Talbot will be traded, but all of the conversation seems to be around draft picks and so on. No one’s trading Bobby Hull for Cam Talbot, so it’s all speculation at this point. Should be interesting. Enjoy your week.

    Regards- orange

  • Nothing is going to happen until Nash gives his list of teams he will accept a trade to, and as of now he hasn’t been asked for the list.

    If he is traded, probably St Lewis Blues is the team, and we should get at least Oshie, and another prospect a s well. Time will tell if this is all BS, or the real deal!!!!!!!!

  • The guy who I would trade on this team would be Stepan, because He is a soft center that is making big bucks. If I could package Stepan Talbot an maybe a D-man an get back a big time strong center I would make the deal. Stepan being a F/A means He will make even more money.

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