Finnish/BU prospect Ahti Oksanen invited to Rangers prospect camp

Ahti Oksanen
Ahti Oksanen (Photo: SBN)

Per @_NYRvana_, Finnish prospect Ahti Oksanen has been invited to Rangers prospect camp in July. Oksanen just finished up his third season with Boston University, putting up a line of 25-13-38 in 40 games. The 6’3, 209-lb  forward/defenseman is unique, as he played both positions with BU this season.

HockeysFuture had this to say about him:

Oksanen is versatile in that he can play both forward and defense almost equally well. His style has often been described as that of a rover. Oksanen possesses good size (6’3”, 209 lbs.) and utilizes his strong frame at both ends of the ice. This has been especially evident in his drives to the net and in his ability to protect the puck. He is a strong yet fluid skater with very good foot speed. One of Oksanen’s attributes that scouts have taken particular notice of is his shot; he possesses a hard, lethal shot and can get pucks to the net. Oksanen also possesses an excellent stick. While Oksanen plays with a good amount of grit, he also plays with remarkable discipline.

Oksanen is an undrafted free agent, and the Rangers likely are intrigued by his size and speed. That combination is rare, and any player that possess both is generally looked upon highly. He seems to be a solid undrafted UFA, and it will be interesting to see what comes of his prospect camp invite.

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  • Interesting guy, maybe can replace Shepard on the 4th line????

    Could be a player that is carried on the roster that can fill in both on the D, and forward…………

    • Hey Walt if he accepts an invite is he going to Rangers camp first and NYR have first dibs on signing him?
      Also anyone know if he’s a lefty or righty? I assume he’s a lefty since most hockey players are. Just like in MLB with how hard it is to find a stud lefty pitcher.

      • He is being invite to the prospect camp, like new draftees, to show his wares, and impress management.

        To answer your question, hell if I know, he can still sign with someone else if he pleases, he’s a free agent???????

        Looking at the photo, it appears that he is a lefty……

  • Interesting prospect. Good skater, good size & lethal shot. Gorton & Clark leave no stone unturned so you never know.

    • and can play multiple positions!!!!!!!!!! Do you remember Rod Seiling, played defense with the Chief, but in the playoffs in the late 60’s, early 70’s, Emil Francis played him at the forward position on occasion……..

      • Yes I remember that Walt. Funny but I always thought the Rangers should try Brian Leetch at Centre later in his career, like the Leafs did with Red Kelly.

  • Sign him. He has everything we need in players going forward. I like the word GRIT. It was missing in game 7. Of course he has to impress.

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