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Friedman: Rangers have interest in NCAA free agent Mike Reilly

Per Elliotte Friedman, the Rangers are one of at least five teams NCAA free agent defenseman Mike Reilly will meet with today. Other teams Reilly will be meeting with are Chicago, Minnesota, LA, and possibly Pittsburgh.

Reilly, originally a 4th round pick in 2011 by Columbus, elected not to sign with the Blue Jackets, likely due to their crowded blue line. It’s believed that Minnesota has the inside track because of Reilly’s connections to the team (his dad is a minority investor with the group that owns the Wild), but the Rangers have Brady Skjei, Reilly’s teammate throughout college.

Reilly put up big numbers with Minnesota the last two years, with 15 goals and 75 points in 80 games over the last two years. He’s being described as a potential top-four defenseman with a big shot from the point, something the Rangers sorely need.

I find it to be amazing that the Rangers are even on his interview list. They have three guys signed long term (Staal, Girardi, McDonagh). They have a big prospect on the way (Skjei). They have Yandle and Boyle for at least this year. They also have Klein. The blue line is just as crowded as Columbus’. Perhaps Slats will be working magic to convince him to sign. After all, few¬†thought Kevin Hayes would land in New York.

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  • After the way the finals went against LA and their huge Centerman, I thought the Rangers would get Hayes. I thought they’d do whatever it took, even promising him playing time since there was an open spot for a 3rd line Centerman and one with some size. He was a perfect fit and since he was already able to hold his own defensively, I thought he would get every opportunity to make the Rangers squad. They needed him for several reasons. So AV and his staff made it work even when he seemed to hit a wall in November.
    This kid Reilly would be a nice addition. We need a Defenseman with a booming shot from the point. A shot that PK’s will not want to block. The Devils young D Gelinas has a hard shot. Most of his get through because guys get out the way when he steps into one.
    He’s a lefty and at 5’11” 165lbs is a little undersized for defense. Maybe as a 6-7 D and PP specialist he could be valuable.
    With his connection to the Wild organisation, I think this is a PR move so it’s not too obvious he knew all along where he was playing hockey. He may even play 10-20 games in Minny with the way their Defense played against Chicago. A speedy young kid may help a bit.

  • Forget wasting time courting him.I’d much rather see them sign Hampus Gustafsson and Ty Loney forwards who are big.

  • Would be a great addition if Sather / Gorton can swing it

    By all account he was impressive at the Worlds and has shown he can skate and defend at the NHL level.

    Klein’s going to be moved this summer for cap space
    Boyle’s gone after next year

    Reilly and Skjei filling those spots would be a huge coup for the Rangers. They were classmates at Minnesota, who knows they could be good friends

    Theoretically you could have a line-up as follows

    With that third pair being Reilly-Skjei in 2017. Would be some handedness issues, but definitely appealing on paper

  • I really don’t believe he will sign with us, I think it’s just a show. I read the other day that he grew up in the Chicago area, and that they seem to have the inside shot.

    Now let’s also assume he signs, yes he can skate, shoot the puck, but look at his size. Not only is he short by NHL defensemen standards, but is light as well, did someone say 165″, he couldn’t move himself out of the crease, let alone a big forward. We need size back there, we have enough finesse d-men……..

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