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Brooks: Rangers interested in BU goalie Matt O’Connor

Per Larry Brooks, the New York Rangers are one of the many teams interested in Boston University goaltender Matt O’Connor. O’Connor attended Rangers prospect camp this past summer, and the Rangers may be interested as a potential Cam Talbot replacement after next season. Talbot is signed for next year at $1.45 million, and while he has been a strong backup, that is a lot of cap space to commit to a backup.

Should the Rangers lose Talbot to free agency or via trade, they will have an opening at backup while MacKenzie Skapski develops. As Henrik Lundqvist gets older, having insurance in net is always a good thing.

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    1. Halverson is only 19, he won’t be ready got a couple of years….anyway Skapski and the Russian may be better than him…

  1. I don’t know anything about this kid, but if there are some 14 teams interested in him, well there might be something good here.

    Should this kid sign with us, we can always use Talbot as trade bait, especially with the cap, and need for draft picks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. After this run if the Rangers don’t try and shoot for the moon they could get a pretty solid return for Talbot if they wanted to move him. His value won’t be any higher than it will be this offseason.

  2. Must be tough to land a goalie knowing he will be second string to hank for at least how many years? Or do you look at something else e.g.other prospects in the system as more import than who the starter is as a goalie prospect?

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