Good morning, BSB faithful. I scrapped my whole intro because it was terrible and I haven’t had enough caffeine, yet. So, here are some Ranger-related thoughts to kick off your Friday…

  • The whole “goalie controversy” thing is already getting old. Dave touched on it already, so I don’t have much too much to add. Basically, no one is saying that Cam Talbot is not a good goalie. I’m also not even saying conclusively that he won’t bring as much value over the next 6+ year as Hank will, considering their difference in age. While Talbot has played great, he has still played in less than 100 NHL games, and less than 30 as a “starter”. Passing over a Hall of Fame goaltender right in the middle of a competitive window for Talbot is not the move here, no matter how well he is playing.
  • Martin St. Louis’ injury really wrecks the flow of the roster. With the Nash/Brassard/Zuccarello line and the Hagelin/Hayes/Miller line developing solid chemistry and a consistent scoring threat, it’s a shame to have to break one of those up. Get well soon, Marty. You haven’t played up to your usual standards, but your bring depth and balance.
  • I would obviously prefer that the Rangers call up Oscar Lindberg to play on the fourth line and move either Dominic Moore or James Sheppard up to the third line, but I know it’s a pipe dream with Tanner Glass on the roster.

  • Speaking of Glass, this whole situation is getting out of hand, as well. The analytics community has been a very vocal opponent to his presence, at well, any hockey rink, but it needs to be taken in context. We’ve repeated over and over and we have no reason to believe he is anything but a solid person and team mate. Aside from his Liverpool fandom, I’d venture to say he’s probably a cool guy.
  • Continuing that thought, the guy gets paid to play hockey for a living. I don’t care who you are, if someone wanted to pay you over a million dollars a year to play in the NHL, you wouldn’t say no just because you are terrible. It’s not Tanner Glass’ fault, it’s Sather and AV for giving him the contract/giving him playing time.
  • I’ve liked the start Keith Yandle has gotten off to. Been responsible defensively and slid right into a prominent role when Kevin Klein went down. He will always be a pass-first guy, but I think he should consider shooting the puck a little more, since he and Boyle are really the only guys who will pull the trigger from the point.
  • Rick Nash has been a little snake bitten of late, no? Every game I watch, it seems like he is making a strong move to the net, and is either robbed by a great save, or he just can’t make it all the way around the goalie to bury it. Hopefully he snaps back into that “every shot I take is going into the net” rhythm soon.
  • After 60 some odd games, I have to admit, I’m surprised the Islanders slowed down. They have a tremendous amount of talent, but I wonder if playing so many meaningful games over a long season has fatigue setting in?
  • The Ottawa Senators have been some story, huh? A few months back I bought tickets to the Rangers game up there next week (for about 1/12 of the cost at the Garden, by the way), thinking it would be nice and casual. Sens are out of the race, go up and hang out watch the Rangers, no worries. Now all of a sudden we will be walking into a crazed building wearing red, white and blue. Good thing Canadians are a docile people.

Let me know your thoughts on these thoughts and wish me well making it out of Canada alive.