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Lineup notes: Tanner Glass in for James Sheppard tomorrow

Alain Vigneault is shuffling the lines a bit for tomorrow’s showdown with the Islanders, and will be dressing Tanner Glass on the fourth line over James Sheppard. Sheppard had been used with Dominic Moore and Jesper Fast as the 4LW, providing some much needed defensive stability to a fourth line that really needed a defensively solid LW.

It is likely that AV is worried about Matt Martin running around, and the potential need to drop the gloves. But honestly, you can’t’ hit what you can’t catch, and Martin can’t skate. Let him run around and try to hit someone. He will miss, and the Rangers will take advantage.

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  • ughhhh whyyyy… the reasoning above should be the ONLY reason you start glass and in this case it doesn’t work because you are right, Matt Martin (who last time I saw him was getting his nose rearranged on his face) can’t skate or catch anyone, especially on our team.

    Shepp is just starting to get sorted on his new team. If he is going to be that “much needed” defensively sound Winger then let him play… Don’t sit him for glass and drain his confidence/morale.

    Glass rides pine… thats what he does…

  • Let’s hope this is just a mind game by AV, he’s trying to trick Capuano into dressing both Matt Martin and Eric Boulton.

  • Like Brooklyn said, the last time we saw Martin, his nose was being rearranged, some 2 weeks ago. Now really folks, is he that stupid to fight again, before the nose bone heals????? I think not, but that could be an excuse for putting Glass out there again. I hope that this Sheppard kid doesn’t turn into the next J Moore, Hunwick, JT Miller of this team. I guess AV has a nice chateau bow wow that needs an occupant, why not Sheppard?????????????????///

  • I need a mailbag for anyone who speaks to AV and just ask him to explain Glass’ role on our team… He is not as good as our 4W needs to be and he isn’t really even a fighter. I mean he gets worked every time there is a fight. I feel for the kid because he prolly goes out there knowing he has to fight someone to sing the momentum sometimes but when you don’t win easily in a fight the momentum either stays the same or goes back against you…

    I’d rather have Sheppard out there learning early from his mistakes on this team (what 2-3 games to adjust is enough to bench a guy) to solidify the bottom pair of wings before playoffs. get them clicking dont shuffle. you know what you get with glass you dont know exactly what you have in shep yet…

    • As much as we all think Glass is a zero, he did seem to hustle much more than Sheppard did last night. Like it or not, this was east to predict.

  • I’m just thankful that at least for two games we got to see Glass as a healthy scratch. I’d really like to know what Glass is using to blackmail AV. I don’t want to see it, because what is seen can’t be unseen, but I would like to know.

  • Glass maybe a bit of a deterrent factor. Martin isn’t the only one who plays on the edge for the Islanders. Clutterbuck for one, runs around checking with abandon. I’m not sure it’s such a bad idea including Glass in the lineup.
    I know just how unpopular this post will be, but that’s how I see it.

  • Thoughts on Glass –

    He is human, and he must have known he was going to be shopped and a replacement was being sought. He upped his game for 2 games before the deadline. AV likes his enthusiasm. Sheppard plays lock-down defense. In other words, when he does his job, it only shows up by an omission on the other teams score sheet.

    Give Glass a game and let Sheppard know he needs to earn his ice-time. I can live with 2 hungry 4th line forwards.

      • Nothing wrong with some healthy competition, It’s a 4th line role, which is obviously quite important, but we’re not talking about a slot that is going to make or break the team. On most nights, would the Rangers be better served if Sheppard hits the ice? Absolutely. But, are there some nights where Glass’ presence could be a plus? Certainly.

        Hopefully it drives both to elevate their game. And, against the Isles, anything can go down, and without Glass in the lineup, there really isn’t any one else to act as a deterrent.

  • I think we should dress Hunwick for a few games just to give G and Staal and even Klein a rest for am game or two and keep Hunwick sharp so if needed he will be ready . Don’t sit our D men for bad play just to give them a day off to be alittle fresher for the POs . Don’t think that would hurt the team in the least . Just spot them like Friday sit G for Buffalo and then sit Klein for Carolina and then Staal for another team also sit Boyle . Would not sit Yandle with his games played streak going .

  • Glass is a more physical presence, this makes sense to me. I’m not a Glass apologist, but I don’t get all the hate he gets. He’s not a flashy or pretty player like most of this team, but he works hard and sticks up for guys. What’s bad about that? He’s a hockey player’s hockey player.

    • I feel the same way. Glass gets judged by ridiculous standards sometimes. I don’t particularly care for him either way but the abuse he receives from fans is often irrational. He shouldn’t be expected to drive possession, he’s a 4th line physical presence. Since when do those types of players drive possession? Nevertheless he’s routinely eviscerated for being a possession anchor. Maybe he is. But is he losing games for the Rangers? Hardly. He does his job.

      Perhaps a good case can be made that his “job” isn’t needed or even particularly useful. But to lambast him for not living up to a role that likely the coaches don’t even expect of him isn’t particularly fair.

      • Mike Rupp was in the bottom 1% league wide in terms of possession in 2011-12. I don’t recall too much flack being thrown his way for dragging the team down.

  • Steven McDonald Extra Effort Award voting has commenced. With no Callahan, and with guys like McDonagh, Hagelin, and Zuke not having particularly inspiring seasons, the clear front-runner for me has to be Nash.

  • I guess if you’re going strictly by scoring, than I guess Hagelin is not having a “particularly inspiring season.” Take him off the third line and the penalty kill, and lets see how inspiring their place would be in the standings. As for the McDonald award, I think you’d have to go with Nash.

    • No, I’m not speaking to points or scoring, but even among the usual core hustlers, i.e. Mac, Zuke, Hags, I don’t feel these guys are having stand out “extra effort” seasons by their own standards. I have very few complaints with Hagelin, but even in terms of hustle and effort –his strengths– I see Nash as the most deserving right now.

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